Thursday, January 11, 2007

Quilts? What Quilts?

I didn't see no freakin' quilts! It's been another keyboard/head sort of day but for now, all is well. The day started early as I had much around here that needed to be done. Including bringing in some canisters from the garage; lugging up some stuff from the basement and the ever present laundry, but at last all was done and I was ready to head out. A quick trip to Walmart for some water and a light. Then off to the City.

I'd decided that I would run by the yarn store first since I figured after seeing all of the vendors and exhibits I would be way tired. So to the yarn store I go. I quickly grabbed the JelliBeenz and a skein of regular Cascade for an experiment. And was ready to head out when the back door opened and Brown came in bearing boxes. Ohhhh how fun. I got to help open up boxes of yarn and a huge box of books. The yarn I loved most was some sock yarn called Mountain something-or-other (sorry, I'm brain dead)..very soft and yummy colors. And the books, oh the books. I wanted them all. I would love to read Artic Lace. A lot of info there as well as some patterns. I did find a book I wanted but decided I would wait until later..and now I have forgotten it's name. I'm telling you...the brain is gone. Too much to think about.

So, anyway, I pay for my purchases and off I go to the car. Which won't start! Arggggggh. Acts the same as it did before. Now I know that usually if I wait awhile it will start. So, being ever so prepared with a book and my hat-in-progress, I sit and enjoy this lovely spring-like day and knit. And learned that in a pinch you can use the insides of a ball point pen to pick up a stitch that fell off the needle. Time passes...30 min. Still won't start. And now I'm hungry. I think I remember that there is a McDonald's down the street so I head out. Yep it was down the street a little over a mile I think. But I made it with the help of 30 mph winds at my back. I have my Happy Meal; use the facilities and head back. With the 30 mph winds in my face. By the time I got back to the vehicle I had decided that if it didn't start I was going to have to have a nap. But hooray, with just a little wiggling and begging it started!

I started off down the road to the quilt show which is being held in downtown Oklahoma City (I was on the far north side). But the farther I drove, the more I thought I should really head home. If it doesn't start down there, I'm gonna be in some serious trouble. So, being a chicken I came home. It's probably for the best as my back was really complaining. I just wanted some happy fat quarters soooo bad! OK so part of the reason for going was to see if my friend's quilt was there...but the vendors were pretty important too.

Came home without any trouble and later it started again so I went to get gas. And trust me, I was sweating bullets. I really didn't want it to not start right in the way of the gas pumps. did and now I'm home again.

And there's more to do than knit. Here's what I'm getting ready for now.. I'm not sure if you can read the red writing but they are forecasting 1-2 inches of ICE between Friday evening and Sunday morning. Back a few years ago we had a similar storm and I was without power for days. I'm a bit better prepared now though, although I can't quite remember how to get the little stove and the heaters going so that's the next project. And wait till you see my new light! Be back later!


Devorah said...

Oh! Sorry about the car. Is the quilt show continuing for more days? Will you still be able to get to it if the weather holds out?

cat said...

OH {{{{{hon}}}} I am so sorry. I hope you weather doesn't kill your power. I am jealous though, I really want some snow.


~FParis said...

Snuggle up and stay warm with electricity!

Sorry 'bout your car doin' that again ... maybe the key-hole mechanism? I'll present the problem to m'son and see what he says.

Ann said...

YIKES!!!! Ice is a pain in the a$$...snow I can handle. Ice storms and losing power is not fun....

Laura said...

They're predicting much the same for us, a couple of days later. I'm so not in the mood for it.

I'm glad you had fun helping the yarn store unpack, what fun! I'll be glad when they figure out what's wrong with your car. I never like having to pray over the six cylindars that much. ;)

Susan said...

Devorah, it lasts through Saturday but it doesn't look like the weather will let me go. I feel bad for the vendors. I know that a lot of their income comes from shows and they're going to take a big hit on well as the show promoter who is actually an OK shopkeeper.

Cat, a very good hug, thank you. *S*. There's only supposed to be a tiny bit of snow. Snow I I don't. It's windy too so if those power lines get icy and start blowing..eek. I worry about the trees. I hope I don't have to listen to any screaming as their limbs break this time.

Paris, hope your good wishes work. And thanks in advance for asking your son. It's just so random and nope...wiggling the gear thingy doesn't help. It starts when it's ready LOL

Ann, this is one time when I'm glad I'm not living in a wheatfield. Last big ice storm there were people out in the country without power for a MONTH. So many poles snapped and had to be replaced.

Laura, it was fun. Unfortunately car trouble isn't a rare occurrence in my life and I like to think I've become a bit more philosophical about it. I really need to live where mass transit is available. I will hope that all of this passes you by.