Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hello, my name is Susan

Just in case you forgot who I am :-)

Spring is just around the corner here. This morning my vehicle was covered with dew so heavy I had to use the wipers. Daffodils are coming up, showcasing the grass that needs to be pulled around them. And the other day, I saw a big ol' fly. Oh yay!

These last months have been filled with knitting, and books and a bit of sewing and books, and work and books. Birthday and Christmas gift certificates and $$ have all been spent it seems on books..oh and a bit of yarn too.

Just look!

The most recent ones are Casting Spells (nothing like a paranormal knitting story) Debbie Bliss Home and the Baby Surprise DVD (is sort of like a book), Still Life with Chickens, and Montana Creeds:Dylan. They all arrived this week thanks to Knitpicks book sale and a nice percent off coupon from Barnes and Noble. I've read and LOVED the chicken book. Dylan is up next because my funny friend Jackie is waiting to read it too. Debbie Bliss has some really nice patterns in this first of hers. And btw, I love her new magazine also. Casting Spells ... well I read a preview of it way back in the fall I think. I thought I had pre-ordered it but..nope. And by the time I realized that, I had also forgotten the title. But stumbled across it in a blog last weekend and rushed off to order it.

I've also discovered a new blog too. Cold Antler Farm. I've managed to read it clear back through the beginning and what a wonderful young woman this Jenna is. Actually I found her book first, but alas my book $$ are well used up for the time being. I think I want to BE her! There are sheep, folks.

Knitting, why yes. There's a new pair of socks. I think the yarn is some Knitpicks I bought a long time ago. And no, my legs really aren't that white. I really tried to get Picasa to fix them but they just got worse. The socks I love. New socks are such fun.

But the big knitting news is that I'm attempting something a bit larger. I'm calling it a sweater but it's really a tunic so no sleeves. Shear Spirit is one of my favorite knitting books. I wanted it for a long time before I got it, and was ever so happy to learn that once it was in my hands I truly loved it. I like the patterns but it's just such a gorgeous book of photos and I love learning about the people and their lives. Such a voyeur! I started it on inauguration day, and there certainly have been some starts and stops. Changes of needles a bazillion times it seemed before I could come up with something that didn't make my right wrist ache so much that I could only knit on it sporadically, learning to count..again and again. But finally things came together and the back is done although not blocked and the front is started. At this point in time, I'll love it even if it doesn't fit. It's my first, ya know.

I still have a job. The facility is going to hell in a handbasket so payday is truly a time for rejoicing. I was told today that the entire board resigned so I shudder to think what's next. It's not the economy although that plays a part. It's more about power plays with the facility and the employees just the pawns. Really ugly things have happened. Morale is somewhere on the floor. It makes me really sad, angry and scared.

But this week I have been away from it. Feeling really lousy and I finally got in to see my doc today. She ordered lots of lab and tests (one of the dianosis on the forms said "overwhelming exhaustion" and that about sums it up) and they all came back ok so the next step will be for her to call my cardiologist tomorrow. I'm kinda scared because I can't think of anything else he could do that would not be invasive, and I don't like invasive. I'm consoling myself that perhaps the timing of my appointment will allow me to stop by my LYS. There's always a bright side. Right? Please say yes!

Oh...and wait...there's money. Ok so I can't really spend it, but I'm sure having fun with it. My daughter sent it to me from the Spanishtown Mardi Gras festivities in Baton Rouge. When I went to Mardi Gras I enjoyed their celebrations soooo much. Such a fun bunch of people. Need some cash? I'll send you some!

Now I think I've done all the links and stuck in all the poorly lit photos and now I shall take my overwhelmingly exhausted self off to bed. See ya soon. Hopefully a bit more often