Saturday, June 10, 2006

Bathtime Buddy

Every morning it's the same. As I get into the morning routine (after numerous cups of coffee), Mercy heads to the bathroom. Heaven forbid that I don't arrive quickly cause she'll start calling me. Because you see, she has a love affair with HOT bath water.

If for some reason, I'm taking a cool bath, she glares at me. And, if for some reason, I get in before the water reaches a level she can comfortably lap from....well then she uses her soccer playing ability to knock all the rubber duckies into the water.

Afterwards she spreads herself out almost completely covering the bath mat and just daring me to try and step out. That's my Mercy!

There have been times when she overestimated and fell in but rather than freaking out she hops back up onto the tub ledge and chastises me because of course, it's all MY fault!

btw, my bath water really isn't green. I don't know enough about photography to know why her colors are true but the water looks like it came from a swamp.

Now, if I can get motivated, I'm gonna get dressed and go to the yarn store! Hoping for some inspiration or something. I've just been a lump this week.

Lovely way to start the day.


Anonymous said...

Those are such funny photos! I can't imagine Mercy falling in with all that fur. I wouldn't be able to stop laughing.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see she has you well trained. ;^)

I used to have a cat that had a thing for the bubbles in my bath.

~France said...

OOOOOOO, those pix are soooo precious!! I've heard about Mercy doing this, and of course, the pictures are well worth all those words about it!! LOL

Unknown said...

OMG! How funny is that? I had a cat once that used to come running at break neck speed into the bathroom every time I flushed the toilet to see the water swirl around. EVERY TIME! hehehehe

Susan said...

Oh geez Paul...that's even funnier! Ya had me scared there for a moment as perfectly horrible scenarios ran through my brain :-)

Susan said...

Paris, she's hysterical in real life, especially when she swats those ducks!

Susan said...

Cookie, I love bubbles in my bath but geez...ya wanna see a pissed cat. I think what makes her cranky is that while she is trying to get to the water the bubbles get in her nose and make her sneeze...which usually means she falls in the tub!

Susan said...

What's really hysterical is watching her trying to be either very nonchalant about it.."What???? You must be mistaken. I really wanted to get in the water" or glaring at me as if I shoved her "You just wait till you're asleep. I'll get you...that was NOT a nice thing to do"

OK so if I think the cat talks to me is that even crazier than having a conversation with one about how the heck do you ssk (we figured it out but I think she understood first LOL)