Monday, September 11, 2006

A Pic-less Post

I think I need to take a lot of miscellaneous pictures so I can just stick one in here and there.

Yesterday was a good day. Socks finished. Lots of football. Scarf knitting. Sock patterns look through. Yes, my needles are lonely.

My biggest accomplishment that I can't show is my bookmark file on this computer. OMG there were a bazillion of them and I really couldn't find anything except my daily reads. I did wonder, at times, why I had bookmarked some of those pages. But after much deleting and moving and sorting it's much more manageable. All because of a t-storm. Normally my Kitchenering is done in front of the computer as I scroll up and down through the pics. But the weather guy said thunder was coming. I'd have to shut down. So logically I thought I'd just print out the page. That is, if I could find it. Took awhile and I decided it was definitely time.

Then last night, during time outs, I loaded pics into my Yahoo albums. I have 70 some photo folders on this computer from uploading from the camera. That's way too many. I worked through #40 just uploading pet pics. Not every folder had a cat or a Zoey, but it was funny how many did. 5 pics of a sock..and a cat. LOL. So hopefully soon, I can get some of those cleaned out and off the computer. I'd really hate to lose them. I thought about just putting them on a cd but I can't get it to work. I really need a techy person in my real life :-)

So, now it's Monday. Whee! Oh well, I don't want to wish my life away, but's getting closer to the weekend. Yes!


Cookie said...

Only 70 photo files? That's nothing.


Ann said...

I am wishing this week away too....they seem to be getting longer don't they?

Susan said...

Ann, yeah they do. I hate to wish days away but sometimes I just must..especially on Monday!