Saturday, September 02, 2006

Saturday Sky

My Saturday Sky is gray and damp. The earth is happy to feel the rain, and until the mold spores take over the world, I am happy too!

It's really nice to have a 3 day weekend. One day always seems to get eaten up with errands and things that just don't get done during the week. However, I have no out-on-the-town errands to do so if I go anywhere, it will just be because I want to do so.

I had planned on doing some dyeing on the patio today, but it appears that's postponed. And perhaps that's a good thing. One of the remaining skeins from Dye-O-Rama has apparently had a really wild time in the closet. So, if I get tired of more sorting and tossing, I can sit down and quietly (and for hours probably) untangle. It would be nice if life could get untangled in such a relaxing way.

Hope your Saturday Sky is just the one you want.


Cookie said...

I am so glad it's gotten cooler for you, sweetie.

I love untangling yarn. Yeah, I'm a freak. There's news...

Devorah said...

Sorry your sky is as grey as mine. Enjoy the untangling.

Ann said...

It's cold and gloomy here today too...the couch forced me into a nap today..

I didn' really resist much.



Susan said...

Cookie, I just love freaky people so I'm glad you stopped by. The untangling has been interesting. Instead of a big ball of yarn, I think I'm going to have lots of little balls. Methinks a kitty bit it. But then I always need tie yarn for something so there ya go.

Susan said...

Devorah, it seems that it was gray in much of blogland yesterday. Hopefully there were naps and knitting and reading and movies or some other fun thing

~FParis said...

California-land was hot, hot, hot!! (so what else is new, eh?) and predicted to be all weekend! (a happy-medium would be nice)

Sounds like you'll have a good holiday weekend, and I recall Labor Day as being one of your favorites!

That yarn looks really bad, so all I can do is wish you lots of patience (((friend)))