Saturday, January 13, 2007

Thunder Ice

So I'm in the kitchen playing with Wilton colors and I hear a funny noise. I thought it was a big loud vehicle and I went to see. And discovered that we were having a thunderstorm of freezing rain! I grabbed the camera and went out on the front porch. My neighbor yelled at me to get back in the house..maybe because I had on sweat pants but was barefooted and wearing a tank top LOL

I don't know how well this will show up, but what looks like hair or scratches was the freezing rain stuff. The thunder has quit and it's slowed down but still falling. My back, however, doesn't think this is the next big major wave of stuff.

OK, back to the Wiltons


Dave Daniels said...

That's the stuff we're expecting to have roll in here by Monday and into Tuesday. Good thing you dind't step out into it in your tank top. That stuff can shred skin. lol (Old wive's tale.)

Cookie said...


You've got all the weather right now.

Susan said...

well crap...i just deleted my responses. Oh well, unless yahoo eats them you'll know what I said.

~FParis said...

VERY cool photo! It definitely shows what was goin' on!

STAY SAFE!! And warm!

Sprite said...

Cool that you were able to capture that .. I've tried to catch rain on some of my pictures before and it's been easier said than done.

Susan said...

Sprite, you'll notice I didn't say how many pictures I took and deleted before one actually worked *G* I just don't know how the pros do that. Maybe because they have special lenses?