Sunday, September 03, 2006


Ohhh I just love knowing that even after today, I have another day off.

Yesterday was a great day. Got some more cleaning/sorting done but instead of just pushing, pushing to do more, I stopped. Managed to get the scroll saw loaded into the car's going to be a pay it forward thing and I have to take it to work to give it away. Heavy little bugger and it was behind other stuff. All that stuff is where it belongs (or in the trash).

Had a serious talk with sock 2 and actually got the heel gusset done and am rolling along toward the toes. So both socks are now much closer to being done. I have NO idea why I have had so much trouble. It's not the yarn or pattern, I know it's me. But things that I've never had trouble with before have been quite stubborn. Almost scared me. Or maybe I just freaked myself out. I have been known to do that. heh.

Zoey the wonder dog and I played beauty shop this morning and she's much lighter now. Poor baby is getting fat. The prednisone that she has to take for her weird allergy has succeeded in keeping her from eating her feet off, but she has an appetite more suitable for the Jolly Green Giant. Next bag of dog food will be some sort of diet stuff. She doesn't get table food except on Saturday when she gets the ends off 2 weinies. And she only gets 1 "cookie" a day, and I break it in half so she thinks she is getting 2. She and I both have waist problems...maybe it's contagious. Or Mel's fault.

I knitted through most of the Sunday morning news shows and now I'm fixin' to get dressed and go shopping. Well not for much. But I need some interfacing from Hancocks (Walmart doesn't have what I need) and oh whoa...Michael's has a 50% off coupon. Maybe yarn for the Red Scarf project. Surely I can find something there that I 'need'. Yep...betcha I can.

And maybe on the way home I will have another sort of adventure. There is this cool place that I've always wanted to visit but always had something else that needed doing...but if they are open today, I think I'll stop.

I've been hearing on the news a lot about how American workers don't take vacations much anymore. For a variety of reasons, but the main one seems to be lack of cash and/or demanding jobs. I have almost a month of vacation days in the bank...and am close to losing some which means occasionally I take a day off in the middle of the week. I have no problem with asking off if I am going somewhere, but I feel really bad about asking for a week off to just stay home and play. And I don't have any extra $$ for trips. They have downsized us so much that it's really hard to keep up, and sometimes we don't but we try hard. And if one person is missing it gets really crazy. And I really like them and don't want to put them out like that.

However, I've been lately feeling a bit resentful. I am taking a couple days off in October for a fiber thing. It's right here in town so that will be fun. In the meantime, I've been making a list of places close, museums and such that I either haven't been to..or at least not for a long time. And I shall go be a tourist if even for a couple of hours. And maybe I will come home refreshed.

sheesh...this was going to be a really short post and I've babbled on forever. And I don't even have a picture. oh well


Cookie said...

Sometimes it's hard going with socks. I bet it was a combo of you and them.

Take the time off. You have it coming and there's not point in letting it slip away. Plus it will remind them how much they need you.

~FParis said...

No picture needed (((friend))) ... I love reading what you write (even if I can't understand the knitting terms) and it's always good to hear 'bout your ventures and what-not!

cat said...

Oh a fiber thing? Which one? I'll be heading to Rhinebeck and then Asheville in October.

Ann said...

Jumping up on my soapbox...let the lecture begin. :o)

There's a reason you get that vacation, to use it. So take a day off here and there---I call them mental health days. Or take a Friday afternoon off just to do what you want to do..FOR YOU. selfish.

I am working so hard at trying to learn how to do that myself.

Lecture over...



Susan said...

Cookie, I know. I just hate to make it worse for my coworkers. sigh

Susan said...

Thanks Paris! And I enjoy your comments too!

Susan said...

Oh I wish I could go to Rhinebeck!! I didn't even know about Asheville. Is there a website so I can go dream?

Mine event is much smaller and local. However, it's my first event and I am way excited! And I'll get to meet somewhat local folks too. I only know them from a list so it will be fun putting names with faces.

I'm taking dyeing, and beginning drop spindle since I think I've forgotten most of what I learned. And I'm going to weave a coin purse. I wanted to take the silk one but I ran out of cash.

And all these folks that spin and such will be bringing their wares too. heh

Susan said...

Ann, I'm nodding my head while I read your comment and then laughed out loud when I read the last sentence. Takes one to know one, eh?

I know, I'll tell them that my personal coach Ann says I have to take a day off. Think that will fly? *G*

Laura said...

A fiber fest? On the way to my parent's house? Interstate travel all the way? Gas prices lower? I could go... :D

Like I need more fiber. Sheesh.

Susan said...

Oh Laura, wouldn't that be cool!
And someday when you're going to your parents' house, you'll have to stop for gas or something and I'll meet you and say hi.

Laura said...

I'd love to! Usually, by the time we get to El Reno, we're able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. We might stop at Love's for a potty break, but usually don't have to since we stopped at Braum's before Kilpatrick. I love El Reno, it means we're on the last leg.