Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Laura, are we twins???

Well..no I guess not since I'm significantly older than Laura. But I saw this test over at her place and we came out the same color. I guess I need to redecorate.

Your Blog Should Be Yellow

You're a cheerful, upbeat blogger who tends to make everyone laugh.
You are a great storyteller, and the first to post the latest funny link.
You're also friendly and welcoming to everyone who comments on your blog.

And, I think Ann should take this test. And maybe she can tell me how to pronounce my first name *G*

Your Irish Name Is...

Aoife O'Leary

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Clarification Needed

I think I wasn't clear in my post about getting yarn cakes wound at my LYS. They will allow the customer to wind their purchased yarn using their swift and ball winder. The fee comes in if you want them to wind it for you. And, I called and was told that I could come wind my silk stuff and they wouldn't charge me. LOL of course they probably know that it's impossible for me to walk through the yarns to get to the winder without purchasing something, but I was good. got a couple of cards and a pair of #6 bamboo straight needles. I thought probably it would be a good thing since the silk feels sort of slippy, and I have a talent for letting stitches fall off metal needles. *G*

I guess I am just plain ol' nosy. I told the girl working and a customer that I had won the yarn. They both said "that's nice" and smiled. Geez, if someone told me that I would want all the details!

Oh and the second mitt is done except for weaving in the ends, and then it's back to the silly scarf.


Saturday, January 27, 2007

Two Surprises but no Sky

Well, of course there is a sky..it's just that I haven't been able to get a decent picture of it so far. I woke up to rain and the obviously accompanying gray sky. After a number of cups of coffee and a bath, I decided it was time to open the curtains and embrace the day.

So, what to my wondering eyes should appear? SNOW! The biggest prettiest flakes and lots of them. It was cold enough to stick to the ground and the vehicle but not to the street. It just snowed and snowed. Out I went to take pictures but trying to capture what I was seeing was unsuccessful. Perhaps since many of them had big white spots from the snowflakes that landed on the lens. I did capture some that was landing on a yarrow head that escaped the clippers.

Yesterday, I found a slip in my mailbox telling me that there was something at the post office requiring my signature. Nope, wasn't being sued or served (thank you very much!) Instead, it was the Handmaiden Shawl kit that I won!!! This yarn is amazing. I've tried repeatedly to capture the color and I just can't do it. It goes from a light cream to a darker cream to an almost pinkish cream to a grayish cream. It's just lovely. And I think it's going to be a bitch to get into a ball but hopefully I'm wrong. I tell myself that I'll wait until I have a swift...but I doubt that happens. The yarn is bumpy/textured and very silky and slippy...or at least so it seems now. We shall see. And wonder of wonders, the pattern is quite simple...I even understand it. Yay!

Since we are expecting a long run of cold weather I'm thinking I will finish the other blue Rowan mitt and get really busy on that silly scarf. And who knows what all. I think that hat I made may get a real workout since I also decided that I needed a haircut and whoa is it ever short! It had been way too long between cuts so the difference is startling. Don't want frostbite on my ears!

Hope there are fun things happening in your day!

Friday, January 26, 2007

Happy Birthday to Somebody, Somewhere

Cat sent me this link, and I've had so much fun playing with it. Would be a great tuck-in for a birthday card for those close to you, i.e. you know their date of birth. Or fun for a new baby gift too.


Thursday, January 25, 2007

Mid-Week Goodies

Look what came in my mail today! I came home from work and there was absolutely nothing in my mail box. There was, however, a new battery in my car. Not how I'd planned on spending money, but the cold weather apparently just sucked the life out of the old one. It would charge, but then would slowly go back down. And hey, it started! So to celebrate, I went to the store around the corner and got some milk. Don't want to over do it LOL.

So, I get back home and there's a big squishy envelope sticking out of the mail box. Uh oh...have I ordered something that I've not only forgotten but also neglected to write down in the check book??? Nope...it was a surprise from Cat!

Look, look, look! A copy of my favorite knitting magazine which I can only get here if I order it from England. I love, love this magazine. It's got a nice variety of projects and the majority of them don't require 6pack abs to wear them. And oh the ads! My goodness, it surely seems there is a lot more going on over there and the shops are just so pretty! And it has big pics of techniques and new stitches every issue. And, there is always a little extra goodie inside it's plastic wrapper. This time, it's a knitting diary. Small enough that it can live in my knitting box and hey, maybe I'll even remember to write down names and colors of yarn that I use.

And more...packets of tea! Actually there were two more packets but I made and drank them before I took the pic. *G*

Such a treat! And, I decided that all this happiness needed more than an email thank you, so I called her. First time to talk on the phone with her. Lots of laughing and dang, I sure wish I lived closer! Thanks Cat...you're the bestest!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Sunday Mitt

I shall call these Da Bears! mitts...well, I will when there are 2. Very simple pattern, very scrumptous yarn! I wish I had used a smaller needle on the ribbing, or maybe a 1x1 ribbing. It fits great but it looks sorta spread out.

