Thursday, June 29, 2006

Two New Finds

While I was wandering around in the City, I discovered a new-to-me bookstore called Books A Million. HUGE store, comfortable seating, knowledgeable staff, great prices and a big knitting section! Not only were there a lot of books, but also they weren't all squished up and mixed in with crochet and quilting books. Alas, I had no book money, but after coming home I discovered that they have a big website. I've found books in stock there that other places said weren't released yet and they have a feature where you can click and they compare prices with Amazon, BN etc. Same free shipping with $25 and there is a deal where you can *join the club* for $10 and get an additional 10% off for a year. Oh please, let me win a sweepstakes LOL

Then this evening I stumbled onto a site with a bazillion knitting patterns that are free. Probably everyone knew about this but me, but just in case, it's called knitting pattern central.

So now I'm gonna go look some more. Just what I need, more patterns that aren't getting knitted! But ya never know...the computer might crash or something and I'd run out. It's a good thing, right?

and here's the text that wouldn't load

You are bamboo.Warm, cozy, and thoughtful, you take your time and enjoy how things feel, smell, and taste. You love the craft and beauty of traditional things, and you value the comfort and experience of knitting as much as the results. But while you are reveling in your warm cozies, don't get stuck. Warm is wonderful, but so is the whole wide world!

I found the quiz over at Cookie's and I just love these things so off I went...took the test; grabbed the code and headed back here

I pasted the whole thing but Blogger said there was an html error and it wouldn't go. Like I know how to fix an html error. So, I just took it apart. Hope I don't get arrested.

The internet was not kind to me this morning, so I need to go answer some email and comments. Well as soon as I get a bath. I've been outside washing rugs and the patio and myself so I'm a bit grubby!

This is really me

What kind of knitting needles are you?

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Poky Me and Earworms

Oh jeez, the plan was that I would get up a bit early; be at the laundry when it opened at 7:30; do the washing of towels and sheets; drop them off at home for drying later and head to the City.

Well the first part happened. I got up at 5...but that's as much of the plan that took place. Got lost in the internet for a long time. Took way too long in the tub and just can't seem to get going.

And thanks to that I got to hear the Today Show's segment on earworms. My brain is way confused rotates from *I want my baby back baby back ribs* and *We will, we will rock you!* LOL at least I'm not mind singing *a wimba way, a wimba way, a wimba way*

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Brad Pitt and Hats?

OMG the most embarrassing thing happened this morning at work. The Girl came by to pay me a visit and I remembered that I needed to measure her head for this knitted cap that I am supposed to make her. So I got a tape measure and then was trying to make sure I understood what she wanted. She told me the name of some hiphop guy that wears one, so I connected to the internet and since Yahoo is my home page there, put his name in *image* and we got some pics but they were not very clear. It looked to me like a plain ribbed cap without a rolled up part.

One of my coworkers said "I've seen Brad Pitt wear them so do a search on him". So off we go to Brad Pitt land. Now I have a rather small screen and she was scooted up next to me on the left. And, since I'm not really supposed to be searching for Brad Pitt during work time I said "OK Tay, you look at the ones on your side and I'll look on my side of the screen and maybe we can find it fast.

The pics load...nothing on my side and she's not saying a word! I look over towards the left and the first pic on her side is a TOTALLY naked man. I'm like *Oh shit, Girl...! and close it fast. She's still not saying anything, but is very PINK and grinning. *Oh please, don't do this at home!* I can just see her telling everyone what Susu showed her how to find online!

And then she says *Do you think that really was Brad Pitt? I couldn't really tell.* Haha of course not she probably didn't even see his face! Sheesh.

Hey Laura, I visited your site to see if I could find your eMail addy so I could forward my comment. OH wow! You really got to take advantage of SWAKs sale. Lucky you!

