Saturday, January 20, 2007

It's Snowing!

Not very much though. They say the temps were 1-2 degrees too warm, so instead of the maybe 10" they were forecasting, we seem to be just getting a light snow that's happening almost 24 hours late. The day was one of rain/sleet/freezing rain/rain and so forth. Not much happening in this prairie home other than just being a slug. But it felt really good. A bit of knitting, a lot of napping, a bit of yarn winding and a bit of soup burning. Oops. I hope it snows a little bit more. I have an idea for a card and I need snow as a background; preferably snow that doesn't have footprints or weeds sticking out of it. Guess I'll find out in the morning. Hope your Saturday was fun!


Laura said...

Great pics!

We just saw Clinton on the Weather Channel (the town, not the former President, ha ha) I'm glad you're staying inside tonight, it looks awful. Even the gravel truck was sliding around. We have snow, too, and Fry was out playing in it.

Now I have to run off and see Dave's newest KAL.

Susan said...

Laura, it was pretty coming down but we didn't get nearly as much as they did out there. Certainly not the horrid amount they had predicted. I was a bit disappointed. And my feet were tired from running to the door to see if it was snowing yet LOL Hope Fry had a great time!

~FParis said...

The picture looks like an outer space shot! Truly cool!

You took some other *snow* pictures (on my way to work) ... maybe one of those would make for a card idea? I like'em all!

Cookie said...

Gorgeous sky!

Snow? I hope you're staying in bed with a cat for warmth. It's not nearly that cold here, but that's still my plan for today. *L*

Susan said...

Paris, what was really weird is that I couldn't see the snow through the viewfinder. I was just seeing dark. Thanks for the compliment.

Cookie, it was my plan too! Not bed, but couch..and multiple little naps interspersed with knitting and football. A lovely way to spend the day for sure.