Friday, January 12, 2007

Friday Morning and all is still well

Just checking in. Car started this morning and I ran to the store and got some instant coffee. Sorta forgot my new pot wouldn't work without power, and I wouldn't work without caffeine. The cold is here so my back should start feeling better soon. And hopefully the freezing rain will hold off until I make my way to the doctors' offices to pick up and deliver paperwork.

I'll post this evening if I can and as long as I have power, probably several times over the weekend. Suddenly it seems I have a lot to say, none of it particularly important, but still.

So, if you don't see me here, you can image me up in my warmest jammies with that light on my head experimenting with making cables without a cable needle. I have one, I just want to try this other way.

Laters! Hope your day is all you want it to be and more!


Cookie said...

Stay warm!

cat said...

I'll be keeping on eye out for your posts and the weather hoping and praying you don't lose electric.


Sara said...

Stay inside and warm!!! You have lots of goodies to play with...we are supposed to get 6" of that white stuff by Monday....we'll see!

Susan said...

Cookie, so far so good. I actually turned up the heat in the house so that if I lost power, it might take a bit longer for it to cool off. I think I got a bit carried away since I had to turn the fan back to the cool position. LOL

Cat thanks! Allegedly more stuff is supposed to come tomorrow. I surely wish it were going to be snow. It's much prettier than icicles on power lines *G*

Sara, yep I do have a lot of projects. We'll see how much I get done. There's already been a short nap break.