Thursday, January 11, 2007

Old Friend, New Friend

Meet My Buddy aka Mr. Heater. He puts out good using one of those little propane bottles like you use on a portable grill. He's even made to use inside. I have another bigger one that's really for a patio but it puts out more heat. So it's good to get the chill off, and then I just stay close to My Buddy.

And check this out. Well ok, it's my left hand and some knitting. But what's cool is that it was taken in the dark without a flash, thanks to my new headlite. Victoria (I think) mentioned having one but I was pictureing some big thing like you'd use to explore a cave. I found this sweetie in the flashlight section of W-Mart. It's very comfortable...light. Runs off 3 little AAA batteries and has 4 light levels. Even one that's all red for night sight. And the light part will tilt so it can either be pointed forward to see where you're going or tipped down so you can see your knitting *G* I just am feeling so very techy! And I am also very hopeful that all of the preparations will mean that absolutely nothing happens except cold weather. I was amazed that there was hardly anyone at the store today, but The Girl called me tonight to let me know there is no bread anywhere. I guess everyone hit the stores after work. I'm glad I missed out on that. Time now for bed. See ya!


Ann said...

I want to see an action shot with that light!!!

elabeth said...

We have one of those lights that Ian uses when he walks the dog. They're awesome.
Stay warm!

Susan said...

Ann, keep wanting *G*

Elabeth, they really are. I had to go take the polycart out to the alley last nigt. Much easier when you can see where you're going! Are y'all supposed to get any of this mess?

~FParis said...

Believe it or not, SoCal is getting freezing temps here and there, and even Orange County is dipping to below 30 at night, and under 55 during the day!! HA! Now who went and told California to start acting like it knows the 4 Seasons?! LOL

cat said...

LOL Ann is so funny LOL. I guess you are ready for no power and lots of knitting.


Devorah said...

Nice gadgetry. Hoping you don't need it!

Susan said...

Paris, you must be absolutely frozen! Poor darlin', I hope you have plenty of warm clothes.

Cat, I'm as ready as I can be. And lots of knitting sounds really good.

Devorah, I took it to work to show it off and everyone wants one. It was decided that it could be used when 1. repairing a sweeper
2. working on the car
3. home repair/remodeling stuff
All, I think, so that my coworkers wouldn't be standing there forever holding the flashlight for their husbands and never actually getting the beam in the right place.

~FParis said...

Hahahaaa ... been there, done that!!

You know I sleep in sweats during the summer, you can only imagine what I sleep in in this weather! LOL

Sprite said...

I was in So. Cal when all that cold weather hit. Thank gosh I was a smart girl and covered all my out door plants when I left the valley to head to so. cal.

Cool light thingy idea .. and I want to get one of those heaters... those are cool.