Nothing creative happening here tonight except my attempt at writing out a budget. And that's just sad! *G*

It All Works Out in the End

Hey, remember when I was bitchin' about waiting for the refund from the cancelled soap class? Well, last week a good friend got hurt rather badly and on Friday I drove her to the doc. He said that she needed this big boot thing to immobilize her foot, and called the pharmacy to bring one over. She give him her insurance card and after we left the doc's office we went over so she could sign the ticket. Alas, she hasn't met her deductible so she was responsible for paying for it THEN .
And she didn't have that much money. I checked my checkbook and I had barely that much but she needed it so I wrote the check and will get my money back on Friday. No biggie, I didn't need anything from the store 'cept milk and I had some cash in my bag. Then I remembered, oh shit I have to go to the City tomorrow and would really like to have lunch before I head home. I thought maybe that when I get through counting out quarters for the Parkway I'd have enough for at least McD's. But, shazamm....the check from the soap class arrived yesterday!!!! Woohoo. See what goes around comes around *G*.

Ann, where is that place that you get the pecan chicken? That sounded so good when I read about it. Ummmm food!

Knitting wise, the 2nd sock has it's gussets done so now both are ready for mindless knitting. Just the thing to entertain myself in the doctor's office.

I think I need to start something else just so I'll have something to show off on here.

Monday, June 26, 2006

In The Mail

Saturday's mail brought a couple of interesting things (and NO bills!) The best one was a copy of the summer issue of Interweave Knits. I recently subscribed but just mailed off the payment last week. I figured it would be August before I got anything so that was a real treat.

But also in the mail was a big packet of papers from this new doc I am to see on Wednesday. First and foremost, was information that stated I needed to pay for this LOL. Then, a map showing exactly where their offices were in this big medical complex...and how to actually get there via parkways, interstates etc. Then there was a 4 page medical questionairre to complete. My gosh, this thing was quite detailed about every physical system. But interspersed with questions concerning heart/lungs/stomach etc there were some really interesting ones. Like...

1. Are you satisfied with your present type of work?
2. Do you have more than one job?
3. Do you get along well with your fellow employees and/or supervisors?
4. Do you pass a lot of gas (I guess that could relate to #3)?
5. Do you enjoy a variety of food? (please no bugs or sushi)
6. Do you ever hear voices or see people when no one is around?
7. Do you eer have a feeling that someone is trying to harm you?

Fortunately they didn't ask "Do your pets talk to you?" "Do you think talking to yarn makes knitting easier?"

Speaking of knitting, I finished the gusset on sock #1 and have started gusset on sock #2. I'm liking this two at once deal. For one thing, doing whatever on the second sock just goes really fast since I've just finished it on sock one and can remember what I did *G* And for another thing, I don't have to think about starting everything all over again. It seems like it goes much faster.

A question. I really like my dpns, but I am wondering if you could put the sock on a circ when you get to the boring foot part. And if so, what length do you need. I've read the instructions about 2 socks on 2 circs but I really can't get it in my head. I learn best by "seeing" as opposed to reading so have filed those printouts in the back of the book LOL. But it seems like doing the foot part on a circ would be much faster. And I really want to wear these socks!

Hope your Monday goes well...and it's only 5 more sleeps until the weekend!

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Sorting Saturday

I love to sort. Maybe that's why I let things get in such a tangle, just so I can sort it all out again. The most recent need to sort involves sewing boxes. I have two. One was always mine, one was mine (a story there for another time) but my mom commandered it. This latest sorting was necessitated by a need for a transfer pencil which I was sure was in *my* box. But the stuff was so jammed in there and mixed up that I just upended it all on the floor and started from scratch. A ton of skinny bias tape (which I will probably never use but ya never know) A lot of Velcro...odd since lately everytime I've done a pillow top, I've bought new. A bunch of buttons. Fun to look through since, with some of the used ones, I can remember some of the garments they adorned. And some that I swear I have never seen before. A few wooden spools. And these little treasures. The price tag on the needle books says 17 cents. And obviously back in 1964 the book of stitches was something I probably hesitated about. I told ya I was old! *G*

And now the sewing box will close, and hey, I can even find stuff in it!

