Sunday, January 21, 2007

Sunday Mitt

I shall call these Da Bears! mitts...well, I will when there are 2. Very simple pattern, very scrumptous yarn! I wish I had used a smaller needle on the ribbing, or maybe a 1x1 ribbing. It fits great but it looks sorta spread out.

Specs: Pattern - A free one here. But I made a change in the length of the ribbing. I wanted more rows.
Yarn - that scrumptious Rowan Kid Classic. OMG I love this yarn. I have one whole ball and two partials. This mitt took about 39 yds. (Yes I measured the partial balls...I'm just like that) The color is called Typhoon and is discontinued :-( so I'll have to figure out what to do with the rest of it that can be striped or something.
Needles - #6 dpns.
Time spent: Who knows, I kept taking little naps.

If you heard any strange squealing this afternoon, it was probably my mom up in heaven watching 'her' Bears win their game today. Back in '85, we even had to decorate the living room with pennants and posters to celebrate their season. My little, proper, conservative mom had a thing for Mike Ditka ...and for Don Johnson too! Her life would have been even better if she could have alternated watching the Bears with watching Miami Vice. LOL

It seems like just the other day that I was all excited that it was time for pre-season games and now the season is almost over. I'm not sure if time flies so much faster because I'm older or because I'm having so much fun!

I did make it outside today. Retrieved the newspaper and did NOT have to crawl back up the hill even though it's still just slicker than snot. The snow we got last night just turned into ice but at least I can leave little YakTrak marks in it.

I don't want the weekend to be over. I have another mitt to make and I did absolutely NO sewing as I'd planned. But the cats and I had some really good naps!


Devorah said...

That mitt looks yummy warm!

~FParis said...

That's cool! If it don't warm up here soon, I'll be orderin' some from ya!! LOL

Laura said...

I don't know about Mike Ditka, but the Don Johnson thing I totally get. ;)

I'll have to check back later, when Blogger isn't goofing around with your mits photo.

Cookie said...


I wonder if you could find it more on ebay or something. :? Sounds like a good day to me.

Sara said...

hmmm...have to agree with your mom on Don Johnson!!! Miami Vice was my most favorite tv show ever!

Love the mitt!!!

Susan said...

Devorah, it is! I had to try it out so I went outside in the dark with one mitt on and the other hand bare and could tell a major difference.

LOL Paris, knitting may become even more popular out there in the OC.

Laura, my mom would have loved you! Bad blogger! Don't they know who they are messing with????

Cookie, I hadn't thought of that. I'll have to check it out. I guess it would be a good idea to figure out what I need it for and how much. Maybe it will just become a sleeping companion LOL

Sara, come visit. I have Season One on DVD. And I bet you'll like the mitts even better when there are two *G*

cat said...

It sounds like those Yak Traks have been heaven sent for you.