Specs: Pattern - A free one here. But I made a change in the length of the ribbing. I wanted more rows.
Yarn - that scrumptious Rowan Kid Classic. OMG I love this yarn. I have one whole ball and two partials. This mitt took about 39 yds. (Yes I measured the partial balls...I'm just like that) The color is called Typhoon and is discontinued :-( so I'll have to figure out what to do with the rest of it that can be striped or something.
Needles - #6 dpns.
Time spent: Who knows, I kept taking little naps.

If you heard any strange squealing this afternoon, it was probably my mom up in heaven watching 'her' Bears win their game today. Back in '85, we even had to decorate the living room with pennants and posters to celebrate their season. My little, proper, conservative mom had a thing for Mike Ditka ...and for Don Johnson too! Her life would have been even better if she could have alternated watching the Bears with watching Miami Vice. LOL

It seems like just the other day that I was all excited that it was time for pre-season games and now the season is almost over. I'm not sure if time flies so much faster because I'm older or because I'm having so much fun!

I did make it outside today. Retrieved the newspaper and did NOT have to crawl back up the hill even though it's still just slicker than snot. The snow we got last night just turned into ice but at least I can leave little YakTrak marks in it.

I don't want the weekend to be over. I have another mitt to make and I did absolutely NO sewing as I'd planned. But the cats and I had some really good naps!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

It's Snowing!

Not very much though. They say the temps were 1-2 degrees too warm, so instead of the maybe 10" they were forecasting, we seem to be just getting a light snow that's happening almost 24 hours late. The day was one of rain/sleet/freezing rain/rain and so forth. Not much happening in this prairie home other than just being a slug. But it felt really good. A bit of knitting, a lot of napping, a bit of yarn winding and a bit of soup burning. Oops. I hope it snows a little bit more. I have an idea for a card and I need snow as a background; preferably snow that doesn't have footprints or weeds sticking out of it. Guess I'll find out in the morning. Hope your Saturday was fun!

No Sky Yet...

it's still too dark. But I'll share a couple of pics from yesterday. I was coming back across the parking lot when I noticed a change in the color of the sky making these trees just stand out. So I hustled back into the office and grabbed my camera. While everyone just shook their heads and shrugged, I went back out and took a ton of pics..one of which I liked *G*.

Then last night, as I retrieved the trash cart from the alley I noticed this. Some of the stuff on the roof over the patio had melted and was running off. But the temps were dropping and these vines snagged some ice. I experimented with the night scene setting and came up with a really weird pic. For one thing, it took a really long time to take the pic..assuming that because it was night, it needed a really long exposure. But the picture bore no resemblence to what I was photographing. More like an action shot of a brightly colored merry go round in motion. Swirling greens and even some red which it must have picked up from a car's tail lights that went by while it was happening. I don't pretend to understand but it was fun!

But wait there's more! After a long, long day at work and a difficult trip home (not my vehicle, no wreck but much car trouble) I found this in my mail box. Yay...it's my Kalidescope yarn from Dave at Cabin Cove. I was so excited to realize I could still get some. When it hit the store there were no coins in my pocket and I was so bummed. Imagine how excited I was to find that he'd dyed up some more! And, I was majorly surprised since I thought it was going to be mailed today! I'm now ready for the Shut Up and Knit Your Cabin Cove! KAL. And so wonderful to receive it already in yarn cakes since I've yet to get a swift! And, trust me, the colors in real life are way better than I can photograph! I can't wait to see it happening on my needles!

And, there was also a great card from Ann! Thanks sweetie! It's so nice to know someone's thinking about you. And I do love snail mail. Well almost all snail mail; there was also a credit card bill...but I just tucked it in the bill folder and will ignore it for a few more days! *L*

So it will be a fun weekend, but first I must deal with a bit of sorting and hole punching and filing. There has been a lot of printing out this week. Oh and some ironing too. But knowing that fun stuff awaits make those tasks go so much quicker. And, for a break, I can go look out the window and see if the freezing rain/sleet has turned to snow. Please, please!

Friday, January 19, 2007

Nada Friday

Well not completely nada. The car is out of the flower bed!! I worked for almost an hour trying to get something under the tires that would give it enough traction but it ended up that a friend pulled it out using his dually truck. I did feel vindicated since it wasn't like it was just me not knowing what to do. After it was out, and after driving around the block three times and trying to get up the hill, it's finally parked neatly. Well, until I leave for work.

I also was treated to a trip to the grocery. So, since there is more snow coming, I will be comfy with tea, coffee, milk and oatmeal. Oh and DingDongs and muffin mix *G* Gotta have some sweet treats! Went to the locally owned grocery. Prices a bit higher but much much quicker than Walmart AND, one of the nurses, who'd gone there for a patient, said that melting ice made walking through the parking lot there a disaster. Her scrubs were wet halfway up her calf. Thanks but no thanks.

