Saturday, September 09, 2006

Yea, It's the Weekend

It's still pitch dark so no Saturday Sky yet.

My back pitched a fit (a chronic thing...sometimes it's ok, sometimes it's not. Just have to deal with it) on Thursday so not much has been accomplished since then on the knitting scene or sewing scene or much of anything scene.

Well that's not exactly true. Yesterday was one of those Save The Vacation Days day off. Maybe the most logical thing would have been to rest, but I've never pretended to be always logical. Being as it's a payday week (and hey...the check made it to the bank) there were lots of errands to be run..ran..whatever. I thought that just in case things got worse, those needed to get done. And they did. Granted, it took most of the day LOL. I normally walk pretty fast, but I discovered that if you are walking really slow, people actually talk to you. So there were some fun conversations with strangers in Walmart.

The last stop was at the quilt shop. Partly to get one little thing, and partly just for the eye candy. Of course I found much I needed but only a couple of little pieces actually came home with me. The best part was laughing. OMG I haven 't laughed that much in a long time. I've known the owner since we were in Jr. High, and she's just as much fun as she ever was. Maybe even more now.

They had mentioned in their newsletter that they were setting up sort of quilting uhh meetings. They had a meeting for organization and a number of people signed up to meet on certain nights. It was storming the night of the meeting and I didn't go. I assumed from what I heard (yeah I know...don't assume) that these were most excellent quilters. I've had some uncomfortable experiences in trying to join set groups. Twice I was told that I needed to be more proficient before I joined. So, screw that. But it seems that these folks are more into giggling as well as working on things and sharing ideas. There are still a number of different bunches of people meeting on various days/nights. But Thursday night seems to have morphed into a "whoever shows up, shows up" sort of thing. It sounds fun, and I plan on going.

I have good friends, but unfortunately none of them are the least bit interested in knitting, sewing or anything similar. It will be nice to be among like minded folks. Now, if I can just find the knitters!

Today the front yard needs my attention. Fortunately it's small. My back seems much better so far but my muscles are sore from walking funny so moving around out there will be a good thing. Other than that...I have movies to watch, a football game to watch (crossing fingers) and socks to knit. Toes, here I come!

Y'all have a good day too!


Cookie said...

That sounds like a much better gathering, frankly. Who wants to spend time with a bunch of stuffy quilters, anyway? And it sounds a bit like our local quilters guild. If you want to join, you have to get on the waiting list and hope enough people die/move, so you can join.


Taking a casual block of the month class with a bunch of giggling ladies was a lot more fun.

I hope your back feels better soon. Don't over do it out there!


Kirsten said...

I'll be in your knitting group! I do knit as I read blogs, so that kinda counts, right?

Hope you're feeling better soon!

Susan said...

Cookie I agree completely. I am so not stuffy/snooty. I don't really understand why so many groups end up that way. Sounds more like high school to me. I guess they don't want to be contaminated by less talented folks. Dunno. And laughing is one of my favorite things. I'm really looking forward to it.

Susan said...


It counts for sure! And I do enjoy knitting with there ya go! *G*


~FParis said...

I was getting worried 'bout you (((((friend))))) and now glad to see that you have posted, tho sorry to read your back was nippin' atcha! Glad you have less pain now!

O, and ... Go OU!!!

Ann said...

First..I blame Mel, and then Pauly...his back gets better and yours gets worse?

I know what you mean about the knitting thing..thank heavens for the online knitting community!

Susan said...

Paris, thanks! It's been sorta iffy with the Bomar crap so there's hope!

Susan said...

Ann, I guess I just like Pauly so much that I wanted to be more like him?

Maybe the idea behind the *guilds* is that they are there to perpetuate the truly skilled so that those skills won't be lost? Sort of like you have to pass a test like Master Knitter or something. Maybe I just didn't know. But I'd much rather be Apprentice Knitter and friendly. And oh yeah, life would really suck without the online community.