Thursday, January 04, 2007

A Link

I feel kinda bad that when I mentioned the Irish Hiking Hat, I didn't include a link to the designer's blog. There was a reason. I can't get there from here. Some blogs just won't load on my computer..the browser freezes. Oftimes it seems that this browser (Firefox) on MY computer doesn't like Flikr pics. Other times there seems to be no reason. It's probably related to dialup. But I did manage to stay up long enoughthis morning to get the address of her blog. So go there and tell her I love the hat!

Speaking of which, I probably have 4 rows of ribbing done on it. I'd planned to be much farther along but the old cat Mary was in need of extra snuggling. And since she'll be 18 in June and is frail, she usually gets what she wants. She also drools when you pet her so Mary petting and yarn isn't a good idea *L*

It's amazing how fast the work week goes if you chop off one of the days. Thursday already! Yay! I don't want to hurry my life along any faster than necessary but it is nice to get to the weekend.


Sheri said...

Yeah, snuggle with Mary, it's more important than knitting. And, I do love the hat!
Sheri in GA

Cookie said...

Is firefox updating okay? I wonder if it's out of date and that's causing trouble. :? Oh, and my computer/connection hates flicker, too. *L*

Snuggling the cat always comes first. I was reminded of that last night when mine glared at my sweater in progress. o.0

~FParis said...

Give Mary-cat an extra snuggle from me, OK?

Susan said...

Yep, babies come first. Well sometimes *G* This one knows she gets away with much. You can almost see her chuckling.

Cookie, it's always had a problem with some sites. and oddly enough, it will load others with tons of pics just fine. I just try to be flexible and not kick the thing. *G* And probably Kitty was just channeling your feelings about the sweater!

Paris, I shall do that in just a little bit.

cat said...

Aww 18 years old. She sure has a wonderful friend in you to take for her so well.


P.S. I think I'm going to try the hat. Do you think it will work for a guy? I have some green yarn that is close to hubby's sweater to make him a hat and scarf to match.

Ann said...

Sometimes you just need a break...I feel like this short week has gone on forever.


Susan said...

Ann, I can hardly believe it's Friday all ready...yet, last Monday seems like it was a month ago. Weird!