And, I managed to get almost all of the ice on the steps busted and moved. A small amount is left but I also was gifted with a bag of Ice Melt so maybe today the rest of it will leave. I was just toiling away and thought that perhaps I was also removing the paint from the steps since it appeared that I was scraping up the terra cotta colored paint. Then I realized it was blood...MY blood. Dunno how I managed it but I guess I got an ice cut. Gloves? Yeah, I started out with them on but discarded them cause I got too hot. LOL. And nary a bandaid to be found in my house. So, being quite inventive, paper towels and duct tape did the trick and all is well once again.

By the time I got inside I was too tired to do much of anything. Blogger was down for maintenance and probably a good thing as I was being rather whiny. Answered some eMail and was in bed by 9. Ahhhh 8 whole hours of sleep. I must be brand new!

And one more day of work. The snow isn't supposed to come in until late this evening so hopefully the vehicle can make it's way up the driveway and I can just sit and cuddle with cats and yarn this evening.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Need a New Book?

I forgot something.

I ordered this book from Crafter's Choice and it arrived yesterday. Actually TWO of them arrived. I have no idea how I managed that. They will let me return it but I thought I would see if any of you would like it. I only had to pay $9.99 for it. And it will fit in a priority envelope which I think now costs $4.00 to ship. And I'm certainly open for trades! That's a lot more fun. So, let me know. You can email me at beadsorterATyahoo.com if you're interested. I haven't read the book, just looked at the pics *G* so I can't give you a real review, but I think it's going to be a big help to me. Of course, you can take that with a grain of salt because much is a big help to me *G*


Hey look! The hat is finished. Not washed yet but that will happen soon and then I have no idea where it will end up. For awhile, probably in the top drawer. I don't have a wig stand, and the bear's ears made it stick out funny so this pic of the top was taken while being worn by a plastic butter container..minus the butter. It was really fun to make. I think there may have been a glitch or two in the crown shaping, but there ya go. What's next?

Well maybe the barely started fingerless mitts from the Rowan yarn, and probably I'll start some socks in the yarn Devorah sent me. I need some bright! It will have to be one sock at a time because I only have one set of #1 dpns.

The vehicle? Well, it's still in the flower bed. Just one wheel..but it's really liking being there. It's supposed to get up to 34 today so maybe some of the ice will thaw and I can get out. I'm surely hoping that that's the case because I'm just about out of milk. If not, my friend Jackie has promised me a trip to the store after work. Good thing I have the Yak Trax; can't you just see me trying to ferry groceries up the hill on my hands and knees????

The nursing coordinator, who has a 4WD vehicle took me for a spin yesterday afternoon so I could get to the vet's and get Zoey's meds refilled. He's a bit out of town, but since he's actually along US Hwy 66 aka The Mother Road, it wasn't too bad. The state has done a fairly good job of clearing the US Hwys that run through here. The city? Ummm. There are two long streets that cross the park that I drive through in order to get to my office. In years passed, the city plowed or sanded or salted one of them since the ambulances need to get in and out as well as others needing help. Not this year. Well that is, until late yesterday afternoon. They did have the graders out and cleared off a bunch. Only problem was that it must have been quitting time and they left. And the Y where both of these streets branch out from the hospital parking lot had piles of snow clear across the intersection. Duh. Lots of confusion at the stop sign as people tried to decide which one they tried to drive over LOL.

And guess what??? Snow is predicted for the weekend. It's winter, y'all!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Slip, Sliding

Hey, in case you were wondering, I did get out of the flower bed (although I got right back in it last night) Oddly enough getting out of it the next morning was easy peasy, but I wasn't able to get any traction to turn the wheel and get straightened out. It was a bit scary sliding rapidly down the hill sideways. I was so glad that a bump in the ice in the street stopped me! After that, and once the windshield was cleared, off I went. Main streets are pretty much ok, but OMG the side streets are just terrible. Much more so than on Monday. Then, they still had their crunchy sleet topping but that's been worn and polished a bit.

But I have a new weapon. Check these out! LOL it looks as if this might be a part of a BDSM post. But no...they are to help me to stay upright and are called YakTrax. (The pic on their site makes a whole lot more sense than the one I took with them on a houseshoe!)Work provided them and they are great on the ice. I climbed my ice covered steps as easy as if they were dry. There is a glitch however (isn't there always?) You can't wear them on cleared/sanded/salted pavement and you sure can't wear them inside unless you really want to end up on your butt. So, in order to go to the hospital for the mail, I would have to walk carefully on the sidewalk where there is a bit of black ice, but mostly clear. And then where I have to cross the parking lot, stand on one foot and put the thing on one foot and then repeat. And then when I get to the door, take them off again. That's do-able. But going to the doctors' isn't so easy. I get to do this repeatedly...like 10 times. And for someone whose middle name isn't grace, and doesn't do well at imitating a stork, it can be quite comical. They are called Yak Paks and, if we get the snow they are warning us about for the weekend, I'll be able to retrieve the paper without worrying about YouTube. LOL

Knitting, of course! The hat continues to grow. The cables are done and it's time for crown shaping. I need a neon light in my living room that comes on about 9:30 and says "Caution! You are sleepy and can't count worth a damn. Put the knitting away!" So there is some tinking in my future..but only one row. It's really fun to do. Dang...it didn't look that dark when I saw it in Picasa. Oh well. You can use your imagination. It's really whiter with flecks of colors, not this drab looking cream.

