Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Nary a stitch

Not even one. There were 'plans' that included hat ribbing and football. But..the phone rang shortly after I'd finished the evening oatmeal. It was my cybertwin Tam! We seem to have these marathon phone convos about once a season these days. So there was much catching up to do and much laughter! What a lovely way to spend a couple of hours! We finally said goodbye, I think probably because our ears were numb and our cheeks hurt from smiling so much. And then I paid a couple of bills and watched football until my eyes were closing without my help.

But a couple of things I've forgotten to mention. Weekend before last for some reason I decided I needed to use the #5 needles in my Knitpicks set. (Funny...I have no idea what it was I was going to do with them) and discovered that one of them wouldn't screw on. It was if it had no threads inside it. I called on Monday and reported it and asked how I should go about sending it back in for a trade. The person on the phone said they would just send a replacement and I should get it in 5-14 days. OK that works since I'd forgotten what I was going to do with it. Imagine my surprise when 2 days later a set of 2 were in my mailbox. Now, that's fast!!

Yesterday I ordered a set of Crystal Palace bamboo dpns from Yarn Barn in Kansas. My first time ordering with them. Had my car started on Sunday, I would have purchased them from my LYS. Surprisingly, since my vehicle gets horrid gas mileage, and since the trip to the yarn store would probably be about 60 miles, I came out ahead even with postage. And, that's all I got. I can rarely go to the LYS without coming out with more than I'd planned *G*.

That's not to say I will forego trips there. I have Thursday off as a vacation day. There's a big quilt show in the City and a friend of mine will hopefully have one of her quilts displayed. She lives rather far from me and I've only seen pics of it. I sure hope it's there! The show goes through Saturday and I'd planned on going then but the weather people are forecasting freezing rain for that day so I think I'd rather stay home *G*. And my boss was agreeable to a vacation day. Now, if the car starts and all goes well...gosh, if I'm in the City I really should go by the LYS don't you think? Maybe they'll have some more of that raspberry or whatever Jelli Beenz and I can get some more and make a really bright scarf. just sayin'


~FParis said...

O indeed! I think you should make that little detour and treat yourself! [again LOL]

PS: Your car will start! Your car will start! Your car will start!

Sara said...

I think a stop by the LYS is in order - after all you'll be right near by - right???

Have fun at the quilt show....

Cookie said...

Yarn Barn? /perk

I hope you get to see your friend's quilt at the show.

Susan said...

Paris, I certainly hope your chant or the new switch does the trick! And I am a strong believer in treating myself. Why wait for someone else to do it? *G*

Sara, actually I'll be quite aways from the LYS, but there are expressways. We shall see.

Cookie, yep Yarn Barn. I hadn't ordered from them before and I had this catalog so...They have some (I think) sock yarn on the cover that I am coveting but I can't figure out what it is. I just may have to call and ask.

cat said...

I hope you enjoy yourself!!!! Drive safe and I look forward to your write up about it.


Susan said...

Cat, I'm really excited about going so I hope all goes well. So much to see and all the colors..whoa! I love seeing colors.

Laura said...

Ah ha! I knew it!

Ok, since I'd been to the Yarn Barn on the 30th, I knew I'd seen Jelli Beans there. But then, since we went to Knit Wit, too, I know I'd seen them there. Maybe I was wrong on the Yarn Barn, so I had to look on the site.

After looking there, though, there's a lot in the store that's not on the site. Thus, you'll have to stop by your LYS, just to see the eye candy. ;)

Laura said...

Oh der, I forgot to put in this:


They have raspberry.

Susan said...

Laura, Hmmm I may need to do some more cyber shopping! Isn't that sad? ha!