Saturday, January 06, 2007

Saturday Sky..sort of

It's Saturday and it's sky, but from yesterday.

I left for work feeling like Sherlock Holmes. Well, that is, if Sherlock liked animal crackers and carried a felted bag.

The fog was thick, you could feel it on your skin. In order to get to work, I drive through a park, and the west side of our building overlooks a golf course. So nature surrounds us. Too bad we don't have windows :-( And also, the golfers don't realize how their voices carry so we, if we are in the parking lot, can hear some quite colorful language related to missed shots.

It was a mysterious world and it was easy to imagine that other worlds were hiding just out of view. But reality intruded, and there was my work place.

Now, on Saturday, it's time for the routine household chores. I actually like this part of the week. For me, it's fun to spend a bit of time polishing up my humble abode and admiring the stack of clean laundry. And there even may be some sorting. There's still part of last year left in my desk. Woohoo! Is this exciting or what?

Actually it is. Although there's a lot I would like to have/do, I'm really incredibly lucky compared with so many others in the world. And I remind myself of that when I'm whining "I want an iPod" LOL

Hope your day is all you want it to be, and even more.


~FParis said...

I like these pictures ... makes the world look very mysterious

Cookie said...

How lovely!

Yes, I love fog. Yes, I know that makes me weirder. :p

I hope you're having a wonderful day!

Dave Daniels said...

So beautiful, very atmospheric.

Sheri said...

Kind of eerie! That's what it looked like around here this morning too. Bland!
Hope you get your iPod someday! LOL
Sheri in GA (who's doing good but missing the Baby Girl, who went back to college this morning!)

Ann said...

I hope you had a terrific Saturday!

Susan said...

Paris, see? The heartland can even be mysterious. Ha. I started to say Middle Earth can be mysterious.

Cookie, you're weird in all the bestest ways. We don't get the fog here all that often so it was pretty special.

Thanks Dave! I really think I hear the clip clop of horses pulling buggies and the glow of gas lights when I look at the pics.

Aw Sheri! Empty house syndrome? I rolled some coins today so the iPod fund grows *G*

Ann, it was a very good day. I got things done and had fun so a good combo!

~FParis said...

Ah yes! Saving coins! I've heard it said that whenever you spend and get change, to take that change and put it in a jar [never give coins to pay for stuff] and it adds up quick! I bet you do that, and I bet you get your iPod real soon!

cat said...

Oh I so love fog, it is very eerie and other worldly. I always expect to see a unicorn or something walk out of the fog.
Hmmm must be organizing weekend; I bought a bunch of storage boxes and seperated my fall decorations, my
Christmas decorations, our summer things - like bug sprays and candles, pool floaties. It is nice to sit back and feel organized isn't it?

Susan said...

Yeah Paris, that's what I do. It had gotten rather depleted over the holidays, so now is the time to get it going again.

Oh Cat, wouldn't that be too cool! Walmart has all these displays of various types of storage boxes out in the middle aisles..I guess cause it's tax time or something. I want them all! Congrats on all you got done!