Sunday, January 14, 2007

Sunday Sleet

and freezing rain. Fortunately, I think the freezing rain has turned to sleet now. but I know it was freezing rain to begin with because I was out in it. The Sunday paper in it's bright orange wrapper was lying out there enticing me so I got dressed, put on my shoes and my coat and my earmuffs and my gloves and tucked the cell phone in my pocket because that's what us older folks are s'posed to do in case we "fall and can't get up". At the bottom of the driveway, there's a little but rather steep hill that you have to go up to get to my house. And of course that's where the paper the bottom. Feeling quite clever and coordinated I made it down the hill safely; retrieved the paper; and then discovered I couldn't get back up the hill. I'd take a few steps up, and then slide right back down. I thought that I would just sit down, and scoot up on my butt, but that didn't work because my shoes couldn't get enough traction to move me. So, I made my way over to the grass part and came up on my hands and knees, using my knees to sort of pound into the frozen stuff. It's not really very far, but it surely seemed like it took forever. Might have been faster if I hadn't kept looking around to see if anyone was watching this hilarious sight. *G*. At last flat ground was reached and I made my way back inside. My bottom step is just an icy slant, so I am really grateful there is a handrail I can use to pull myself back up.

What was really funny though was that when I got back in, I was taking off earmuffs etc and reached in to get my cell out of my pocket and discovered that I'd also tucked in a tiny ball of yarn (one of those dyed yesterday). I guess maybe if I'd really not been able to get back up, I could have sat there and tried to remember how to make a cat's cradle.

Off now to knit.


~FParis said...

Too funny (((friend))) ... glad it was just hilarious and nothing else! Do you have any of those spiked sandles that fit over shoes? If not, ya gotta git some! They work on snow too, so they wouldn't be for just the ice ya get once in awhile. (you probly know that already) heh

Laura said...

No no no! You could have tied the yarn to a shoe and used it as a grappling hook.

I do that goofy stuff, then look around to make sure no one sees, too. I'm glad to see you still have electricity, too. :)

Devorah said...

Next time tie the yarn to the rail and use it to pull yourself back up! *g* Or, wrap it around your shoe for more traction.

Cookie said...

I'm sure the neighbors were all watching from their windows and waiting to see if you were going to call for help.

Maybe a box of rock salt to go with that yarn next time? ;^)

Sheri said...

I bet that was a sight! Was there anything good in that paper that you went thru all that to go get? LOL Glad you made it back up, but, next time stick some needles in that pocket so you can atleast knit while you wait for the spring thaw.
Sheri in warm, 74 degree GA

~FParis said...

OOO ... must be one of the only states to have warmth about now!

Susan said...

Paris, they've ordered us some such things at work. They'll probably arrive in April *G*

Laura, hahah, what a pretty spring yellow grappling hook!

Devorah, I hadn't thought of that. I could have tied it to the handrail by the steps. And the other end to my arm so not only would I have a way up the hill but also wouldn't get lost!

Cookie, yeah right. Well maybe one of the neighbors. The others...don't think so. And trust me, if there had been any sort of ice melter left in town I would have had some. I waited too late. But it's on the list for next shopping day.

Sheri, LOL. Now that's called being prepared! Wondering if I can knit with fat gloves on?

~FParis said...

I saw pictures of Norman, Oklahoma on the news. MyOmy ... looks like the last ice storm y'all had, so here's hopin' you're gonna be OK (((((friend)))))

Ann said...

Will there be a YouTube video coming soon of that adventure???

Sprite said...

LMAO @ Ann and a You Tube Video... have you talked to your neighbors since your great show?

Omgosh.. how funny - and not funny - ..and I'm SO glad you made it in ok!

cat said...

OMG I wish I was there or it was taped. I'm just glad you weren't hurt.