Saturday, February 17, 2007

Saturday Sky 02172007

Look! Blue skies! The sun wasn't really all the way up, but I was afraid if I waited, clouds would thicken. So far though, it's bright and sunny. Cold, with a north wind, but it's supposed to warm up later on. Even if it doesn't...the SUN IS OUT! After many days of overcast skies, it's a real treat! It's making me very happy.

Yesterday I arrived home to find the swift that I'd ordered from Joann's on my porch! Totally amazed, since the last time I ordered from them it took 3 weeks. Now if the Knitpicks order will get here, I can have some winding fun. Yay

This would have been here earlier, but I mistakenly posted it to Sunday Socks...guess I was anticipating a bit of knitting :-0

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