Friday, September 01, 2006

Did I Pass?

I took another test. Which is a way of saying I don't have much to say. Not that my life isn't exciting. Let's see. Last night I went to the library since they close early on Fridays and won't be open over the long weekend. That done, I came home and ate oatmeal. And then...oh get ready for this...I went to the grocery (well Walmart) where I not only bought more oatmeal but also new underwear! And apples! Wow!

Then I came home; put stuff away; washed a load of towels and brushed Mary who was not impressed. Then...oh it gets better...I read some blogs and took a bath and went to bed. Nothing creative at all.

So...I took the test and here are the results. And yes, I look like this. Hush now, Paris! *G*

What Type of Soul Do You Have ?

You are naturally born with a gift, whether it be poetry, writing or song. You love beauty and creativity, and usually are highly intelligent. Others view you as mysterious and dreamy, yet also bold since you hold firm in your beliefs.
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~FParis said...

HA! Ironic she has wings like a fairy, eh? (BTW, I got the same result! I B artistic too!)

Laura said...

Count me in the artistic club! Great minds and all that. :)

Susan said...

Paris...the wings must make it be true *G* I like your new pic..pretty pretty colors swirling around there.

Susan said...

Laura, welcome to the great minds club! *G*. I think some might disagree about the mind part if they were thinking of me...but hey, I must be great to be in such good company!

ohhh thunder...gotta go!

Ann said... had me at oatmeal.


Sometimes quiet and boring can be excellent!

~FParis said...

Sorry to read you've got thunder and had to go away! :o(

That design was done in PSP and I call it *New Orleans Dreamer* My only contribution to 'em, sorry to report