Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Thanks Jamie

Nope, I didn't get another package in the mail and I have no idea if Jamie knits. But she surely brightened my day.

Even after the insurance paid off, that MRI that I had ended up costing me hundreds of dollars, which surprise! I don't have. I was expecting a rather large check in the mail and I was going to make a down payment on the bill, and then schedule payments. But the large check didn't come (more about that later) and I was afraid that since I hadn't initially called them, they might not be pleased with my rather minimal payment plan.

I noticed on the bill that I could eMail them. Yay! I just hate calling people on the phone if I think they aren't going to be pleased with me. Pitiful, I know. So I took the easy way out and eMailed them yesterday.

Here's the response:

Yes, I can set up payments of xx.xx (small amount) per month. If you will tell me what date to use as your due date, I'll set that up also. Be sure to give yourself mail time, since if it's not here on the due date it will show as delinquent. And then the "nasty grams" start :-). And, if anything happens that might delay the payment such as an emergency, be sure and call me so I can fix that. Thanks. Jamie.

A real person. That smiles. And that didn't give me that shit about "can't you put it on your credit card? Or "let us arrange a loan for you". Yay Jamie. I should knit her something! hahah

Now about the check that didn't arrive. In our insurance plan, after you meet your deductible, you can turn in meds and be reimbursed for 80% of them. The docs I see have champagne med taste apparently cause they eat up a large amount of my paycheck. And only one of them has a generic version. But hey, my arms and legs work and my brain too, in it's own quirky way. My original plan was to wait until November and send them in for Christmas money, but this hospital bill changed that. Now the plan was to pay off part of that; get a new jacket and maybe even a couple pair of slacks for winter; oh and hey..maybe a bit of yarn and some new Knitpicks needles. Heh. Priorities.

So I got the printout from the pharmacy and sent it all to the insurance company in August. I hadn't heard a word. And I didn't remember taking this long so the girl in HR checked into it. Oh my, they had discovered that for some reason anything coming in as meds was put into the "correspondence" file and nothing was done. Hello? I guess I shouldn't write them a letter about anything, since obviously nobody will ever read it. It's been re-faxed and hopefully in a couple of weeks I'll have the $$ and can make Jamie happier.

Emboldened with her response, and a short note from Cookie, I set about learning to cable. Happily I thought "Ohhh in the morning, you can post a pic of your bit of cabling." Not to be. It looked more like pink cat vomit. Hahaha! I know that when I am trying something new, my tension gets much tighter. But hello, I think you are supposed to be able to get your needle out of the knitting without cutting yarn! So no pic. And nobody was injured. And today is another day!

Hope yours is a great one!


Cookie said...


I hope they get it straightened out for you quickly. How nice of Jamie. Not everyone is so understanding.

Once upone a time, I had to give a cat Pepto. I have seen pink cat puke. In fact, I've seen a lot of it. Knitting can't look like that. Nor can it stick to a wood floor like pink cat puke. Wanna see the cables!


Dave Daniels said...

Good luck with the friends of Jamie.
And, yes, we wanna see cables. Cables are your friend. I outta know. We haven't always gotta along so well.

Sara said...

Oh, we must share the same champagne taste in medicine doctors...:)

Cables...ohh, I remember those from years ago when I knit...haven't done any since I started back up knitting...but, I am sure I will find a pattern that I just love and it will include cables...never fails...

victoria said...

stick with it--it will get easier! and remind yourself to relax with the needles.....

Ann said...

I fretted and fretted about cables...and when I sat down and did them I was amazed how easy they were...after some practice.

You'll get there!

Susan said...

Oh Cookie...your comments just crack me up! Uh sorry but I cut the yarn and threw the cable in the trash. I would get it out and take a picture of it but umm, I scooped litter right after that and no way am I gonna dig through that. Sorry. *G*

Susan said...

LOL Dave, I think right now cables and I are kind of like two strange dogs meeting for the first time. Some sniffing around deciding whose gonna be the alpha. Right now cables are, but that's open to change..I hope.

Susan said...

Vicki, I plan to because I love the way they look. I have this odd skein of yarn that is my go-to yarn for all new things. I guess I should save the mistakes so I can be impressed (hopefully) later.

Susan said...

You know of course we are worth every $$. I keep telling myself that LOL.
I hope your return to cables is just like riding a bike. Well, that is, if you ever rode a bike. *S*

Susan said...

Ann, I certainly hope so. Sometimes it seems that I can't do anything right but I can also remember when I could cast on and knit, but couldn't purl for the life of me so I do have faith.

Laura said...

My class today was really great, a whole new herd of knitters have been let loose on the world! This has empowered me, obviously, because I'm dying to show you how easy cabling can be. I've only ever done the basic ones, but still, cables are like "Hold that thought" for a few stitches, then getting back to them.

Of course, without seeing the pink cat vomit of yarn, I can't diagnose anything, ha ha!