Monday, March 30, 2009

Snow? What snow?

We maybe got a couple of inches but most of that blew right away. I got really excited in the middle of the night when I peeked outside and noted that the trunk of my car was level with the roof due to the piled up snow. Then, I realized that there was hardly any on the front and even less on the ground. So much for my snow storm. :-( I guess I should be thankful instead since in the Panhandle they got like 24 inches and roofs were collapsing. I'm certain mine wouldn't hold up in somehting like that.

The personal wedding shower was extremely fun and especially since there were women of all ages there. It was nice to be out and about and laughing so much and having such good food! I could have made a pig of myself but I behaved with great restraint.

The dishcloth was completed. It's a designer dishcloth..Debbie Bliss! But not designer yarn..simple Peaches and Cream. I think I'll give it to the bride-to-be..there is always need for a dishcloth tucked in with something a bit more exciting.

And since I don't have any snow pictures, I'll share this picture of tonight's sky about sundown. There's hail in that baby and we got some pea sized hail here. It was fun standing on the porch watching it roll in. Mother Nature surely puts on an interesting show.

Friday, March 27, 2009


Good news! I still have my job. I'm happy about that but at the same time feel rather guilty because..

Bad news! A number of my friends don't. And it was done with great drama...even had the cops on hand in case there was some sort of violence? Oh please.

No snow yet. And the total projected amount has been downgraded since it's moving much slower. It's rained off and on all day and we certainly need the moisture. Bad news...since it's cold and wet we are having freezing rain instead. Fortunately it didn't start until 5 pm so coming home wasn't a problem. I just hope the snow gets in a hurry so I don't wake up to no power.

Here's a tiny frozen drop on a brand new leaf.

And now back to the dishrag


It's not that I didn't want to's just that I wanted to have something to show when I posted. Alas...

The sweater is in protective custody..being protected from me. I sorta kinda messed up. It's been frogged back past the messed up part and is safely on needles in hiding until the knitter is a bit more coherent or something.

The chicken has flown the coop! I truly can't even find that lovely one.

And the baby afghan? Well after two knitted patterns I decided that I really really hate knitting with that yarn. I'm sure it's just me because I've read that others like it a lot. So, I decided to crochet. A fun easy pattern but when I spread it out to take a pic, I discovered that 4 rows in I neglected to go all the way to the end and a mitered side wasn't what I wanted. I was a bit cranky when I discovered it so I cut it to bits!!

Last night I gave in..and started a dishcloth. Even if I screw that up, it can still be used for scrubbing!

Work has been absolutely frantic. We have ANOTHER new management company to start April 1st. But before then, there will be a layoff. Our director thinks we are safe as he has not been contacted about getting rid of any of us. I know he doesn't he feels secure in saying that. I just hope they don't decide to surprise him. Today is the last day of the pay period so hopefully it will happen today and the ones that are left can breathe a bit easier this weekend.

But tomorrow I should have something to show. We're expecting some places a bunch of it. According to the weather guy's maps my town is the dividing line between 6-12 inches and 3-5 inches. We shall see. I'm supposed to go to a personal bridal shower tomorrow and I hope it comes off. The soon-to-be-bride just found out yesterday that her fiance is being laid off today. Not a good thing. They're such great young people, that sucks!

Oh's hailing! Until tomorrow when I'll at least have pictures of something, even if it's a dish rag, I wish you well.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Friday in the Big Town

Yes there was yarn! And two LYSs. One was really busy and crowded and I must admit to a bit of overload. The other one was quieter and I had fun talking with the other shoppers and staff.

Panera Bread was yummy but crowded! I did secure a seat next to a young man working on his laptop and putting together a contract for mucho dollars according to his phone call. (I'm constantly amazed that folks just assume the people near them aren't listening into their side of the convo. I knew where he'd been, who he'd talked with and how much the contract was for)I was happy for him. What a way to honor Friday the 13th and I'm sure his bosses thought so too. And the broccoli cheese soup was yummy as always. And, I brought home a cinnamon bagel which I just had as a mid-morning snack today on my Mrs. Tiggywinkle plate. Yes, I'm always about maturity!

