Monday, June 12, 2006

Cool Time in the Hot City

Whoa, what fun to be able to leave town! And even more fun that when the outside temp is 102, Lily keeps me quite comfortable. We won't talk about gas mileage, but it's about equal to shipping something.

A quick stop at Staples for printer cartridges...gotta love the $3 off if you take in old cartridges so now I can print in color, even :).

A stop at Michaels where I got some Bernat Cotton Tots for washcloths. I really enjoy the way it feels. Some cotton stuff makes my hands hurt for some reason. Oddly though, the white I got is very soft feeling. The yellow feels more like Peaches and Cream. ::shrug:: I dunno.

Then to Barnes and Noble. Oh how lovely to be able to stay as long as I wanted without being a pain to someone else. I got all comfy on a little step stool and looked through tons of knitting books. I was a bit disappointed because I wanted to look at Ann Budd's book but they didn't have it. Lots of stuff for novelty knitting. I did look at a great sock book whose name just left my mind. I've read a lot about it...has really OLD patterns in it. All I bought was a new address book and a paperback novel which I've already read.

And then there was this! I had a coupon from eMail which entitled me to a free frappucino. And of course, I had to taste this and I am really glad I did! It was soooo good and cold! I sat and sipped and read and worked on my list to see what I still needed to do along with all the geeks. Honestly, the students in there all seemed to be studying science stuff with lots of diagrams and equations. I was impressed. Hell, they may not have understood any of it but at least they were trying and anything that has to do with math impresses me.

Then it was off to the somewhat LYS, Gourmet Yarn It's been a really long time since I've been there and not felt hurried. I should have brought my knitting but instead sat with the employees who all were working on projects in between customers and chatted and fondled yarn (baby alpaca! OMG to die for!) Oddly enough the one person who I had helped me back in April introduced me to the others as the lady that does weird make socks out of yarn dyed with easter egg dye LOL. One of the women, who appeared to be older than me, thought it sounded like lots of fun so she was writing down notes as I shared what little I've learned. I got some skeins of Wildflower DK that may become part of my intarsia education or maybe "warshcloths" Who knows...but I love the colors. And some new needles and now of course that I'm home I remember..oh wait I also needed....

One last stop, Oklahoma Quiltworks just to look (yeah for sure) Honestly nothing "grabbed me" except for some Laurel Burch fabric. I love those cats! I'm not sure what it will become if anything...maybe needle case. Maybe just stash addition.

My artfully arranged pic (LOL) also lets you see the latest washcloth as well as a pillow top that would be finished if I could remember where I put the fabric for the back

And then it was home. A grand a cool the hot City! yesssss

btw...this post was ready at 6 AM Monday morning. But alas, Blogger was sleeping in and still hadn't really awakened when I had to leave for work. At least it saved!


Anonymous said...

And here I was happy that you had the day off. *L*

I just love her cats, too, and I'm glad you had a good day out... even if it was yesterday. ;^)

Ann said...

That looks like a day away that I could get into...we seem to have lots of the same ideas about fun ways to spend a day away.

It's heaven isn't it?



Susan said...

Oh it was wonderful! And the best part was not feeling I was tying someone down waiting on me.

I would never ever turn down a chance to go to a bookstore, that's for sure! And it goes without saying that a yarn crawl would be a wondrous thing :)

Susan said...

Cookie, a good day out is always matter when it is, or when Blogger allows you to tell about it *G*