Monday, January 15, 2007


How old am I?

I stole this from Ann, who stole it from Paul...so it must be right, eh?
You Are 23 Years Old

Under 12: You are a kid at heart. You still have an optimistic life view - and you look at the world with awe.

13-19: You are a teenager at heart. You question authority and are still trying to find your place in this world.

20-29: You are a twentysomething at heart. You feel excited about what's to come... love, work, and new experiences.

30-39: You are a thirtysomething at heart. You've had a taste of success and true love, but you want more!

40+: You are a mature adult. You've been through most of the ups and downs of life already. Now you get to sit back and relax.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Sunday Sleet

and freezing rain. Fortunately, I think the freezing rain has turned to sleet now. but I know it was freezing rain to begin with because I was out in it. The Sunday paper in it's bright orange wrapper was lying out there enticing me so I got dressed, put on my shoes and my coat and my earmuffs and my gloves and tucked the cell phone in my pocket because that's what us older folks are s'posed to do in case we "fall and can't get up". At the bottom of the driveway, there's a little but rather steep hill that you have to go up to get to my house. And of course that's where the paper was...at the bottom. Feeling quite clever and coordinated I made it down the hill safely; retrieved the paper; and then discovered I couldn't get back up the hill. I'd take a few steps up, and then slide right back down. I thought that I would just sit down, and scoot up on my butt, but that didn't work because my shoes couldn't get enough traction to move me. So, I made my way over to the grass part and came up on my hands and knees, using my knees to sort of pound into the frozen stuff. It's not really very far, but it surely seemed like it took forever. Might have been faster if I hadn't kept looking around to see if anyone was watching this hilarious sight. *G*. At last flat ground was reached and I made my way back inside. My bottom step is just an icy slant, so I am really grateful there is a handrail I can use to pull myself back up.

What was really funny though was that when I got back in, I was taking off earmuffs etc and reached in to get my cell out of my pocket and discovered that I'd also tucked in a tiny ball of yarn (one of those dyed yesterday). I guess maybe if I'd really not been able to get back up, I could have sat there and tried to remember how to make a cat's cradle.

Off now to knit.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Cool Yarn!

So, I dyed 3 baby skeins of yarn (Cascade 220 vanilla colored) with Wilton's using the chip and dip/microwave method. Of course the yarn then needed to be cooled. So, I thought the fastest way would be to take a couple of them outside. Waited a bit and brought one in, then decided I was hungry so made pancakes for lunch. OMG, I forgot the green yarn so when I got to the porch swing this is what I saw.

I let it slowly unthaw in the house and then washed it and now it's drying on the cookie rack over the furnace vent.

Thunder Ice

So I'm in the kitchen playing with Wilton colors and I hear a funny noise. I thought it was a big loud vehicle and I went to see. And discovered that we were having a thunderstorm of freezing rain! I grabbed the camera and went out on the front porch. My neighbor yelled at me to get back in the house..maybe because I had on sweat pants but was barefooted and wearing a tank top LOL

I don't know how well this will show up, but what looks like hair or scratches was the freezing rain stuff. The thunder has quit and it's slowed down but still falling. My back, however, doesn't think this is the next big major wave of stuff.

OK, back to the Wiltons

Saturday Sky 011307

The sky is just gray and for this moment there is nothing falling from it. The ground doesn't look really interesting either (thankfully). Sleet on grass doesn't appear to be much until you step on it. And ice on a white car doesn't really show up. A bit of freezing rain so far this morning but the eastern part of the state is really getting it now and have 1" of ice already. Allegedly today it will be freezing rain/drizzle (although I'm still voting for sleet. It's rougher and easier to stand up on and it doesn't stick to the lines) and then tomorrow more sleet and snow tomorrow.

Yesterday and the day before it was all about folks at the grocery and home stores. Today the stories are about folks at the liquor and movie places. Dang...I didn't even think about those. I don't really drink a lot but some wine would have been quite nice. I have some cheapo movies that I haven't watched yet, and the other day discovered a vcr tape that a patient made for me of Mrs. Miniver. I hope it's still functional. And I really wish I had some Thin Man movies. I'll put them on my wishlist.

I was hoping to have cables to show you this morning but I learned a lesson. One should not tink when one really wants to sleep. And, if one does, it would be better to just put it away and go to bed instead of frogging the whole damn hat.

I am feeling the need to dye something. Now to find something to dye, and to figure out what color it needs to be.

Hope you're having a great Saturday morning! Laters..

