Friday, January 19, 2007

Nada Friday

Well not completely nada. The car is out of the flower bed!! I worked for almost an hour trying to get something under the tires that would give it enough traction but it ended up that a friend pulled it out using his dually truck. I did feel vindicated since it wasn't like it was just me not knowing what to do. After it was out, and after driving around the block three times and trying to get up the hill, it's finally parked neatly. Well, until I leave for work.

I also was treated to a trip to the grocery. So, since there is more snow coming, I will be comfy with tea, coffee, milk and oatmeal. Oh and DingDongs and muffin mix *G* Gotta have some sweet treats! Went to the locally owned grocery. Prices a bit higher but much much quicker than Walmart AND, one of the nurses, who'd gone there for a patient, said that melting ice made walking through the parking lot there a disaster. Her scrubs were wet halfway up her calf. Thanks but no thanks.

And, I managed to get almost all of the ice on the steps busted and moved. A small amount is left but I also was gifted with a bag of Ice Melt so maybe today the rest of it will leave. I was just toiling away and thought that perhaps I was also removing the paint from the steps since it appeared that I was scraping up the terra cotta colored paint. Then I realized it was blood...MY blood. Dunno how I managed it but I guess I got an ice cut. Gloves? Yeah, I started out with them on but discarded them cause I got too hot. LOL. And nary a bandaid to be found in my house. So, being quite inventive, paper towels and duct tape did the trick and all is well once again.

By the time I got inside I was too tired to do much of anything. Blogger was down for maintenance and probably a good thing as I was being rather whiny. Answered some eMail and was in bed by 9. Ahhhh 8 whole hours of sleep. I must be brand new!

And one more day of work. The snow isn't supposed to come in until late this evening so hopefully the vehicle can make it's way up the driveway and I can just sit and cuddle with cats and yarn this evening.


Cookie said...

Way too much adventure going on over there, missy. I'm so glad the car is out and that you're in one piece.


Procrastiknitter said...

Glad you are staying safe, but remember to wear your gloves...says the woman out chiseling her driveway! lol.

They say we'll get up to a foot up here in Bartlesville. YIKES!

Devorah said...

Gloves! They make them for a reason. If you cut yourself, how are you supposed to knit? *g* Have a cozy weekend!

Susan said...

Cookie, but still better for me than hot summer. Well, at least as long as I have power.

LOL Procrast! I think next time will be work gloves instead of those hot girly things. It's snowing lightly here now at 6:15 AM. Eeek! Why don't I have your email addy????

Devorah, that is a thought. Ya know, during these days of slick pavement, I remind myself...if you fall, DON'T try to break the hands LOL