Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Yadda Yadda

I really have no new knitting content unless you want to see a washcloth without a mistake LOL. At least it's done and I can mark that off the list. Well, once I get it in the mail which probably won't happen until Friday. But's done.

So, I thought I'd share some old non-knitting stuff. This is the first quilted wall hanging I ever made, and probably the most fun. I didn't have a pattern. I just went to the park and scooped up some leaves and smashed them and traced around them. Well all except the squarish ones. That was something I traced. Once it was done, I was wishing I'd left them off. But oh well. It was all done with fusible interfacing and machine stitching for veins and stuff. And then the background was sort of quilted in what I interpreted as wind...cause it's windy in OK. The pumpkin was done using freezer paper and was a bitch. And the little mini punkin I got at the store to be my model was almost mush before I got one that I liked. And you can't see it well, but I embroidered branches on the border to suggest bittersweet with bead for the little bittersweet thingies. I think I need to change out the beads and get some that show better.

This one I call Crying Moon. I think I did have a pattern, I know I had it for the bear. But I don't have it any longer and have NO idea where it came from. I made it in the Fall '02 at a very sad time in my life. My little dog Cassie, who had been such a wonderful companion/friend/silly one was in the last days of her life. She had heart disease and by then, although she wasn't hurting or anything, she had little energy and just liked to snuggle with me. So every day I'd race home from work and spend the rest of the evening just being with her. I can't just sit, so this was one of the things I did...and the last thing I did before she died. It was made with just whatever I could find to cut up. So the bear and the tree are pieces from flannel shirts. The moon..I have no idea where that little piece came from and the background was leftovers from a heating pad cover. The binding was from a shirt that I got at a garage sale across the street, I think. And the stick came from the back yard LOL. I didn't have all the binding on when she left me, and I just stuck it all, including the stick in a box under the bed. But then, the next summer I finished it to be sort of a wonderful memory of her.

So that's that for today.'s a vacation day, and I'm off to the Great State Fair of Oklahoma. The 100th!


Devorah said...

Your hangings are wonderful. The story about Cassie brought tears to my eyes.

Susan said...

Oh Devorah, I didn't mean to make you cry although I must admit I got a bit teary while I was typing it. It was the worst of times, it was the best of times.

Sara said...

Your quilts are so cute...and I loved the story about Cassie. That quilt is a great memory of the time you had with her.