Monday, September 11, 2006

And You Thought My Shoes Glowed....

Awhile back, Ann of Mason-Dixon Knitting was on a cleaning/sorting/tossing adventure at her house. She had a contest to see who could guess how many trash bags of stuff she was tossing. I entered...I didn't win. But the winner got a giant trash bag of yarn...the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Now Danielle, who did win had been on a plan of finishing UFOs and decided that rather than add all this to her stash she would share it. So she had a contest guess what she was making. I entered that, and again I was wrong.

So the winner got to pick out what she wanted and then Danielle put the other names on slips of paper and this time I was one of the winners of the Good/Bad/Ugly yarn stash.

So today it arrived: May I present the Ugly complete with sticky note from Ann. This is 5 spools, 160 feet of floresent nylon twine. Kite string, level string...very sturdy string! Someone had seen a pattern in Magknits for a dog collar and leash so Zoey may be very well decked out in the future!

But that's not all. A nice skein of cotton for a ball band cloth...and pattern. I love the colors!
And, because Danielle felt sorry for me, I also got this marvelous Rowan Kid Classic (70% Lambswool, 26% kid mohair, and 4% nylon) Do you see? ROWAN! OMG I never thought I would have Rowan yarn. It's soooo soft! I've just about squished it to death already. And there was candy (sorry it's all gone) and to top it off some hand made stitch markers from Danielle. They are wonderful. She's really got a lot of talent!

So, that's how my week started off...and I plan on it getting even better. It will be hard to top today though.


Ann said...

Great's good karma..shaking my fist..MEL GIBSON BE GONE!

Laura said...

A dog collar? Perfect! Zoey is probably fuzzy enough, the nylon wouldn't bug her.

I always thought the nylon would make great exfoliating socks. Icky, but good for the callouses.

Cookie said...

How cool!

Is it wrong that I love the pink and green?

Don't answer that. *hangs head in shame*

Susan said...

Ann, I need all the good karma I can get, and I'm sure this is just the first of it!

Susan said...

Laura, I'm also thinking about some sort of bag. It, for sure, would never wear out. And, with those colors, certainly wouldn't get lost in a crowd *G*

Susan said... too. We of the great and maybe sometimes garish taste *G*

Anonymous said...

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