Wednesday, January 03, 2007

A question for Blogger bloggers order to make a new blog or to switch to the new blogger, it says I need to sign in with my google account. Does that mean I need to use a gmail name? I ask because what automatically came up was my gmail name that I used in the dyeing swap. It didn't work *G*


Anonymous said...

When I signed on to Beta Blogger I just got a new Google account. I'm sure I've had one at some point over my computer years, but didn't write it down. I keep all my usernames and passwords in a file box and it makes life so much easier.
I love the new blogger by the way. You can do so much more with it to fancy up the blogs.
Good luck,
Sheri in GA

elabeth said...

I just used my regular gmail email address name and password and it worked fine. Maybe you put in the wrong gmail password?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I had to create a new Google identity, just using my Yahoo email. Tons of fun. :P

KatyaR said...

If you go to, there's a link in the upper right hand corner to "log in." Click that, and on the next page on the bottom right hand side, click on "create an account now" if you don't have an appropriate account.

Hopefully that will work!

Susan said...

hahah I should have waited until I was a bit more awake. I answered the comments through email and here...but forgot to post my replies. I'm glad that I didn't say anything important.

Anonymous said...


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