Thursday, June 29, 2006

Two New Finds

While I was wandering around in the City, I discovered a new-to-me bookstore called Books A Million. HUGE store, comfortable seating, knowledgeable staff, great prices and a big knitting section! Not only were there a lot of books, but also they weren't all squished up and mixed in with crochet and quilting books. Alas, I had no book money, but after coming home I discovered that they have a big website. I've found books in stock there that other places said weren't released yet and they have a feature where you can click and they compare prices with Amazon, BN etc. Same free shipping with $25 and there is a deal where you can *join the club* for $10 and get an additional 10% off for a year. Oh please, let me win a sweepstakes LOL

Then this evening I stumbled onto a site with a bazillion knitting patterns that are free. Probably everyone knew about this but me, but just in case, it's called knitting pattern central.

So now I'm gonna go look some more. Just what I need, more patterns that aren't getting knitted! But ya never know...the computer might crash or something and I'd run out. It's a good thing, right?


Ann said...

I didn't know that Books a Million had a web site! I have been to their stores before and love them..heck, I love all book stores.

I have used the Pattern Central web site. When nights are quiet I love to find online patterns and print them out. I have two binders--soon to be three with the patterns in sheet protectors. I use online patterns quite often.


Anonymous said...

Better than googling for pictures of Brad Pitt.

/runs like hell

Susan said...

I'd be lost without online patterns but they are sort of addictive. They surely fit my budget well! Don't have all of mine in sheet protectors but they are in notebooks. And it's fun to sometimes look at them and think what WAS I thinking LOL

And that Books a Million website is amazing! And I want to spend one whole paycheck there ...well ok maybe half..the rest goes for yarn *G*

Susan said...

ooooooooooh Cookie, you can really run fast..and it's probably a really good thing! :-)

~France said...

If you're in need of sheet protectors Susan, I can send ya some!

Cookie's funny! LOL

Laura said...

If it's not yarn eating up all my budget, it's books. :) I can't pass either type of store without giving the debit card a good workout.

Susan said...

Boy I hear ya on that, Laura! I have to write little notes in my checkbook about bills that will come in before the next paycheck, otherwise I can really get myself in trouble!

Susan said...

Angela, I'm just glad it's not really close to me. It could be majorly addictive :-) Their discount card is much less than Barnes and Noble (which is my Christmas gift to myself each year) so one may be in my future. So how long did it take to get to become a Gold Member?