Monday, January 08, 2007

What a Day

My usual Sunday morning routine of knitting while watching news shows was brought to a quick halt by a call from The Girl. Having recently been cyber-reunited with her dad (long, complicated story but a happy one and he's in Afghanistan) she says "You HAVE to come down here now. I'm talking to Dad with the web cam!" So I put some sweats on over my pjs, jump in the car and head down the street. Her call was a bit of an exaggeration. What was really happening was that they were both trying to get their webcams to work together or something (she's just more techy than me). But we sat and chatted and I got to enjoy her ever-so-happy self. Alas, both of them had to go do other things like sleep (in Afghanistan) and head off to a bowling tournament (in Oklahoma). So, I go outside, get in the car, and the damn thing won't start! It's been doing this for a couple of weeks. It will start and run just fine for several days and then suddenly there's nothing when I turn on the key. Well, that's not true. The radio works and the windows work and the antenna goes up but there is no trying to start. But if you wait maybe an hour, it starts just fine and it seems to have nothing to do with the weather. In disgust, I just got out...shut the door and went walking up the street. I'm sure I presented a good sight with pjs hanging out from under the sweats. And rocks in the street do not go well with houseshoes.

So I got home, watched the end of my news shoes...suddenlyGeorge Stephanopoulus' list of those killed in this war has new scary meaning here. And sat down to knit and watch football. The perfectly respectable maroon Cascade scarf seemed like a good thing to choose. No counting or anything since my hands automatically do knit2, purl2. But's so respectable. No flash. I'm not a fan of those feathery novelty yarns, but I guess I'm somewhat of a crow...attracted by bright colors LOL. Ahhhh, there's part of a ball of Jelli Beenz in the stash so out it comes and it becomes this. Do you like this artistic shot with a background of pj bottoms??? Too bad I only have most of this one ball and part of a ball of purple and a couple yards of green or it might have turned into a super bright scarf.

Oh and the car? Later in the day it received a new starter switch. Did that solve the problem? Who knows? It started then and later in the day so for now all is good. I'm just planning on it starting well for ever and ever. The power of positive thinking and a starter switch! *G*


Cookie said...

The starter was my first guess. I hope the car is happier now.

Devorah said...

It's tough when these things suddenly hit home. How is the Girl handling her dad being in Afghanistan?

Some bright knitting is just the ticket.

Susan said...

Cookie, I hope so too. It smiled and started all day today so, so far so good. Yay!

Devorah, I don't think she quite grasps the enormity of it. She did say "well, at least he isn't doing missions in Iraq" And his notes are very non-specific. He did say it wasn't much fun. Understatement at least!

Sheri said...

Great scarf, and Tweetie makes it perfect! The scarf almost matches the pink in the PJ's!
Glad you got the car figured out. Dang those things when they don't work!
Sheri in GA

~FParis said...

Love those colors!

Odd thing I learned about starters [from my mechanic son] Sometimes if the car doesn't start, you can take a hammer, hit the starter [it's under the car, of course] and it just might work for awhile longer. He quick-fixed a big rig like that once, just to get it to the shop! [maybe too much info for this place, but I couldn't help remembering that after reading your car trouble]

Sounds like your mechanic was nice enough to replace the switch before thinkin' it was the starter. Hope it hangs in there for a long, long time!!

Ann said...

Sometimes mindless knitting is the best medicine for what ails gives the mind time to ponder.

Susan said...

Ann, yes and this mind has much to ponder. And, in my life, a bit of k2, p2 is almost hypnotic.