As far as knitting goes, I have the heel turned and gusset begun on Dreamsicle sock #1 and the cuff done on #2. I'm doing from ribbing down on a size smaller needle so I want to get it far enough along that I can try it on before I start the heel on #2. Maybe that will happen today...who knows? Certainly not me LOL

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Guess Who's Coming to Oklahoma City?!?!?

the Yarn Harlot, that's who! In July! And finally they have all the info up. She'll be doing her "talk" at "the local library" (I have no idea where that's at but will find out) and then sign books at the LYS Gourmet Yarn. Now that I can find! I am sooo excited. She doesn't know me from Adam, or Eve or anyone. But her first book was the first book I ever had about knitting and have loved them all. And the latest one is like a little knitting bible, at least in my eyes. Woo hoo!

And another good thing happened today. I saw on a photo on a blog that I just loved. A picture of an old chair with flowers on it. For some reason, it just said "Peace" to me and I would go to her site just to look at it again. So today I emailed her to see if it would be ok if I took it and printed it out so I could put it up on my wall. And she said Yes! I'm really happy about it. I know I could have just taken it, but I would have felt bad. I'm really quite grateful.

So this evening I printed it out, and painted an old (not antique...just old wood thing) and now it's up on my bedroom wall.

And as for whatever it was I was going to talk about this morning...well of course, I forgot it all. My mom would have said it was because it was all lies LOL.

And now for a bit of knitting...well as soon as I get my painting mess cleaned up.

Nite y'all. Sleep well and wake up to a magical tomorrow.


I have a lot of words to type, but thunder is getting close. I can only hope that I remember most of it for later LOL

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I Guess I Was Tired

I think I should be caught up on sleep for awhile, not that insomnia is ever a problem. Dealt with a headache all day. Started out really uncomfortable but subsided into just truly annoying. Came home; fed the kids; had some oatmeal and started reading eMail and comments. Decided that I would just stretch out and rest for a bit before answering much. That was umm maybe 6:30. Next thing I knew it was 1:10 AM and on tv Dog the Bounty Hunter was celebrating Christmas with his family. Talk about being confused! Once I finally figured out who/when/what was going on, I decided it wasn't worth it and went to bed. And slept until 5:30 this AM. Boy talk about waking up creaky. 11 hours of not moving much certainly cut down on my limber quotient!

Today's a day off and I hardly think a nap will figure in, but you never know. Other than taking Ms.Mary to the vet for some routine lab work and a stop by the bank to put the new vehicle title in the safe deposit box, it's all empty. So probaby knitting and daytime tv. Ha...I am not even sure what's on daytime tv. We shall see.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


I dreamed of yarn last night. I have no idea where it came from, or what kind of yarn it my dream I just held it. It was beige, and cream and tan and Nestle's Quik brown and all shades in between. A varigated not striping (I have no idea how I knew this LOL) and it was absolutely gorgeous. So this morning when I read Dave's new post I thot OMG I was channeling Dave LOL..except mine had no green. Actually it was totally different, but still. I have NO idea how one would dye such loveliness, but maybe I'll be surfing dyer's sites some day and see it. And with luck, I'll have $$ and be the first at their store *G*

I also dreamed embroidered tea towels with dancing silverware and smiling dishes and grinning apples. Now that I could do. I wonder if they still make flour sacks?

All in all, a quite pleasant way to spend the night.

Monday, June 19, 2006


Back in May I posted that my Dye-O-Rama pal had upgraded her spindle and sent the replaced one to me, along with some roving (I wasn't even sure that's what it was called) that was gorgeous. But the label was in German and I couldn't read it.

So last week I get a comment from Anne.

I sent her the words, and here is the translation:

Märchenwolle is probably the name of the company. It translates as Fairytale wool :-)

Kammzuge zum Spinnen - Tops for spinning (tops = roving, mostly in the UK)

Basteln und Dekorieren - Handycrafts and decorating

ca. 100 Gramm in 10 Farben - about 100 grams in 10 colors that not the most marvelous name for something so wonderful? And isn't it amazing how helpful people are? I love it! Thank you sooo much Anne!


At least on my list of things to accomplish. I didn't get everything cut out, but with the accompaniment of a book on tape, I got much of it done. And stacked...and hopefully not forgotten.