Friday, January 12, 2007

Home again, home again

Not to market to buy a fat pig though. They sent us home early. The nurses saw all the patients that had to be seen today, and once they were all off the roads, the rest of us left. By 9 AM when I left to make my Dr. offices run, my car was coated with ice and there was freezing rain to accompany the sounds of NPR. But fortunately, it changed to sleet which is somewhat crunchy and a bit easier to get around in. Nobody fell down or had car crunches although that might have something to do with the fact that there weren't a lot of people out on the roads.

I came home and made some potato soup and some noodles (not in the same pan). I couldn't quite decide what sounded best so I had some of each..and they were both yummy.

My plan then was to complete a bit of the cable part of the hat; take a picture and show off. Unfortunately, I discovered that I had made a mistake on the very first row after the ribbing and it threw the whole thing off a bit. So, back to the frog pound and maybe you will see it later this evening.

And, of course, the car started everytime I turned the key. I'm still bummed that I didn't get to go see the quilts and all the fabric. On a happier note, my CP dpns arrived from the Yarn Barn today so maybe while I try to count to 3 correctly, the slick #8 metal needles won't be sliding out. Yay!!


Friday Morning and all is still well

Just checking in. Car started this morning and I ran to the store and got some instant coffee. Sorta forgot my new pot wouldn't work without power, and I wouldn't work without caffeine. The cold is here so my back should start feeling better soon. And hopefully the freezing rain will hold off until I make my way to the doctors' offices to pick up and deliver paperwork.

I'll post this evening if I can and as long as I have power, probably several times over the weekend. Suddenly it seems I have a lot to say, none of it particularly important, but still.

So, if you don't see me here, you can image me up in my warmest jammies with that light on my head experimenting with making cables without a cable needle. I have one, I just want to try this other way.

Laters! Hope your day is all you want it to be and more!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Old Friend, New Friend

Meet My Buddy aka Mr. Heater. He puts out good using one of those little propane bottles like you use on a portable grill. He's even made to use inside. I have another bigger one that's really for a patio but it puts out more heat. So it's good to get the chill off, and then I just stay close to My Buddy.

And check this out. Well ok, it's my left hand and some knitting. But what's cool is that it was taken in the dark without a flash, thanks to my new headlite. Victoria (I think) mentioned having one but I was pictureing some big thing like you'd use to explore a cave. I found this sweetie in the flashlight section of W-Mart. It's very comfortable...light. Runs off 3 little AAA batteries and has 4 light levels. Even one that's all red for night sight. And the light part will tilt so it can either be pointed forward to see where you're going or tipped down so you can see your knitting *G* I just am feeling so very techy! And I am also very hopeful that all of the preparations will mean that absolutely nothing happens except cold weather. I was amazed that there was hardly anyone at the store today, but The Girl called me tonight to let me know there is no bread anywhere. I guess everyone hit the stores after work. I'm glad I missed out on that. Time now for bed. See ya!

Quilts? What Quilts?

I didn't see no freakin' quilts! It's been another keyboard/head sort of day but for now, all is well. The day started early as I had much around here that needed to be done. Including bringing in some canisters from the garage; lugging up some stuff from the basement and the ever present laundry, but at last all was done and I was ready to head out. A quick trip to Walmart for some water and a light. Then off to the City.

I'd decided that I would run by the yarn store first since I figured after seeing all of the vendors and exhibits I would be way tired. So to the yarn store I go. I quickly grabbed the JelliBeenz and a skein of regular Cascade for an experiment. And was ready to head out when the back door opened and Brown came in bearing boxes. Ohhhh how fun. I got to help open up boxes of yarn and a huge box of books. The yarn I loved most was some sock yarn called Mountain something-or-other (sorry, I'm brain dead)..very soft and yummy colors. And the books, oh the books. I wanted them all. I would love to read Artic Lace. A lot of info there as well as some patterns. I did find a book I wanted but decided I would wait until later..and now I have forgotten it's name. I'm telling you...the brain is gone. Too much to think about.

So, anyway, I pay for my purchases and off I go to the car. Which won't start! Arggggggh. Acts the same as it did before. Now I know that usually if I wait awhile it will start. So, being ever so prepared with a book and my hat-in-progress, I sit and enjoy this lovely spring-like day and knit. And learned that in a pinch you can use the insides of a ball point pen to pick up a stitch that fell off the needle. Time passes...30 min. Still won't start. And now I'm hungry. I think I remember that there is a McDonald's down the street so I head out. Yep it was down the street a little over a mile I think. But I made it with the help of 30 mph winds at my back. I have my Happy Meal; use the facilities and head back. With the 30 mph winds in my face. By the time I got back to the vehicle I had decided that if it didn't start I was going to have to have a nap. But hooray, with just a little wiggling and begging it started!

I started off down the road to the quilt show which is being held in downtown Oklahoma City (I was on the far north side). But the farther I drove, the more I thought I should really head home. If it doesn't start down there, I'm gonna be in some serious trouble. So, being a chicken I came home. It's probably for the best as my back was really complaining. I just wanted some happy fat quarters soooo bad! OK so part of the reason for going was to see if my friend's quilt was there...but the vendors were pretty important too.