As for the new addition to the yarn stash, I got TyDye sock yarn (it really called to me in the middle of that very gray, damp day) and some Comfort worsted for a baby blanket. For someone who damn well better not be pregnant since she's 14. But I want to make sure that when she does have a baby I'll be represented.

And now for the cardio. He basically poo-pooed the idea of unstable angina. Didn't even discuss the possibility. Apparently my blood pressure was really high when I got to the ER so he thinks it's related to that and prescribed some tabs to dissolve under my tongue if it gets high again. He asked repeatedly if I was stressed at the time. I kept telling him no, that it was actually a very nice work day and I was happy. Finally he looked at me and said something to the effect of if he worked there he'd be stressed! LOL He seemed to think I wanted surgery....NOT! And went to great pains to tell me that he thought his partners often did that too soon. He also gave me an Rx for a new bottle of Nitro which blew the budget even with the $20 off coupon his nurse gave me.

And suggested that I put it in my pocket and walk a lot because he'd be interested in chest pain related to exercise. I guess I should just blow this off as an expensive adventure and go on with my fine self. But Sheri, it's scary! He had no explanation why I was so tired and why I get more short of breath except that that could be related to my smoking history. Funny tho that everything happens at once. Susan shrugs.

And in knitting news, I'm almost to where I cast off the lower part of the neck in front. But I'm confused. It says " With right side facing, work across to the first marker; join a second ball of yarn and bind off center stitches for the front neck; work to the end, 36 stitches remain. that

Then it says " Working both sides at the same time, work even until the armhold measures the same as the back to the shoulder shaping, ending with a wrong side row.

So, I'm on circs. I knit on one side, then drop that yarn, scoot over and work the other side with the first ball of yarn? Maybe so. Or maybe I'll start the baby blanket. :-)

And, I guess hitting publish post (3 hrs after I wrote it) might be appropriate.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Weird Weather and Chicken Bellies

Last night when Zoey made her last trip outside at 10:30, it was 72 degrees and raining. This evening when I came home it was 41 and really damp and windy. We did get some rain which we really need but I don't think there was a lot because the roof didn't leak in the utility room. My laundry will be funny looking this week. The weekend was really warm and now it' really chilly so there will be cropped pants and sweatpants. And tank tops and long sleeved shirts.

And tonight I made a turquoise colored chicken belly. It's all frogged and back in the bag. I'm not sure what I did but I didn't have enough stitches around to pick up. Ya think I should have knitted a swatch?? Surely not. It's ok though, because the chicken won't be 'alive' until she has a face. So it didn't hurt her. Yeah, I'm weird but I do have a good time!

I have an appt with the cardio for Friday. Did I ever mention that there is a Panera Bread just across the road...and a mile or so back south is my LYS? Yesss my pretties, I may have a bit of fun along the way. I'm feeling ok, just more tired at the end of the day. The good part of that is that when I'm tired I get really silly so I have had some delightful times between 4 and 5 pm. My coworkers tell me I'm short of breath sometimes but it must not be very major because I haven't noticed it. And no chest pain. Yay!

I do need some weather good wishes. They're talking about maybe ice on Thursday and if that happens I'm hoping your good thoughts will make it go away by Friday. K?

Monday, March 09, 2009

Another Weekend Over

And a most welcome weekend it was although not as I had planned.

Friday morning was busy at work, lots of stuff on my desk needing my attention but in the back of my brain, I was planning on playing in the City. I really, really wanted to go to my LYS. Not that I really needed yarn...I just really needed to see yarn, and touch yarn, and sniff yarn. I had already done most of the weekend tasks, laundry was in process and it was supposed to be really nice weather. So a smile was on my face as I systematically tackled the pile of paper stacked to my right. I had just completed one phase. and thought with any luck the rest of it would be done by 5. But then...

