Monday, February 26, 2007


Second sock syndrome or Stupid Susan Syndrome? I just can't decide.

Happy that it was time to start the second Monkey sock, I got all comfy on the loveseat. Cats properly arranged. Pattern by side. TV tuned to Sunday morning news shows which require no actual watching. And I proceded to totally screw up the ribbing! WTF? How can you screw up ribbing? Well if part of the time you knit into the back of the stitch and part of the time you knit into the front it really doesn't look good. Honestly, I messed with this all morning and finally put it all back into the sock bag.

Afternoon arrived, and I switched to fabric mode. I got all the squares sewed up and attached to each other and discovered that I am still short. Not by much. I can't decide whether I want to order another packet of squares or figure out some sort of border that takes up about 8 inches. Or something. Only problem with a border is that I would have to cut it. And I hate cutting. I find it odd that using a guide and a new blade on the cutter I can still screw up stuff. However, it is farther along. And folded up neatly and back in the drawer.

Evening arrives. There is NOTHING on tv. I'm not a big fan of the Academy Awards, and besides I would have to keep looking up to look at people's dresses, or the lack thereof. A book on tape seems the answer. The batteries in the radio thingy are dead. I change batteries. It still won't work. I investigate. I put them in all backwards. That fixed, I settle in. I've listened to this book so many times that I can practically repeat it along with the reader. So no distraction, just some company.

Shazamm, the ribbing is done and correctly. I happily knit the first row. All is well. I start the second row. I screwed it up so many times that I finally just cut the yarn. I knit slowly and carefully. And still, I messed it up. Finally, in tears, I cut the yarn; stuffed it into an envelope and sealed it and put it at the bottom of the bag in case I need it later. I thought about smudging it, but figured I'd burn down the house. I thought about blaming it all on cough medicine. But that doesn't work for the morning fiasco.

Moving on, I tidied up the desk. Oh great. The checks I wrote for bills are still stacked neatly for mailing. And it's a short month. And they will probably all be late. :-0

At this point, my goofy mind was scaring me so I went to bed. And before I went to sleep, I realized that in spite of having a functional vehicle, the only place I'd been was to Walmart! Maybe I am turning into a hermit! But even so, it had been a fun weekend. I do love weekends!


~FParis said...

Sorry (((you))) had such a trial for a weekend, however, you did say it was a fun one, so glad of that!

Hope your week is better, and you get to get some Panera Bread goodies to make up for the SSS!

Cookie said...


We all have those days, ya know. It'll get better. Oh, and you're a social butterfly compared to me. I went to the post office Saturday and that was it. *L*

Sara said...

Goodness girl...what size are those little squares? And, what are the color choices? Are they all lights, mediums, darks or a combination? Or are they vintage or 30s???

Hey, you got out more than I did this week-end. I never left the house...

Devorah said...

I know that kind of day! Sorry you had to have one. Hope today was better.

Susan said...

Paris, I see that Panera card every time I open my wallet and think of your kindness. Hopefully soon!

Cookie, I know. I should have just read a book but I wanted it all to work so bad LOL

Sara, the squares on the cover are 4 1/2". I'll email you about my most current plan..other than sticking it in a drawer for a year or so *G*

KatyaR said...

I've been having lots of days like that lately, so I can totally relate. They make me want to hide under the bed for teh rest of my natural days.

Oh, and the reason you messed up your sock--you were watching those stupid Sunday morning news shows. Stop doing that!!!!!!!

Sheri said...

Sounds like it was just one of those days! Goof ups are part of the process I guess.
Sheri in GA

Ann said...

Awwww....what a wreck of a day, but now you have all the bad Karma out of the way.

Shazamm! Please use this word in all of your posts from now on..It made me giggle.



Devorah said...

I think I channeled you last night when, after 3 tries, I had to give up attaching the sole to the (felted) clog I am making. Then I had to rip out the ruffled cuff of my newest sock-in-progress because I read the instructions wrong on row 1. I was 15 rows in to the pattern when I realized it and it started with 168 stitches. Blah!

Susan said...

Devorah, work went well and I didn't tempt fate last night. Just knitted on the hat. Hopefully I didn't screw up any simple stockinette! OMgosh I just read your second comment! Eeek..maybe it's something rising, or a moon phase. One can only hope it passes rapidly!

Katyar...LOL I understand the under the bed thing. But then you'd be busy trying to figure out if you could spin dust bunnies! I am such a news junkie and race around here every Sunday so that I can be all settled when they start. Usually they are conducive to knitting..but not so this week. At least it wasn't all about Anna Nicole.

Sheri, you're right of course. And I am, for the most part, a process knitter but jeez! *G*

Ann...hopefully..but it looks like I contaminated Devorah! Shazamm! There's another giggle! It's one of my favorite words..along with zowie (maybe I've read too many comic books) and tumped.