Came home without any trouble and later it started again so I went to get gas. And trust me, I was sweating bullets. I really didn't want it to not start right in the way of the gas pumps. But...it did and now I'm home again.

And there's more to do than knit. Here's what I'm getting ready for now.. I'm not sure if you can read the red writing but they are forecasting 1-2 inches of ICE between Friday evening and Sunday morning. Back a few years ago we had a similar storm and I was without power for days. I'm a bit better prepared now though, although I can't quite remember how to get the little stove and the heaters going so that's the next project. And wait till you see my new light! Be back later!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Nary a stitch

Not even one. There were 'plans' that included hat ribbing and football. But..the phone rang shortly after I'd finished the evening oatmeal. It was my cybertwin Tam! We seem to have these marathon phone convos about once a season these days. So there was much catching up to do and much laughter! What a lovely way to spend a couple of hours! We finally said goodbye, I think probably because our ears were numb and our cheeks hurt from smiling so much. And then I paid a couple of bills and watched football until my eyes were closing without my help.

But a couple of things I've forgotten to mention. Weekend before last for some reason I decided I needed to use the #5 needles in my Knitpicks set. (Funny...I have no idea what it was I was going to do with them) and discovered that one of them wouldn't screw on. It was if it had no threads inside it. I called on Monday and reported it and asked how I should go about sending it back in for a trade. The person on the phone said they would just send a replacement and I should get it in 5-14 days. OK that works since I'd forgotten what I was going to do with it. Imagine my surprise when 2 days later a set of 2 were in my mailbox. Now, that's fast!!

Yesterday I ordered a set of Crystal Palace bamboo dpns from Yarn Barn in Kansas. My first time ordering with them. Had my car started on Sunday, I would have purchased them from my LYS. Surprisingly, since my vehicle gets horrid gas mileage, and since the trip to the yarn store would probably be about 60 miles, I came out ahead even with postage. And, that's all I got. I can rarely go to the LYS without coming out with more than I'd planned *G*.

That's not to say I will forego trips there. I have Thursday off as a vacation day. There's a big quilt show in the City and a friend of mine will hopefully have one of her quilts displayed. She lives rather far from me and I've only seen pics of it. I sure hope it's there! The show goes through Saturday and I'd planned on going then but the weather people are forecasting freezing rain for that day so I think I'd rather stay home *G*. And my boss was agreeable to a vacation day. Now, if the car starts and all goes well...gosh, if I'm in the City I really should go by the LYS don't you think? Maybe they'll have some more of that raspberry or whatever Jelli Beenz and I can get some more and make a really bright scarf. just sayin'

Monday, January 08, 2007

What a Day

My usual Sunday morning routine of knitting while watching news shows was brought to a quick halt by a call from The Girl. Having recently been cyber-reunited with her dad (long, complicated story but a happy one and he's in Afghanistan) she says "You HAVE to come down here now. I'm talking to Dad with the web cam!" So I put some sweats on over my pjs, jump in the car and head down the street. Her call was a bit of an exaggeration. What was really happening was that they were both trying to get their webcams to work together or something (she's just more techy than me). But we sat and chatted and I got to enjoy her ever-so-happy self. Alas, both of them had to go do other things like sleep (in Afghanistan) and head off to a bowling tournament (in Oklahoma). So, I go outside, get in the car, and the damn thing won't start! It's been doing this for a couple of weeks. It will start and run just fine for several days and then suddenly there's nothing when I turn on the key. Well, that's not true. The radio works and the windows work and the antenna goes up but there is no trying to start. But if you wait maybe an hour, it starts just fine and it seems to have nothing to do with the weather. In disgust, I just got out...shut the door and went walking up the street. I'm sure I presented a good sight with pjs hanging out from under the sweats. And rocks in the street do not go well with houseshoes.

So I got home, watched the end of my news shoes...suddenlyGeorge Stephanopoulus' list of those killed in this war has new scary meaning here. And sat down to knit and watch football. The perfectly respectable maroon Cascade scarf seemed like a good thing to choose. No counting or anything since my hands automatically do knit2, purl2. But ummm...it's so respectable. No flash. I'm not a fan of those feathery novelty yarns, but I guess I'm somewhat of a crow...attracted by bright colors LOL. Ahhhh, there's part of a ball of Jelli Beenz in the stash so out it comes and it becomes this. Do you like this artistic shot with a background of pj bottoms??? Too bad I only have most of this one ball and part of a ball of purple and a couple yards of green or it might have turned into a super bright scarf.

Oh and the car? Later in the day it received a new starter switch. Did that solve the problem? Who knows? It started then and later in the day so for now all is good. I'm just planning on it starting well for ever and ever. The power of positive thinking and a starter switch! *G*

Sunday, January 07, 2007

head keyboard head keyboard ad infinitum

I have had the WORST time trying to get logged in here today. It said I didn't exist (in my new Google persona) and as I surfed through various Google pages, suddenly I was here. I hope this isn't a frequent occurence.

