Saturday, June 03, 2006

Moans and Groans

Thursday and Friday evenings were spent clearing out some stuff in the garage getting ready for bulky trash day. There were a lot of boxes and bags from when the basement got cleaned as well as a pile of relatively small tree branches..on average 3 inches...which had to be cut into lengths not over 3 feet and bundled. So I hauled the chop saw out to the patio and cut those doggies up and used duct tape to bundle them into manageable (or so I thought) weight. I had quite the pile of stuff out on the curb at daybreak and now it's all gone. Feels really good. There is still lots to do out there but much of it's gone. And I didn't peek into one bag or box to see if something needed to be kept. :-) However, one box broke and besides making me yell obscenities, it also produced something that really didn't need to be tossed. The buttonhole attachment to the Featherweight sewing machine. It disappeared years ago and how it managed to get into this box I have no clue. Now, if I can only remember how it worked LOL

Didn't come in until dark thirty last night totally trashed but was scared to get into the tub. I wasn't sure that I could get back out. So...I washed up a bit and changed shorts and went to The Girl's softball game. They lost 5-4 but they are so much better than they were at the beginning. Visited with friends and managed to get back home without yawning.

Once in the house I realized I was wayyy too tired to even shower and I had fresh clean sheets on the bed so I just crashed in my clothes on top of the big bed. Slept like the proverbial baby and woke up so stiff I could hardly move! I knew if I sat around for long I would be frozen in position so went out and swept and washed down the patio. Sawdust is no more. Dead, dried up leaves..all gone.

Now I'm all clean and tidy and if it wasn't for the fact that I have errands to do, I think I'd go back to bed! But Zo needs her heartworm and Advantix; the cats need their flea stuff and I'd better get going again.

This weekend here on the prairie is called Small Town Weekend. Tons and tons of classic cars all over the place. A burnout at noon. And this evening everyone will be cruising in those cars up and down; up and down. And the street will be lined with lawnchairs and coolers and grills and lots of burgers and beer will be consumed. So..I'll get my errands done and a bit of a rest and then off I go again. I love it!


~France said...

Sounds like you've made yourself quite tired, however, you got a LOT accomplished for sure!!

Are you planning on going to any of the Women's Championship games at OK city?

Susan said...

Doesn't look like it. Neither of us could go Thursday since payday wasn't until Friday. And softball game last night, and other plans for today. Maybe maybe tomorrow. I don't care so much since Tx already lost :-((( Only time I root for Texas but I love to watch them play.

Susan said...

forgot to say...I can still watch the games on tv. That was the plan for this afternoon but I got comfy and was out like a light!

~France said...

LOL ... I think I'll go and do that right now!! HA! I mean crash, not watch the games [since I haven't the right cable stations] I was hoping CSUF woulda made it, but they didn't, so I guess UCLA is my next fave to root for, eh?!

Anonymous said...

Susan! I love your blog! Gosh, I've missed you and reading your posts is just like a lovely long phone call!

Did you get a digital camera? Those pics are gorgeous! oh, and that puffball is a wildflower, but I don't remember the name.

{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Sausan}}}}}}}}}}}}}} Gosh, it's good to catch up with you!

Anonymous said...

omg.... lol!! Typo Queen strikes again!! and these things can't be edited! oopsie. *big eyes*


There, that's better. *blushing grin*

Anonymous said...

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