Thursday, February 15, 2007

Interrupted Knitting

Last night after a fun phone chat with Sara, I got all comfy with the one row scarf and Criminal Minds. Knitted happily through that and on to CSI NY. And that's when I discovered...Trace Evidence. At first I had no idea what it was, but I didn't have to call in a criminalist to discover that my needle was uhhh shedding?

I had noticed that one of them looked scratchy but I thought that was probably logical. I wasn't expecting this. I think a phone call to Knitpicks is in order. Or is this to be expected?


Cookie said...

Oh that's not good. I think you need to call them, sweetie.

Good thing you weren't knitting with noro or you wouldn't have thought anything of the bits of metal. *L*

KnittyOtter said...

The Noro comment from Cookie is too dead on funny. *L*

Call them and let us know what they say. I've never heard of/seen that before. o.0

I hope mine doesn't go all weird on me like that.

Sara said...

Now that's too weird!!! CM was pretty good...I watched Dominick Dunne after that...too many CSIs to keep up with...didn't finish the sleeve!!!

Susan said...

laughing at Cookie's Noro comment. I never found metal but I did find twiggy stuff in Kureyon once. It was my first 'good' wool and I thought maybe it was all like that.

I called Knitpicks..or rather the salesperson taking care of several different businesses. She said they would send me new ones along with my order. I'm thinking it will be a great science experiment. Wonder how much more will flake off or what I will find. I just thought they were metal all the way through.

Otter, I had one with messed up threads and got a new set of that size in under a week and they never want them back. This woman tonight said "No we trust you. We know that you're probably upset that you've got to put a project on hold and nobody wants to do that!"

Sara...CSI NY is the one I wait for every week although I watch all three. So? Any sleeve action today??

Devorah said...

Oh! That is awful. I am glad that they are so responsive.

How is the weather out your way?

Susan said...

Devorah, me too! It's one of the reasons I like dealing with them. I've only called a couple of times and both times they were really nice and helpful.

Here, it's cold...5degrees this morning. It snowed off and on all day yesterday but with little measurable stuff.