OK...so now what was I going to say? I'll have a cup of coffee, relax a bit and maybe it will come back to me.

Back. Over at Laura's on Friday (which I didn't read until Saturday) she had a link to this place.
Now here I thought those clever convertible mittens were new things. (click on 1940s patterns) Obviously I should have been a bit farther behind the times! I haven't finished exploring there yet. Lots to read and absorb.

And then on Saturday, she posted a link to a test. I flunked the Kitchener question, but now I know who to curse when it doesn't go well. And I also didn't know that you could felt part-wool yarn. Always learning. And I was surprised at how much I did know. Thanks Laura!

My Saturday was a good one. I got enough done here to wear my Susie Homemaker badge and then went out and about. A trip to the library secured a new-to-me book on tape to listen to for the next couple of weeks. And then, courage in hand, I went to meet up with some knitters/spinners/crocheters. Courage? What's that about?

Well for some really weird reason that I can't explain I was very nervous about this. They weren't strangers. I met many at the Fiber Retreat here last fall. I read their posts on a list. But I was just, all of a sudden, really hesitant to go. It was a low key thing too. No demands that I be a master spinner (good thing since I appear to have forgotten everything I know). It was just me being weird. The meet up lasted most of the day and I just joined in for the last hour and a half. And, once there, I had a great time! I could just kick myself for not going earlier. But, since I'm a bit clumsy, kicking myself might cause serious injury so I'll refrain.

And then in the evening I spent some time with a special person who had some extraordinarily good news! Joy is such a contagious thing. My cheeks hurt from smiling and my eyes were certainly well lubircated. Toooo fun! And that, plus a bit of knitting on the hat ribbing ended my day. A good day here on the prairie! Yay! Hope yours was that good...no wait, I hope yours was even better!

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Saturday Sky..sort of

It's Saturday and it's sky, but from yesterday.

I left for work feeling like Sherlock Holmes. Well, that is, if Sherlock liked animal crackers and carried a felted bag.

The fog was thick, you could feel it on your skin. In order to get to work, I drive through a park, and the west side of our building overlooks a golf course. So nature surrounds us. Too bad we don't have windows :-( And also, the golfers don't realize how their voices carry so we, if we are in the parking lot, can hear some quite colorful language related to missed shots.

It was a mysterious world and it was easy to imagine that other worlds were hiding just out of view. But reality intruded, and there was my work place.

Now, on Saturday, it's time for the routine household chores. I actually like this part of the week. For me, it's fun to spend a bit of time polishing up my humble abode and admiring the stack of clean laundry. And there even may be some sorting. There's still part of last year left in my desk. Woohoo! Is this exciting or what?

Actually it is. Although there's a lot I would like to have/do, I'm really incredibly lucky compared with so many others in the world. And I remind myself of that when I'm whining "I want an iPod" LOL

Hope your day is all you want it to be, and even more.

Friday, January 05, 2007


yay...made it to the end of the work week! For a short week it's been odd. The workdays have gone very quickly as I've been quite busy. Yet, when I look back to Monday, it seems eons ago. Must be an oldmature brain thing.

A bit of knitting last night while watching CSI. I really hate it that "Gil" is leaving. To me, the male members of the cast are cool, but I just can't get into the women. "Sarah" whines too much and ..oh never mind. I need to get out more *L* It could be worse. My life would be bleak without Gary Sinese on the NY CSI. I'd really like to hear the Lt.Dan Band.

But now it's almost time for one more day in the office. ~~~my bags are packed, I'm ready to go...~~~ package to mail, hot chocolate mix and animal crackers for snacks, and there's knitting in my bag. Oh yeah...I'm supposed to be going to work. Well...there are break times.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

A Link

I feel kinda bad that when I mentioned the Irish Hiking Hat, I didn't include a link to the designer's blog. There was a reason. I can't get there from here. Some blogs just won't load on my computer..the browser freezes. Oftimes it seems that this browser (Firefox) on MY computer doesn't like Flikr pics. Other times there seems to be no reason. It's probably related to dialup. But I did manage to stay up long enoughthis morning to get the address of her blog. So go there and tell her I love the hat!

Speaking of which, I probably have 4 rows of ribbing done on it. I'd planned to be much farther along but the old cat Mary was in need of extra snuggling. And since she'll be 18 in June and is frail, she usually gets what she wants. She also drools when you pet her so Mary petting and yarn isn't a good idea *L*

It's amazing how fast the work week goes if you chop off one of the days. Thursday already! Yay! I don't want to hurry my life along any faster than necessary but it is nice to get to the weekend.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

A question for Blogger bloggers

ok...in order to make a new blog or to switch to the new blogger, it says I need to sign in with my google account. Does that mean I need to use a gmail name? I ask because what automatically came up was my gmail name that I used in the dyeing swap. It didn't work *G*

Endings and Beginnings

This was once the beginning of a hat. And, hopefully it will be again soon. However, I think that either the pattern was too complex for me at this time...or maybe I wasn't settled enough to concentrate. I didn't want New Year's Day to end with me throwing it across the room, so I frogged it. I can't explain why I slept with it. And I can't explain how startled I was when I discovered it under the covers when I was making my bed! This morning, thanks to the Subway Knitter, I discovered a Irish Hiking Hat so that's my next idea. Cookie, look at her double knit hat!

