Sunday, September 17, 2006

Lightning, Thunder and Blintzes

The day started out with many bangs! But I like thunder and rain, and the rain also brought cool temps so I had the back door open and the front door open and let all the lovely air get pulled through the house.

It waited until I had just taken a few sips of coffee and logged on. I think I managed to visit Ann, and then shut down fast. The storms were supposed to come through in the night. Obviously they forgot to tell them that. And half-awake me hadn't paid any attention to the weatherman.

So...the rest of the morning was without computer. In a way, it was sort of nice. I have a tendency to sometimes get lost out there and before I know it hours have gone bye bye. This morning, however, I read the whole Sunday paper. Well, ok...most of it. Looked at all the ads and picked out all the things I wanted. Ate breakfast slowly. Made some melt and pour soap. Knitted a bit on the red scarf while watching the Sunday morning news shows. Read a couple chapters in a book. Ate hot dogs at 10:30 *G*

And just in time to leave for the wedding, the rain quit.

The wedding was my first Jewish wedding. It was very interesting and I liked it a lot. They had little booklets from the bride (my friend) and groom, that told just what was going to happen and the significance of it. Went into great detail with some history and meaning. And, unlike most of the weddings I've been to lately, it lasted quite awhile. I always think it's such a waste...everyone gets all fixed up pretty and 15 min later it's over. The rabbi talked about them personally. Very nice. And there was a lovely young woman violinist that almost made you cry when she played. So very beautiful. Nice to learn a lot; enjoy the celebration; and have beautiful music too. And I even got to say Mazel Tof!

Then the reception. I was a bit uncomfortable since I knew very few people other than Debby's sisters. But everyone was very friendly...maybe it was because I inadvertently got in the wine line twice ;-0

Besides the usual cheese, nuts, and fruits there were things I had never tasted before. Well, I've had bagels, but the one I got was every so yummy...sort of cinnamon-y and some other spice that I don't know. There was an older lady in front of me in the line. Actually, she was probably my age...I always think I am younger than I am. But anyway, I digress. I told her that I didn't know what I was putting on my plate, and that I hope she had good taste because anything she got..I got. She told me that I had lox (I'll pass on that next time), a cheeze blintz (to which I added sour cream and berries - to die for!!!!!). And then we got to what I thought was a casserole or hot dish. But turns out it was noodle pudding (kugel?) Also to die for although I could neverhave imagined having noodles in pudding.

Only one thing, for me, was missing. I have a dear Jewish friend that lives in NYC. I haven't seen her in years, although we still do those catch up letters a couple times a year. Once when I was visiting her, we went to this delicatessan and got this little container of liver something. All smushed up. It sort of looked like baby food. And we sat around eating it on crackers or little tiny pieces of dark bread, drank wine and solved the problems of the world and figured out where to go shopping next. Perhaps memory has made me remember it better than it was, but I was sorry that I never got to have it again. Or to even know what it was called so I could look for it. Silly me, I should have asked someone there. I just remember that she told me had I been Jewish I would have been raised on it.

I also saw a new (?) hair style. A young woman who was dressed VERY nicely had what appeared to be dreads that had almost come all undone. Like a halo over them. I've never seen anyone wear their hair like that before.

A lot of new things today. And such a fun time. Oh, and it stayed cool. Coming home it was 60 degrees out. I put the window down so I could enjoy being cool.

Now to eat a bit more and settle back with some more knitting. Maybe, just maybe I'll cast on a sock.

Hope your day has been treating you nicely!


Anonymous said...

Oh that sounds so wonderful. Mmmm and the memories of those foods, you brought me back. Even though we are German the foods tend to be the same. I also was a nanny for a bit for a girl that lived with her Jewish Grandparents and I always ate dinner with them.
LOL I'll take your lox if you don't want it LOL. I love it, but I can only put a little bit on at a time.
Could it have been liver pate? Mmmmm I love it. I just learned how to make it a few years ago and we munch away with crackers too LOL.

Devorah said...

Chopped Liver is what you are jonesing for. It is indeed a staple when we do a brunch or holiday meal here. Chopped Liver with Matzo is one of the things I love about Passover. Liver Pate is smoother and more mousse like. Chopped liver (the way I was brought up) has a rougher texture than pate. Yumm! Now I want some!

Cookie said...

Sounds like a wonderful day!

Ann said...

I'm not sure there is much of that floating around in the cornfields. It sounds like a fun and exciting adventure.

Susan said...

Cat, LOL I made myself hungry just typing about it. And now I want to make potato dumplings and cabbage..the only half-way ethnic food in my family. Unfortunately, the way we were taught to make/eat them is really unappetizing to anyone else LOL

Susan said...

Devorah, YES..I think that's it. It wasn't completely smooth, more like *junior foods*. Funny though how I've heard 'What am I, chopped liver?' and it's sooo good! Bet it is just loaded with cholesterol so maybe holidays are perfect for it. I'll have to try to find some in the City.

Susan said...

Ann, none in the wheatfields either. Heck..even no wheat, it's almost sowing time though.

It was fun. I love adventures and glad that you shared yours with me too!

Susan said...

It was Cookie! And I was so glad the rain quit pouring down. It was fun while it lasted but I wasn't enthused about the possible hydroplaneing on the interstate.

Sara said...

Thinking you had to be talking about chopped liver...oh, I love it. Maybe we can find a recipe for making our hard can it be???

As for lox - send yours my way any time. I just love bagels,lox, cream cheese and a few capers!