Saturday, January 20, 2007

No Sky Yet...

it's still too dark. But I'll share a couple of pics from yesterday. I was coming back across the parking lot when I noticed a change in the color of the sky making these trees just stand out. So I hustled back into the office and grabbed my camera. While everyone just shook their heads and shrugged, I went back out and took a ton of of which I liked *G*.

Then last night, as I retrieved the trash cart from the alley I noticed this. Some of the stuff on the roof over the patio had melted and was running off. But the temps were dropping and these vines snagged some ice. I experimented with the night scene setting and came up with a really weird pic. For one thing, it took a really long time to take the pic..assuming that because it was night, it needed a really long exposure. But the picture bore no resemblence to what I was photographing. More like an action shot of a brightly colored merry go round in motion. Swirling greens and even some red which it must have picked up from a car's tail lights that went by while it was happening. I don't pretend to understand but it was fun!

But wait there's more! After a long, long day at work and a difficult trip home (not my vehicle, no wreck but much car trouble) I found this in my mail box.'s my Kalidescope yarn from Dave at Cabin Cove. I was so excited to realize I could still get some. When it hit the store there were no coins in my pocket and I was so bummed. Imagine how excited I was to find that he'd dyed up some more! And, I was majorly surprised since I thought it was going to be mailed today! I'm now ready for the Shut Up and Knit Your Cabin Cove! KAL. And so wonderful to receive it already in yarn cakes since I've yet to get a swift! And, trust me, the colors in real life are way better than I can photograph! I can't wait to see it happening on my needles!

And, there was also a great card from Ann! Thanks sweetie! It's so nice to know someone's thinking about you. And I do love snail mail. Well almost all snail mail; there was also a credit card bill...but I just tucked it in the bill folder and will ignore it for a few more days! *L*

So it will be a fun weekend, but first I must deal with a bit of sorting and hole punching and filing. There has been a lot of printing out this week. Oh and some ironing too. But knowing that fun stuff awaits make those tasks go so much quicker. And, for a break, I can go look out the window and see if the freezing rain/sleet has turned to snow. Please, please!


Sheri said...

I ordered the same yarn from Dave and got mine yesterday too. I told him no hurry as I would be leaving but now I get to take it with me. I might just come home with a new pair of Kalidescope socks on my feet from the Florida Keys! YIPPY
Sheri in GA

Cookie said...

Sheri, we'll wanna see those socks! ;^)

Great trees, Susan! And amazing ice. I'm so glad you got some happy mail. I can't wait to see what you do with that Dave Yarn.

Dave Daniels said...

That first photo of the snow looks like a painting! Great composition.
And you've made your yarn look so pretty, too.;)

Susan said...

Sheri, that Dave is really on the ball, eh? Ha...I write but I bet you are already on your way. If not, have a great time!

Thanks Cookie! I can hardly wait. I think I might try something a bit more complex than 2x2 rib even. /tumps over.

Dave, wow thanks a lot! It's fun to try and actually get more than a snapshot, but even more fun when it works. Re the could it not look pretty! I just adore it!

Linna said...

I'm not a knitter or a beader but I am a friend of Susan. I just want to tell you that your pics are great!!!!!!!!! I'm glad you shared them with me. Perhaps we can trade pictures.

Thanks for sharing your blog with me. It is a cool part of your world.

Susan said...

{{{Linna}}} I'm so glad you stopped by. Hey, it's my *house* and there are no rules that say you have to knit to come visit. Although it might get rather boring when I'm on a yarn high *G* I'd love to trade pics!