Monday, September 04, 2006

Sunday Fun

I DID put on my shoes, got my errands done and managed to spend very little money. Michael's was packed. I guess everyone was stocking up for a playday today. I overheard a cell convo..well one side of it..where a woman was telling her friend that she had become hooked on beading. It was so fun to hear her excitement. And then there was perhaps a grandmother and a young girl searching out yarn for a project. And it was the young one that was telling the older one about how she was going to knit it and exactly why she was choosing that particular yarn. I got some inexpensive yarn (Lion Brand) for the Red Scarf project...and guess what? It's red! LOL. It has little nub thingies of other colors all over it. And it feels soft on my face and it's machine washable and dryable. Perfect for a student?

Then to Barnes and Noble for a look around. I had heard that the new Vogue Knitting had lots of socks, so I wanted to check that out. It does, but they were all far away from my level of skill. So back on the shelf it went. I did get a mystery and got to watch a performance. Not of a singer or artist but of a lady in the check out line who, when she cut the line and was called on it by the checkout person really had a fit.

Then off to my next stop...The Express Personnel Clydesdales. The man who owns this huge personnel business also owns a HUGE ranch (I think like 3500 acres or something) and raises prize winning angus cattle. I drive by this impressive place often and admire the miles and miles of white fences and their huge house that looks more like a resort. And also by the Clydesdales but I have never stopped before. If you click on the link, you'll see the barn which I knew long before they were there. I like to go to the City on backroads sometimes and this is my favorite route. At a T intersection there stood this really old magnificent barn that was slowly going away. But when they bought the property, they hired some Amish barn people to refix it. And it's magnificent. As are the horses.

I loved watching this guy getting his bath. There were quite a few visitors there, and everytime some kid (or me) talked to him, he'd quietly nod his head as if he were acknowledging them.
And there was a baby that was a total pet slut. Every once in awhile he'd pull his head back in, but at the slightest sound of someone coming his way, out it would come again and I swear he'd smile as we petted him. His pic sucked tho so use your imagination.

I am including this shot not to show the coaches, but to show the ceiling. How cool is that? I'm tellin' ya, this place is way far better than my house, and probably cleaner too.

I had a great time seeing the horses and the exhibits and the gear and just everything. This guy is the coach of the OKC Blazers hockey team. Mr. Express owns the team and I don't know if
Sauter liked horses before but he surely does now.

I drove home through the country. The return of clouds meant that the colors were brighter. Fields rampant with sunflowers and ditches loaded with Queen Anne's lace just glowed. Nice thing about 45 mph speed limits means that you get to see more.

Then home for to finish cleaning out the utility room closet and mop the floor, and then a soaky bath and some laundry and some knitting with the new yarn. A very good day!

And I thought that today I was going to need to mow. Well, I still do, but oh dear it's raining. Bummer...that means I get to play! yea for rain!


~FParis said...

Great pictures! And you surely had a day of fun and adventure! Love those horses!!!

Hope the yarn proves to be perfect for that scarf, and I can't wait to see the picture!

Devorah said...

What a fun day! Isn't it great when someone saves a piece of history like that?

Susan said...

Paris, it may be awhile. It's not due until January and I keep getting distracted *G*

Susan said...

Devorah, I really love those kind of buildings. Since we are a fairly young state, none of ours are way old but still.

Oh, and I saw some folks on bikes out enjoying the day and I's Oklahoma Squids!

Ann said...

What a terrific day. I would have enjoyed tagging along with you for real..those are all things I would love to do.

Glad you made some time for yourself.


Susan said...

Ann..come see me. I'll take you there!

Sprite said...

Wow... sounds like a great drive and a fun day. I'm with Ann, I would have loved to have tagged along!