Thursday, January 18, 2007


Hey look! The hat is finished. Not washed yet but that will happen soon and then I have no idea where it will end up. For awhile, probably in the top drawer. I don't have a wig stand, and the bear's ears made it stick out funny so this pic of the top was taken while being worn by a plastic butter container..minus the butter. It was really fun to make. I think there may have been a glitch or two in the crown shaping, but there ya go. What's next?

Well maybe the barely started fingerless mitts from the Rowan yarn, and probably I'll start some socks in the yarn Devorah sent me. I need some bright! It will have to be one sock at a time because I only have one set of #1 dpns.

The vehicle? Well, it's still in the flower bed. Just one wheel..but it's really liking being there. It's supposed to get up to 34 today so maybe some of the ice will thaw and I can get out. I'm surely hoping that that's the case because I'm just about out of milk. If not, my friend Jackie has promised me a trip to the store after work. Good thing I have the Yak Trax; can't you just see me trying to ferry groceries up the hill on my hands and knees????

The nursing coordinator, who has a 4WD vehicle took me for a spin yesterday afternoon so I could get to the vet's and get Zoey's meds refilled. He's a bit out of town, but since he's actually along US Hwy 66 aka The Mother Road, it wasn't too bad. The state has done a fairly good job of clearing the US Hwys that run through here. The city? Ummm. There are two long streets that cross the park that I drive through in order to get to my office. In years passed, the city plowed or sanded or salted one of them since the ambulances need to get in and out as well as others needing help. Not this year. Well that is, until late yesterday afternoon. They did have the graders out and cleared off a bunch. Only problem was that it must have been quitting time and they left. And the Y where both of these streets branch out from the hospital parking lot had piles of snow clear across the intersection. Duh. Lots of confusion at the stop sign as people tried to decide which one they tried to drive over LOL.

And guess what??? Snow is predicted for the weekend. It's winter, y'all!


~FParis said...

OOO ... love the hat! You're knittin' up a storm m'friend, and doin' it good, too! :-)

Hope the car and the weather start to cooperate and make you smile a LOT!

Stay safe!

Sara said...

OMG, I didn't realize all this was happenin' - I have been off-line not reading anything for a few days...getting back on track today I hope...

Stay safe, please!!!

Cookie said...

Great hat!

I've got my fingers crossed for you, the car and the roads.

Devorah said...

Love the hat! You will get good use out of it with this weather.

Ann said...

I would love to have a few snow days...We have had some flurries..some cold...but that's about it.

Keep warm, keep safe and knit on!

cat said...

Boy you are really in the ice aren't you. I hope you are able to get it out soon.