Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Brad Pitt and Hats?

OMG the most embarrassing thing happened this morning at work. The Girl came by to pay me a visit and I remembered that I needed to measure her head for this knitted cap that I am supposed to make her. So I got a tape measure and then was trying to make sure I understood what she wanted. She told me the name of some hiphop guy that wears one, so I connected to the internet and since Yahoo is my home page there, put his name in *image* and we got some pics but they were not very clear. It looked to me like a plain ribbed cap without a rolled up part.

One of my coworkers said "I've seen Brad Pitt wear them so do a search on him". So off we go to Brad Pitt land. Now I have a rather small screen and she was scooted up next to me on the left. And, since I'm not really supposed to be searching for Brad Pitt during work time I said "OK Tay, you look at the ones on your side and I'll look on my side of the screen and maybe we can find it fast.

The pics load...nothing on my side and she's not saying a word! I look over towards the left and the first pic on her side is a TOTALLY naked man. I'm like *Oh shit, Girl...! and close it fast. She's still not saying anything, but is very PINK and grinning. *Oh please, don't do this at home!* I can just see her telling everyone what Susu showed her how to find online!

And then she says *Do you think that really was Brad Pitt? I couldn't really tell.* Haha of course not she probably didn't even see his face! Sheesh.

Hey Laura, I visited your site to see if I could find your eMail addy so I could forward my comment. OH wow! You really got to take advantage of SWAKs sale. Lucky you!

Nothing creative happening here tonight except my attempt at writing out a budget. And that's just sad! *G*


Anonymous said...

But did you find out what kind of hat she wants? *L*

Ann said...

You cyber slut....

Once upon a time I was teachign an Intro to the Internet class. I was trying to explain the about reputable sites when searching for resources online. I gave them instructions..said click on such and such and you should only find "white paper" information on a topic. Just type in porn..you guessed it..it ALL came up..boy was my face red. My students loved it!


Susan said...

I'm hoping so. I don't think I have enough courage to try this again! LOL

Susan said...


Ohhhh that's hilarious! I'm sure though that you made a really big impact *G*

One time here, a local news story had aired about the advantages of having one of those pendants that you wear around your neck for the *I've fallen and I can't get up* moments.

We got a lot of phone calls wanting a phone number so that they could sign up. We don't deal with them, but we dredged up a brochure that a rep had left sometime or other and gave the number out freely, telling the callers that there were a lot of other companies that had the service and that we would try to find some more numbers in case they would like to check out other options.

Amazingly after a couple of days nobody had called back for more numbers. But then, we got a call from one of our patients asking for them, because you see...the number we initially gave them was now to a phone sex business! Great for our reputation, eh? But I do wonder about all the other folks that didn't call us back to tell us. I'm just sayin'...

Laura said...

Sigh. Well, if you were a spammer convinced I'd love to look at nekkid women, you'd have it already. Sheesh. SWAK is great inside, but their yarn sale, 30% off until June 30th, is online only. :( Still, I hit the clearance area, which all good yarn stores have. Buh wa ha ha ha haaaa!

Be careful looking for pics. I clicked on a link that supposedly led to a great Chris Meloni picture. He played a gay guy in OZ on HBO and the pic popped up showing him in a bra and panties set. I think I'm scarred for life.

And he's so hetero in real life, too.

~France said...

Omy Susan!! I can only imagine what Taylor was thinkin' as she was blushin'!! Incredibale that you can't even search for a star without getting redirected, eh?!

Hahahaaaaa Laura ... I unnerstand that completely! I can extend my [non-existant] peenee over and over!! ROFL ... love those spammer! NOT!!!

~France said...

PS: Hope you get that *hat* picture soon! Maybe do a search on hip-hop hats?

PS: I left the *s* off 'spammer' above!! LOL

Susan said...

LOL Laura...the only thing the least bit good about spam is reading some of the incredibly weird subject lines. How dumb do they think we are.

SWAK is on my list of places to go now that I have dependable transporation. Sadly I've only been to one real yarn shop and I have never seen a clearance area :-(