I sewed up a pillow for my bed and discovered that the pillow insert was too small but I was so desparate for something to be completed that I stuck it in there anyway. LOL

And progress was made on what I am calling my Dreamsicle socks. It's yarn that was dyed with diluted Kool Aid left over from the yarn I sent my Dye O Rama pal. I'm liking it a lot. Certainly not really self-striping, but so far just an interesting blend. Oddly enough, occasionally I see a faint hint of aqua. LOL something went amiss for sure. Hopefully it will just appear as a shadow. And since they are socks, maybe nobody will be that close to my foot :-)

In other news, my washer seems to have developed a major problem. It washed just fine until the last load and then when it entered "spin", it made horrid noises and by the time I got out there it was smelling like burned rubber. Ewww. Fortunately it wasn't a load of towels so I was able to get everything rinsed and wrung out and now I'm trying to do a load of handwash at night before I go to bed. I hate our's really kind of icky but will work. But an answer must be found because well...ya know...I love to felt stuff and I can't see me plunking quarters in a rather grungy washer over and over LOL. I looked in the newspaper but didn't see any appliance repairmen listed. Wonder if I can figure this out by myself?

Time for work...byebye

Sunday, June 18, 2006


I'm here and feeling better but I've been grounded from my car except for jaunts to the grocery. So no big shopping this weekend which would probably have been true anyway since the bills took most of my paycheck. :-(

My doc called the City doc who called some other doc who is supposed to call me. Only good thing about this is that both of the City docs are close to the yarn store *G*

Wasn't able to knit much besides washcloths which are very non-demanding, and I thought good for my needle-and-pins hand and arm. Did start a summer sock last night but have so little done that there is really nothing to show.

Today is being spent ironing pattern pieces and making adjustments and hopefully getting some stuff cut out. I hate that the most. Don't mind sewing at all, but cutting out is soooo boring. I'll feel sooo good when that's all done.

I'll leave you with some pics of the yarrow that's blooming it's heart out and nearby lantana.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Feelin' Better

No more swimmy head! Hooray! Arm and leg a bit wonky and will try to see the doc today. No knitting last night. Spent most of it watching "So You Think You Can Dance" I do love dance! I liked the first couple (Mormon(?)boy) and the next to the last couple that danced to the Pointer Sisters. After it was over, I had to dig out old Pointer Sisters tapes and Manhattan Transfer cds and sing my way to bed

One of the cats kicked the alarm clock off the table sometime in the night so I woke up much later than usual. He (I KNOW who does it) must have thought I needed some extra zzzzs. It was nice. Would be nicer if it was Saturday :-)

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

A Note to Myself

Susan, the book you wanted at Barnes and Noble is called Knitting Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush.
You also want Ann Budd's book

heh...unless I lose internet access I will be able to come back here when I have some book money. Unlike the sticky that got lost.


So I get home from work and discover that I have an eMail from the CC re the soap class. It advises me that I will receive my refund as quickly as possible...maybe 2 weeks. Shesh. Ok, so maybe in 2 weeks I'll be really needing that money and will be happy that it just arrived. But in the meantime... Oh, and she also hoped I would select one of the other courses they were offering. Uh huh.

Last night while doing some other stuff around here, I suddenly had an epiphany. I wanted some comfort knitting and what I wanted was SOCKS. I cannot believe that now in my mind that's such a wonderful thing considering all the trauma of learning *G*. So, I got out my huge (not) stash but only ended up fondling and gazing at them. I want short summer socks so probably will use some of my leftover Dye trade stuff. I plan on using the yarn I got from my pal for longer fall socks as I have stuff that will go well with them. Decisions, decisions.

My head has been really *swimmy* since yesterday afternoon. Bugs me. I'm hoping it's sinus stuff or something. But it makes me nervous since the prequel and sequel to my little strokes were what I termed *head rushes*. I tried to explain them to my PCP but apparently she never did recreational drugs when younger, or had orgasms LOL. The cardiologist just laughed hysterically and for him that's quite a stretch! Maybe he was just remembering.

