Saturday, January 13, 2007

Saturday Sky 011307

The sky is just gray and for this moment there is nothing falling from it. The ground doesn't look really interesting either (thankfully). Sleet on grass doesn't appear to be much until you step on it. And ice on a white car doesn't really show up. A bit of freezing rain so far this morning but the eastern part of the state is really getting it now and have 1" of ice already. Allegedly today it will be freezing rain/drizzle (although I'm still voting for sleet. It's rougher and easier to stand up on and it doesn't stick to the lines) and then tomorrow more sleet and snow tomorrow.

Yesterday and the day before it was all about folks at the grocery and home stores. Today the stories are about folks at the liquor and movie places. Dang...I didn't even think about those. I don't really drink a lot but some wine would have been quite nice. I have some cheapo movies that I haven't watched yet, and the other day discovered a vcr tape that a patient made for me of Mrs. Miniver. I hope it's still functional. And I really wish I had some Thin Man movies. I'll put them on my wishlist.

I was hoping to have cables to show you this morning but I learned a lesson. One should not tink when one really wants to sleep. And, if one does, it would be better to just put it away and go to bed instead of frogging the whole damn hat.

I am feeling the need to dye something. Now to find something to dye, and to figure out what color it needs to be.

Hope you're having a great Saturday morning! Laters..

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