Sunday, February 11, 2007

In The Meantime..

I called my sort of LYS from work the other day, and they were willing to send me some #1 dpns through the mail, so Kalidescope went back into the bag for a bit.

Now, I could have knitted furiously on my scarf, but no. I was in sock mode, and stumbled into this rather brief KAL over at I'm Knitting As Fast As I Can . She's got to be a really nice person, since her name is Susan! And fun to think that while I was struggling with a yarn over that came right before an ssk (I kept losing it), maybe someone else was having the same trouble. Or not. At any rate, I finally got it together and I am all caught up. With only one sock because I didn't have enough of the right sized needles to knit 2 of these bad girls at the same time.

Yarn: A nice sort of khaki green wool whose name has been long forgotten (maybe Brown Sheep). Stash yarn, probably 3 years old. It was part of another project and I was sold a lot more than needed so it's languished in the bottom of the wool basket for some time just waiting for it's chance to see daylight again.

Needles: #6 dpns. I wonder why the less expensive needles only come 4 to a package? Hey maybe that's why they are less expensive!

Pattern: Susan's Seriatim

I spent much of yesterday housekeeping. I truly enjoy nesting. And when that wasn't being done, I was having a really good nap. It was a very tiring week both physically and mentally and it was ever so lovely having a day in which communication involved listening to the radio and occasionally talking to the animals.

I'd planned on making a trip out for groceries...well, milk and tea LOL and managed to talk myself out of even that. What was rather weird though was that I had some other things on my list. Not really needed things, but a couple of things I wanted. Like another binder. And some Little Smokies. Imagine my surprise this morning, when I discovered an empty binder that is just the right size in my bookcase. And, when getting out ice, I discovered that I had some Little Smokies in the freezer. Gee, if I stay in all day today, will milk appear?

During nap time, the mail man arrived bearing two bills and my needles. I think they almost cancelled out the bills as I wasn't expecting them to get here until Monday. And here is how far I've gotten on the new version of Monkey. Hopefully I will at least get the ribbing done today. This evening will have to be scarf knitting because I can't imagine trying to watch the Grammys and count stitches at the same time.

Hope your weekend is treating you well. Whatcha up to???


Devorah said...

It depends. Have you been known to freeze containers of milk? This is not a spurious question. My mil used to do this and then remind us to take it out of the freezer a day before she returned from one of her globe-trotting jaunts. We usually just picked up a quart of milk for her on our way to the airport to pick her up. Couldn't be bothered with remembering to go to her place and then deal with the milk. So, she usually had a tupperware container with a cup or so of milk in it in her freezer.

In otherwords ... nope, you will probably have to go out and get it ... or do without.
Stay warm!

Oooo ... the secret blogger code is in legible enough type that I might actually get it on the first try!

Second try ...
How did I blow that?!

Cookie said...

There you are! :D

She is another wonderful Susan. I think I have yarn for those socks, but I need to see what they'll look like as the yarn in question is somewhat variegated.

Can you get a cat to go out and get you milk?

I'm doing a little sewing before I return to my sock project. I'm so exciting. *L*


Ann said...

I have printed out part of the pattern for that if I can remember to go back and print out the rest?

I did some nesting myself here this weekend...the stores have been jam packed from what I heard, milk will become scarce..big snow and or ice storm headed this way. My fridge is full and I have plenty of knitting to do should the college be closed..which it never is!

Susan said...

Devorah, ummm actually I had thawed the frozen milk stash and it was about gone. *G* Sometimes I hate the blogger code. Those g's and q's are tricky but not nearly as much as typepad code on it's metallic background. I'm thinking that optometrists should use that as their vision test.

Cookie, alas the cats aren't tall enough to see over the steering wheel..or maybe they are just too lazy.

The sock pattern is so fun
and it amazes me that someome could think it up.

And, I think your sewing pattern was quite exciting. So there.

Ann, shall I wish you a snowed in day..or days? you got it! Even so, for me it's always a good feeling to have everything ready just in case! case you do have to go careful!

Kathleen said...

I kept losing a stitch on the first leg row - missing only one yo somewhere... I redid the start of the leg something like five times before I got it together! Off to Gussett now! :)

donnac368 said...

I'm loving Susan's pattern too - and coincidentally my next sock will be Monkey, as soon as I finish (or at least cast on for the 2nd) Jaywalker for dh.

Sara said...

Did the milk appear???

I think you all have jinxed us - they are saying we are going to get a Nor'easter on Wednesday...and it seems to be coming from that direction!

Hey, a chance to stay in and KNIT!!

Oh, I thought I was the only one who never got those damn word verifications on the first try!!!

Susan said...

Kathleen, my gusset will have to wait until tomorrow I fear. I had some other things going on this evening and want to make sure I have time to get it all done. I'm really looking forward to seeing the Kitchener part. I suck at that big time!

Cool Donna! It's the first sock I've ever attempted that wasn't straight forward ribbing, and I was so excited when I'd end up with all stitches accounted for.

Sara, the milk appeared in my grocery basket *G*. As did a pot of tulips and a new ink cartridge for my printer. Such an exciting shopper! Snowed in with all utilities working...what a great idea. Unless, of course, you need milk!

Laura said...

Ohhh, now I see. You're doing a do-over on the Monkey. And here I was thinking you were a speed knitter. Although, the other Susan's sock proves you are. Wow!

Susan said...

LOL Laura, I am probably the least speediest knitter ever. The only good thing about that is that I'm much less unlikely to run out of yarn in my small stash *G*

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