I was taking a mental break and trying to figure out what I would have for lunch when I felt that old scary feeling. The feeling of someone creeping up on little cat feet to smash my chest. I did the deep breathing, the relaxation and that big something kept coming. Quietly I got the nitro out of my bag. One squirt under my tongue, wait 5 minutes. Second squirt, wait 5 minutes..this isn't working. OK, the 3rd and last squirt will do it. Nope..instead it just increased.

So, instead of heading over to the cafeteria for the daily special, I found myself being wheeled through the back door and into the ER. Happily, oxygen helped relieve the pain. And equally happily, they decided I hadn't had a heart attack. We, my friends and coworkers and the PA decided perhaps it was unstable angina. Lab was obtained, xrays were taken, and an echocardiogram was obtained. And then finally at 3 pm..I got some lunch! Yay. And got to come home early from work.

The rest of the afternoon and evening was spent gazing at my navel. Not really. I was tired..but not like the other week, so knitting continued on my tunic. I even attachted the handwarmer flap. It was making me crazy just hanging there. And I read, and studied the chicken pattern that came in the mail. And looked through stash to see what I might use to make her. (of course, it's a girl's not a rooster) I haven't started her far I'm just having fun thinking about her.

And I was kind of "chicken" (heh)to drive into the City...a number of highway miles with nothing around me in case I was in trouble. So I yarn surfed and decided I really need some Socks That Rock yarn. I've never had any, have you? And, if so, do you like it?

Probably though, I'll order some of Regia Fasset's Mirage My first socks knitted with sock yarn that wasn't Kool Aid dyed was Regia and they are still holding up well unlike others that have bit the dust..or rather, blown out their heels.

But, there is a new addition to my little family. Yesterday I went to the local feed/seed, grain/garden/paint/gift store. Locally owned and tons of stuff to browse. All I went for were 9V batteries for the smoke detector but I came home with this little guy to add to my collection. He's the one with the stripes. I've never had a blue duck before. So welcome Mr. Stripey.

Today, it's work (maybe someone did all the stuff in my stack and I can start out clean) and a call to my cardiologist who still has not called my PCP back. I'm tired of this for sure. And more knitting, I'm sure!

What's up with you?

Sunday, March 01, 2009


What is it about the weekend? Since I was home most of last week, it wasn't like I was looking forward to not going to work. But somehow, when I woke up Saturday morning there was that feeling. The two whole days to do something besides work on Medicare stuff. I wonder when people retire do they still look forward to weekends? Is it some sort of interior clock? When I first started being a nurse, I only got every other weekend off..or was it every 3rd? Dang brain. But that was a long time ago and this weekend off stuff has been going on for a lot of years.

Today I painted the house. Well, not the actual house although it definitely needs it. Nope, instead I spent a lot of time happily entertained painting a little birdhouse that I found at Dollar Tree. I just wanted something that was bright and happy. And then rummaged around through miscellaneous craft stuff to find a new inhabitant. I think it would be fun to have a house painted like this.

And apropos of nothing, there's been a change in status around here. Now for awhile, if I came home unexpectedly, I'd often find Zoey asleep on the loveseat. Poor dear is pretty deaf, so unless I touched her rather firmly, she usually didn't even know I was here. But she never ever ever got up there in the evening when I was home. Never even looked like she wanted to be up there. But this week all that changed. I woke up from a nap thinking about how nice and warm my feet were and then discovered that she was laying on them. For a few days, it only happened if I were asleep. Now, she just hops up there like that's where she's supposed to be.

A friend said "Awwww, she knows you don't feel well and she's taking care of you."

I'm thinking Zoey thought "oh hey, she doesn't feel good...she won't notice..and by the time she does she'll think I'm taking care of her. Heh"

And doesn't that stitch holder look like an hair curler?