Tub time now...see yas!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Hopefully without underlining!

erm...that was a bit weird.

OK...I need to bitch a wee bit. Remember when I signed up for the soap class. Friday I discovered that my check had never cleared so I called the college and, of course, got voice mail. (I mean it's Friday...why would anyone answer the dang phone?) However, yesterday morning I got a call back. She explained that they never ever deposited the checks until they were sure the class *made*. But all looked like it would be a go.
Fast forward to yesterday afternoon. Phone call again (which interrupted my filing, oh dang *G*) She explained that the class had been cancelled due to a scheduling conflict with the instructor. Hello? Did she forget to put it on her calendar and scheduled a play date? OK...I decided that was mean and probably something unforseen but unavoidable had happened. I could either come by and pick up my check or they would mail it back to me. That decided, I got back to the filing.
Phone call for Susan...ummm it seems they *did* deposit the check. And they would fax me paperwork to fill out so that they could cut me a check. THREE papers to fill out. Faxed them back. We shall see. But I am sooo disappointed! I was really looking forward to this.
Still in my "oh this week I will learn how to do something new" I decided that I would teach myself to knit backwards. I had seen it mentioned on one of the intarsia tuts so Googled it, downloaded and printed and spent part of the evening doing totally awkward movements but did finally get somewhat comfortable with it. Mostly awkward because I knit Continental style and am not used to throwing the yarn.
What will I do with this new talent? Dunno LOL. It's supposed to be quite handy when knitting bobbles. Ummm I guess now I have to Google bobbles!
Now back to your regularly scheduled day!

Well No Wonder!

Thanks to Ann and Cookie I have discovered my biorhythms. Maybe I should just stay in bed for awhile. Apparently my life is going downhill at a fast rate and I'm too goofy to realize it so emotionally I'm on a high. And umm, why is all of this underlined????

Monday, June 12, 2006

Cool Time in the Hot City

Whoa, what fun to be able to leave town! And even more fun that when the outside temp is 102, Lily keeps me quite comfortable. We won't talk about gas mileage, but it's about equal to shipping something.

A quick stop at Staples for printer cartridges...gotta love the $3 off if you take in old cartridges so now I can print in color, even :).

A stop at Michaels where I got some Bernat Cotton Tots for washcloths. I really enjoy the way it feels. Some cotton stuff makes my hands hurt for some reason. Oddly though, the white I got is very soft feeling. The yellow feels more like Peaches and Cream. ::shrug:: I dunno.

Then to Barnes and Noble. Oh how lovely to be able to stay as long as I wanted without being a pain to someone else. I got all comfy on a little step stool and looked through tons of knitting books. I was a bit disappointed because I wanted to look at Ann Budd's book but they didn't have it. Lots of stuff for novelty knitting. I did look at a great sock book whose name just left my mind. I've read a lot about it...has really OLD patterns in it. All I bought was a new address book and a paperback novel which I've already read.

And then there was this! I had a coupon from eMail which entitled me to a free frappucino. And of course, I had to taste this and I am really glad I did! It was soooo good and cold! I sat and sipped and read and worked on my list to see what I still needed to do along with all the geeks. Honestly, the students in there all seemed to be studying science stuff with lots of diagrams and equations. I was impressed. Hell, they may not have understood any of it but at least they were trying and anything that has to do with math impresses me.

Then it was off to the somewhat LYS, Gourmet Yarn It's been a really long time since I've been there and not felt hurried. I should have brought my knitting but instead sat with the employees who all were working on projects in between customers and chatted and fondled yarn (baby alpaca! OMG to die for!) Oddly enough the one person who I had helped me back in April introduced me to the others as the lady that does weird make socks out of yarn dyed with easter egg dye LOL. One of the women, who appeared to be older than me, thought it sounded like lots of fun so she was writing down notes as I shared what little I've learned. I got some skeins of Wildflower DK that may become part of my intarsia education or maybe "warshcloths" Who knows...but I love the colors. And some new needles and now of course that I'm home I remember..oh wait I also needed....

