Monday, June 19, 2006


Back in May I posted that my Dye-O-Rama pal had upgraded her spindle and sent the replaced one to me, along with some roving (I wasn't even sure that's what it was called) that was gorgeous. But the label was in German and I couldn't read it.

So last week I get a comment from Anne.

I sent her the words, and here is the translation:

Märchenwolle is probably the name of the company. It translates as Fairytale wool :-)

Kammzuge zum Spinnen - Tops for spinning (tops = roving, mostly in the UK)

Basteln und Dekorieren - Handycrafts and decorating

ca. 100 Gramm in 10 Farben - about 100 grams in 10 colors that not the most marvelous name for something so wonderful? And isn't it amazing how helpful people are? I love it! Thank you sooo much Anne!


Anonymous said...

How wonderful!

It is perfect. As I've never tried to spin, it does seem like something magical from a faerie story.

~France said...

Love it! I shall send you some fairy pix to look at [in your spare time] LOL

Have you been trying out your loom at all?

Susan said...

LOL Cookie, if I ever learn how, it will truly be magic! Right now the spindle attracts the cats...they think it's their new favorite thing and isn't it nice of Mom to get it out and play with them!

Susan said...

Paris, got 'em...thanks. The Lavendar Flower Fairy is my favorite of all time.