Saturday, February 17, 2007

Things of Beauty

3 things here today that really, really made me smile.

First, was my swift. You have no idea the adventures I've had using chair backs, chair arms, my arm bent..the list goes on. To actually have it is wonderful, but besides that it's such a pretty thing. I was really impressed with the quality. Not that I've compared, but the wood is lovely and smooth and it works and I adore those wooden screws that hold it to the table and hold it open. Too pretty.

Second was my orchid. The sun was shining on it and it just glowed. I think it needs to be in a bigger pot but I'm kind of scared to mess with it. It looks as though it's potted in sphagnum moss in a plastic drink cup. But I can see it's roots winding their way through the little styrofoam peanuts they used for drainage. I'll have to read up.

And last but certainly not least...and maybe at the top of the list is this sock. Kitchenered. A bit of tension adjustment could have been done but it's far and away the best Kitchener-ing I've ever done. Kudos to Susan, she rocks! And I am soooo excited! These printed out pages are already in sheet protectors and soon I'll be printing out another set for just-in-case.


Ann said...

Whooo Hoooo..welcome to the land of the swifties! Is it not just a beautiful and wonderful thing to behold. The ball winder can't be far behind!

Devorah said...

Yea!!! Swiftly balls the yarn ... even more swiftly with a ball winder ... then you can have fun with balls suddenly launching their way across the room at random targets. Your cat is going to love the swift.

Susan said...

Ann, it is indeed! I have a ball winder already. Just took me a while to finally get it's other half.*G*

Oh geez Devorah..I have a lot to look to anticipate. More blog fodder?

Dave Daniels said...

That's a beautiful swift. And I have the same one. It's wonderful, and I plan on using mine for a few hours today. (But WHAT is that little wooden case on the table behind it with the latches and drawers?)

KatyaR said...

A swift and a ballwinder--these days you gotta have 'em. I actually have two swifts--it helps when you're reskeining handdyed yarns.

Here's some orchid links:

Mine are doing really well--one has exhausted its blooms but is continuing to grow, and the other one is still blooming and putting out new buds that should bloom soon. I'm finding that humidity, lots of light, and some light air circulation at all times seems to be doing the trick.

Good luck!

Sara said...

Seems we all have the same swift! I love mine - and even managed to actually turn out a pretty decent yarn cake the other day...wonders never cease...

I'm thinking I want a few little orchid plants for you-know-where! Think I'll put that on the list!