One last stop, Oklahoma Quiltworks just to look (yeah for sure) Honestly nothing "grabbed me" except for some Laurel Burch fabric. I love those cats! I'm not sure what it will become if anything...maybe needle case. Maybe just stash addition.

My artfully arranged pic (LOL) also lets you see the latest washcloth as well as a pillow top that would be finished if I could remember where I put the fabric for the back

And then it was home. A grand a cool the hot City! yesssss

btw...this post was ready at 6 AM Monday morning. But alas, Blogger was sleeping in and still hadn't really awakened when I had to leave for work. At least it saved!

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Bathtime Buddy

Every morning it's the same. As I get into the morning routine (after numerous cups of coffee), Mercy heads to the bathroom. Heaven forbid that I don't arrive quickly cause she'll start calling me. Because you see, she has a love affair with HOT bath water.

If for some reason, I'm taking a cool bath, she glares at me. And, if for some reason, I get in before the water reaches a level she can comfortably lap from....well then she uses her soccer playing ability to knock all the rubber duckies into the water.

Afterwards she spreads herself out almost completely covering the bath mat and just daring me to try and step out. That's my Mercy!

There have been times when she overestimated and fell in but rather than freaking out she hops back up onto the tub ledge and chastises me because of course, it's all MY fault!

btw, my bath water really isn't green. I don't know enough about photography to know why her colors are true but the water looks like it came from a swamp.

Now, if I can get motivated, I'm gonna get dressed and go to the yarn store! Hoping for some inspiration or something. I've just been a lump this week.

Lovely way to start the day.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Oh, a question

My secret dye pals yarn was nicely wrapped into a ball on a ball winder. So I have the center pull end and the outside end. If I am doing two socks at once, can I start one on the center and one on the outside or will this become a tangly mess? I really want to avoid second sock syndrome. I've avoided it so far but I must admit that I would really like to finish both at once.

Hope someone can answer this.

Spirit Sticks and stuff

Lots of creativity here last night but none of it was mine except for some of the supplies. The Girl is going to softball camp here in town this week. I got home to an eMail that included live links to our favorite pitcher and a request that I call. (Sheesh I was much older than almost 12 when I first made a live link).

She asked if she could come down and work on an art project. She's making a spirit stick for camp. Apparently she is to keep it in her ball bag and if things aren't going well at a game, she is to touch it for encouragement or whatever. I know nothing about spirit sticks so I figure this could be quite interesting and it was more than I imagined.

For years, she would arrive and then say "What should I do?" but she continues to grow into her ownself and this time all she really needed was some supplies and company while she created. She already had much of it done. Somewhat decopaged (sp?) printed out pics of her heros. Numerous colors of paint and a ton of ideas. So I happily supplied paint pens and sponges and butter lids for palettes. And watched. And gloried in the independent and creative person that continues to evolve.

While things dried we Googled all sorts of things from quotations and softball blogs to the latest things available at Build A Bear. And talked about everything under the sun. She complimented me on completing the socks (See, Susu, you CAN do this). Discussed what we would do if we found a dead body even (call 911 LOL).

And I've been vindicated. Several years ago we were making Christmas cards which required a lot of red glitter. I supplied a box lid for catching the excess glitter after which we would use a funnel and pour it back in the bottle. Unfortunately when it was time, the box lid sorta flipped and I dumped the glitter all over the floor which just cracked her up! Here the "adult" made the worst mess and she has brought it up frequently ever since. Well, last night along with all the other stuff she brought, was a large container of red glitter. And, she discovered when getting the supplies out of her backpack, that the lid wasn't on tight and it was allll over the place!

As she was leaving last night, after a hug and kiss and I love you, she said "And Susu, let's not ever mention glitter spills again" Heh.

