Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Endings and Beginnings

This was once the beginning of a hat. And, hopefully it will be again soon. However, I think that either the pattern was too complex for me at this time...or maybe I wasn't settled enough to concentrate. I didn't want New Year's Day to end with me throwing it across the room, so I frogged it. I can't explain why I slept with it. And I can't explain how startled I was when I discovered it under the covers when I was making my bed! This morning, thanks to the Subway Knitter, I discovered a Irish Hiking Hat so that's my next idea. Cookie, look at her double knit hat!

And here are 2 beginnings photographed imaginitively on a cat pad *L*. Another broken rib scarf, in Cascade 220 Superwash and the very beginnings of a fingerless mitt. This Rowan is my consolation prize for when I won the dayglo nylon cord in the Mason Dixon stash clearing. It's almost been fondled to death and it lived in my china cabinet thingy so I could see it every day through the glass. It feels even better running through my fingers.

I don't know if I can handle 3 projects at once...and then there is this gorgeous orangey Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn calling my name. I just have to figure out how to make my standard sock using Size 1 needles. Or maybe rummage though my sock notebook and actually do something different. What a concept!


Cookie said...

There are far worse things to wake up with, honey. *L*

I saw that hat! Colleen is so good.

I think you can handle three projects at once. It's just yarn. ;^)

Anonymous said...

I just love the Irish Hiking Scarf - so, it is great to see a I can make myself a coordinated outfit!!!

cat said...

Oh you know you can handle it. I have faith in you. I definitely need to check out the hat.


Ann said...

That is a GREAT hat! Three projects as slacker...go for it!

Susan said...

Cookie, this is true. And it didn't even have morning breath!
And yarn is much less dangerous than .. oh.. chain saw sculpture. *L*

Sara, you're just going to be stylin'. (yeah I'm sure that's an out of date term but I don't know what replaced it LOL)

Cat the Irish hat is really really cute. I need to go find out who actually designed it and put in a link. Wish I was a double knitter cause the one Colleen made with the snowflakes is gorgeous

Ann, we'll see. I hope the middle one doesn't suffer from middle project syndrome LOL