Wednesday, September 27, 2006


It's been a strange evening, not only because Blogger ate my whole post and I have to do it over because I really need to get it up so you can answer my questions. How's that for a really run together group of words?

The question is this. Teach me about what I think is self striping yarn. This is Regia silk that I got in the summer...and in rl it's tan, gray and white. Lovely soft yummy yarn. Pretty, if subdued colors. So I start a sock and this is what I get..

Ha, you'll never know. Blogger just won't do much this morning either. I do so love upgrades ..NOT. I'm sure it will be better but in the meantime, I'll so some more experimenting myself.

On a brighter side, I got the funnest card from Ann on Monday. I tried to post about that too, but alas it was used to provide Blogger calories because it disappeared too. Oh well. The important thing is that I got it and loved it. Thanks Ann


Cookie said...

Teach you what, honey?

Btw, I loved that picture from last night that's gone now. The one with the little white paw-paw.

Sara said...

ANd, I thought I was the only one having problems with Blogger!

Dave Daniels said...

I'm not a Blogger-phile, but it's been painful to make comments to people's posts.
What did you want to know about self striping yarn?

Ann said...

Kicking blogger..punching it in the code...STOP MAKING THINGS SO HARD!

Let me know if you need any knees broken..I've got those skills too.


Sprite said...

Allow me, the non-knitter to tell you about self striping yarn.

First we must visit the rolling hills of the country side and find a frisky sheep.

A she sheep.

Probably a little promiscuous.

Definitely flirty.

As she teases and taunts the rest of the sheep - and even a few farmers - she rubs her wool up against them. Alas, this only causes a tuft or two of her beautiful wool to float about the air.

Her heart set on really causing a stir, one day in desperation, she grabs the farmer's shears in her mouth, the other sheep watching with a mixture of fear, delight, and pure "is she crazy" wonder, and then she proceeds to shave her beautiful wool coat OFF so she can frolic the country side continuing her flirty in naked ensemble.

Thus, my friend, we have self striping yarn. Once these rare sheep shave themselves, it produces only the highest quality of yarn, and is bundled up and sent to the Self Striping Factory.

I hope I've helped clear that little matter up for you. *big grins and a hug* (yes, Susan -I'm backing away from the cappuccino now *mischievous grin*)

Susan said...

oh Sprite~~ It's wayyyy to early to laugh that hard! That's just too funny, you silly one *G* Hugs back at ya!

Ragan said...

I hate when blogger eats my posts. Grrr....