And here are 2 beginnings photographed imaginitively on a cat pad *L*. Another broken rib scarf, in Cascade 220 Superwash and the very beginnings of a fingerless mitt. This Rowan is my consolation prize for when I won the dayglo nylon cord in the Mason Dixon stash clearing. It's almost been fondled to death and it lived in my china cabinet thingy so I could see it every day through the glass. It feels even better running through my fingers.

I don't know if I can handle 3 projects at once...and then there is this gorgeous orangey Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn calling my name. I just have to figure out how to make my standard sock using Size 1 needles. Or maybe rummage though my sock notebook and actually do something different. What a concept!

Monday, January 01, 2007

What a Start to 2007!! or It Pays Being Vintage

OK so in the new Knitty, there was an article about vintage knitting. Being rather vintage myself, I enjoyed it so I clicked through to the author's blog. Cracked me up to discover that the name of it is The Kitchener Bitch! And, once there, discovered she was having a contest. Of course I had to enter. I'd read it during lunch at work Friday but didn't have time to comment then, and lost the slip of paper where I'd written her addy. But Google rescued me before the time ran out. What a fun and different contest! And the prizes are shown there in that link too.

So, after my New Years lunch I thought it would be a good idea to see if anyone had commented here...yay y'all had been by. And off to Yahoo I went so I could answer you. And lo and behold there was a letter headed Kitchener Bitch Contest - you won!! And y'all, I won a kit to make the Handmaiden Fleece Artist Bias Shawl!!!!!! Can you believe it?!?!?!? I don't know how closely I guessed the others, but my win (or maybe my luck in the draw) was for the third pic...the little kid in 'soakers'. My mom must have crocheted a thousand layette sets and they always included soakers.

I'm so excited...not only because I won but yeah that is incredible! I've never even touched that yarn before! But I shall just take it as an omen that this year is going to be a really really good one.

New Year's Resolutions

I saw this over at Cookie's

In the year 2007 I resolve to:
Make my own porn video,

Get your resolution here.

Well, now that's downright scary! If anyone happened to see it they'd drop dead quickly. Another license to kill. Let me try this again!

In the year 2007 I resolve to:
Stop refreshing this page until I get the answer I want.

Get your resolution here.

Drat! I got caught! No fair. It's just that I really didn't want a sex change operation or sexy black lingerie.

I don't really have any profound resolutions. At least if I do, it's too early to remember them.

I do have some things I would like to do..like:

1. Be a bit more realistic about my life. Umm, maybe I'll actually look at the balance on the credit card instead of looking to see what my payment is. I really have done well at not using them...now it's more about payback. Quit procastinating about things that need doing. That way I won't have to make hurried trips to get copies of paperwork etc.

2. Continue to save up for things that cost a lot, like iPods and swifts and Dyson's. (there's $7.50 in that fund so far but I have ideas about how to increase my contributions) ~~waving to Dave.

3. I WANT TO LEARN MORE. I got this odd magazine the other day when I got groceries. I didn't even know what was inside it ... it just piqued my interest. And much of it I don't understand at all. But I want to know. And I really want to learn more about photo composition. I'm not sure what that even means. It's just that I want to be able to take a pic of socks and have it turn out to be a truly wonderful photo instead of being only a sock(not that a sock isn't a thing of incredible beauty). I adore Dave's photos, and Alicia's and Kirsten's and Victoria's and Jane's. And my friend Linna (blogless), who does extraordinary work. And along with that...

4. Be braver and give myself permission to screw up. No that doesn't mean I'm going to try skydiving or anything. It does mean that I'm going to cut into that pretty fabric Pat sent me way back when instead of just looking at it. It means I might actually try intarsia, toe up socks, or maybe knit a sweater for one of the teddy bears. I want to see how they work, and I'm not yet brave enough to commit to buying enough yarn to make one for me. (Baby steps, ya know.)
Normally, in learning new things there are going to be mistakes...and total failures. I tend to beat myself up about that and then give up because I'm not perfect. Guess what...I'm not ever going to be perfect and time is a wastin'.

5. Continue to be very grateful when I wake up...and move around with all of me relatively functional. And be grateful for all of you. I had NO idea this time last year that I would be blogging, or getting to know y'all. My life is sooooo much better than I had any idea it could become and it's bound to just keep getting better.

5. And when things get tough, I shall remember this:

Reality can be beaten with enough imagination. Mark Twain.