Saturday, January 27, 2007

Two Surprises but no Sky

Well, of course there is a's just that I haven't been able to get a decent picture of it so far. I woke up to rain and the obviously accompanying gray sky. After a number of cups of coffee and a bath, I decided it was time to open the curtains and embrace the day.

So, what to my wondering eyes should appear? SNOW! The biggest prettiest flakes and lots of them. It was cold enough to stick to the ground and the vehicle but not to the street. It just snowed and snowed. Out I went to take pictures but trying to capture what I was seeing was unsuccessful. Perhaps since many of them had big white spots from the snowflakes that landed on the lens. I did capture some that was landing on a yarrow head that escaped the clippers.

Yesterday, I found a slip in my mailbox telling me that there was something at the post office requiring my signature. Nope, wasn't being sued or served (thank you very much!) Instead, it was the Handmaiden Shawl kit that I won!!! This yarn is amazing. I've tried repeatedly to capture the color and I just can't do it. It goes from a light cream to a darker cream to an almost pinkish cream to a grayish cream. It's just lovely. And I think it's going to be a bitch to get into a ball but hopefully I'm wrong. I tell myself that I'll wait until I have a swift...but I doubt that happens. The yarn is bumpy/textured and very silky and slippy...or at least so it seems now. We shall see. And wonder of wonders, the pattern is quite simple...I even understand it. Yay!

Since we are expecting a long run of cold weather I'm thinking I will finish the other blue Rowan mitt and get really busy on that silly scarf. And who knows what all. I think that hat I made may get a real workout since I also decided that I needed a haircut and whoa is it ever short! It had been way too long between cuts so the difference is startling. Don't want frostbite on my ears!

Hope there are fun things happening in your day!


Cookie said...


What wonderful things to find on a Saturday. I wonder if you could get it turned into a yarn cake at your LYS. No harm in asking. Or send it to me and I'll cake it for you and mail it back.

I can't wait to see what it grows up to be. :D

Sara said...

Oh, that yarn looketh yummy! We are having the same snow as you - thick clumpy flakes - and it is sticking everywhere...but, it makes it so pleasant to be in my warm house watching tv and knitting...

Devorah said...

What pretty looking yarn. Enjoy it!

Susan said...

Cookie, I'll probably take you up on that. I'll call and ask the LYS. I do know that they charge for winding a skein into a cake even if you bought it there. I'm not sure how much it is since I wind my own. However, if I send it to you, you could actually see it in all it's glory! I did try to see if it would fit over the various chair arms and table that I use here but no go.

Oh Sara, indeed. Our snow is all gone and it's now bright and sunny although rather cold. I'm not going to complain though as sun hasn't been a frequent visitor later. What are you working on??

Devorah, I shall. And hopefully make something quite girly *G*

Ann said...

They charge you for winding a cake of yarn that you BOUGHT THERE????? WTF?

...and where is the picture of you with the haircut? I want to know what you look like. Stop holding out on us.

Susan said...

Ann, yes they do. I'm not sure how much it is..maybe $2? I was told it was to prevent the sales people from injuring their wrists. I don't mind doing it and I thought maybe everyone did this. However, I'm not a real good fit there. Last time I asked one of the women if they were going to get any more Regia sock yarn in as the stock is pretty low. She told me she didn't know...that they tended towards more upscale yarns. Which, while they do have some really expensive stuff, that's also where I got the Jelli Beenz. ::shrug:: While I was winding my yarn, I commented on the lovely ball was wood and beautiful. Same woman told me I could never afford it. Maybe because I wanted Regia sock yarn?? The owner is much nicer than this person was but she's not always there. But it is advertised as being an upscale yarn shop. It's a shame that the store in Guthrie is so far away. They are really nice there and I felt quite comfortable.

Oh..and a pic. I guess I could scan my driver's license pic for you. Or maybe after this haircut grows a bit I'll take the camera into the bathroom at work where there is much light and a big mirror.

Geez, I'm long winded this morning! *G*

~FParis said...

I just love snow pictures!! heh heh