Monday, June 05, 2006

S is for

Sunday, socks, sewing (or getting ready to) , simple knitting, and summer reading. For reasons I don't need to go into, it was necessary for me to be around and with my phone line free for part of yesterday and last night. So, plans to go to Hancock's for fabric was squashed...but that's ok, the sale doesn't start until this week LOL. And blog reading/posting was curtailed. :-(

The socks are done and I am sooo happy! I found a really understandable link for the Kitchener
and I was quite pleased with the results and proud too. The socks are so comfy but I think the next ones I will knit the tops with the #2 dpns but go down a size for the foot. It could be snugger. I like the way the tops are because tight tops make my leg swell a bit.

I spent part of the afternoon standing nekkid in front of a full length mirror (very scary!) with a tape measure and a sharpie. I recently read an article about how to make patterns actually fit and I am determined to come up with a shorts/pants pattern that really and truly fit. I can't afford 501s anymore and they aren't appropriate for work anyway so something needs to happen. I have all the measurements now and spent some time doing math stuff ewww. I need some plain interfacing to put this hopefully adjusted pattern on and then we shall see.

Delving into fabric stash, I cut out pieces for a pillow and covered the buttons. I do hate "cutting out" but it's hard to create anything without it LOL

For simple knitting, I found some soft cotton yarn in the closet. It's kind of skinny so I used two colors and started a simple "warshcloth". I love this pattern cause I can practically do it with my eyes closed. I can't remember what kind of yarn it is, (or what I got it for) but I do remember where I got it so will have to go back and get more.

For summer reading, I tend toward old well-loved books. Quick reading since some of them I could practically recite. Today I read Little House on the Prairie, Secret of the Leaning Chimney (gotta love George!) and started Freckles. I need a copy of Girl of the Limberlost and I wish I could find Betsy-Tacy at the library. At one time they sold them all at a book sale but they are being republished so maybe I'll have to get my own copies.

Lying across the bed reading, with dirty feet...I'd been messing around outside.. fan blowing on me with it's white noise hum, I was transported to lazy summer days of my youth. Lying on my stomach in the living room with the swamp cooler blowing on me and the curtains drawn to keep out the hot sun, I could be transported most anywhere. All I needed to do before the trip was to ride my green Schwinn to the library. And then inspired by what I'd read, go find my friends and on our bikes go make our own adventures.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Moans and Groans

Thursday and Friday evenings were spent clearing out some stuff in the garage getting ready for bulky trash day. There were a lot of boxes and bags from when the basement got cleaned as well as a pile of relatively small tree branches..on average 3 inches...which had to be cut into lengths not over 3 feet and bundled. So I hauled the chop saw out to the patio and cut those doggies up and used duct tape to bundle them into manageable (or so I thought) weight. I had quite the pile of stuff out on the curb at daybreak and now it's all gone. Feels really good. There is still lots to do out there but much of it's gone. And I didn't peek into one bag or box to see if something needed to be kept. :-) However, one box broke and besides making me yell obscenities, it also produced something that really didn't need to be tossed. The buttonhole attachment to the Featherweight sewing machine. It disappeared years ago and how it managed to get into this box I have no clue. Now, if I can only remember how it worked LOL

Didn't come in until dark thirty last night totally trashed but was scared to get into the tub. I wasn't sure that I could get back out. So...I washed up a bit and changed shorts and went to The Girl's softball game. They lost 5-4 but they are so much better than they were at the beginning. Visited with friends and managed to get back home without yawning.

Once in the house I realized I was wayyy too tired to even shower and I had fresh clean sheets on the bed so I just crashed in my clothes on top of the big bed. Slept like the proverbial baby and woke up so stiff I could hardly move! I knew if I sat around for long I would be frozen in position so went out and swept and washed down the patio. Sawdust is no more. Dead, dried up leaves..all gone.

Now I'm all clean and tidy and if it wasn't for the fact that I have errands to do, I think I'd go back to bed! But Zo needs her heartworm and Advantix; the cats need their flea stuff and I'd better get going again.

This weekend here on the prairie is called Small Town Weekend. Tons and tons of classic cars all over the place. A burnout at noon. And this evening everyone will be cruising in those cars up and down; up and down. And the street will be lined with lawnchairs and coolers and grills and lots of burgers and beer will be consumed. So..I'll get my errands done and a bit of a rest and then off I go again. I love it!