Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Slip, Sliding

Hey, in case you were wondering, I did get out of the flower bed (although I got right back in it last night) Oddly enough getting out of it the next morning was easy peasy, but I wasn't able to get any traction to turn the wheel and get straightened out. It was a bit scary sliding rapidly down the hill sideways. I was so glad that a bump in the ice in the street stopped me! After that, and once the windshield was cleared, off I went. Main streets are pretty much ok, but OMG the side streets are just terrible. Much more so than on Monday. Then, they still had their crunchy sleet topping but that's been worn and polished a bit.

But I have a new weapon. Check these out! LOL it looks as if this might be a part of a BDSM post. But no...they are to help me to stay upright and are called YakTrax. (The pic on their site makes a whole lot more sense than the one I took with them on a houseshoe!)Work provided them and they are great on the ice. I climbed my ice covered steps as easy as if they were dry. There is a glitch however (isn't there always?) You can't wear them on cleared/sanded/salted pavement and you sure can't wear them inside unless you really want to end up on your butt. So, in order to go to the hospital for the mail, I would have to walk carefully on the sidewalk where there is a bit of black ice, but mostly clear. And then where I have to cross the parking lot, stand on one foot and put the thing on one foot and then repeat. And then when I get to the door, take them off again. That's do-able. But going to the doctors' isn't so easy. I get to do this 10 times. And for someone whose middle name isn't grace, and doesn't do well at imitating a stork, it can be quite comical. They are called Yak Paks and, if we get the snow they are warning us about for the weekend, I'll be able to retrieve the paper without worrying about YouTube. LOL

Knitting, of course! The hat continues to grow. The cables are done and it's time for crown shaping. I need a neon light in my living room that comes on about 9:30 and says "Caution! You are sleepy and can't count worth a damn. Put the knitting away!" So there is some tinking in my future..but only one row. It's really fun to do. didn't look that dark when I saw it in Picasa. Oh well. You can use your imagination. It's really whiter with flecks of colors, not this drab looking cream.


~FParis said...

That really does look a little nasty! The Yak Pak, I mean! I was thinkin' more on the lines of the slip-on kind PCH offers on occasion! They wouldn't be as fun to put on tho, and putting them on wouldn't qualify to be on YouTube like the Yak Pak! LOL

Cool hat! Comin' along just fine!

Cookie said...

I wonder if golf shoes would help or the spikey things the football boys wear.

Love the hat! I had that same message last night while working on some fake lace.

Devorah said...

Be careful!!! That sounds like some scary ice and we don't want to lose you.

Susan said...

Paris these do slip on sort of and they are MARVELOUS.

Cookie, ohhhh cleats. That would be fun too!

Y'all, I walked down the street a couple of blocks to Mac's house and it was like just walking on dry pavement. So cool. So although they are a bit tiresome for in and out trips they can't be beat for getting around in this stuff. I walked up the driveway hill tonight with nary a slip. And, now that I have them, I have noticed that the mail man is wearing them too.

On my list for tonight is charging the phone, and filling up the animal cracker bag for work...then it's back to the hat *G* Tink time ahead.

Sheri said...

Kind of reminds me of the chains my father used to put on the cars tires during the winter. LOL Be careful!
Sheri in GA

~FParis said...

Did ya see the news about snow in Malibu?!?! Hahahaaaa ... send those spikes my way!!

Ann said...

A neon light is probably better than a red light...I'm just sayin'.

Glad to see you have some Nanook of the North type snowshoes to get around with.

cat said...

I'm glad you got those; they are supposed to be great.


Oh hat looks great!