Tuesday, December 01, 2009

A New Path

It's December 1st, and I'm officially retired! My last day was supposed to be last Friday, but they closed the office so my actual last work day was Wednesday. It's still all a bit odd in my mind. I've had to make a little index card reminder system so I actually know what day of the week it is. There's been a lot of sorting and tossing going on. I find it hard to just sit and play until the work is done, even if I'm not sure what the work is supposed to be. And nope, I haven't hit the basement yet. But some will have to be done soon so I can get to the Christmas decorations.

I was blessed with the corporate party and it was great fun. I only have a couple of pics..I never seem to remember to take them but there are more in a throwaway camera that I've yet to drop off for developing. The banner almost made me cry. One of my most beloved young patients nicknamed me Rambo and it traveled throughout my community. I still here "Hey Rambo!" from time to time when I'm out and about. I still miss ya Jarred!

I received some a lot of super cards and lovely gifts. I'm well stocked for the time being on soaky bath stuff (and the time to really soak!) and books and candles and gift cards to Bath and Body Works and Hastings and Barnes and Noble. Oh and two soft throws and softie socks! These folks really know me! One of my coworkers presented me with a little album of candid shots of all my coworkers which I treasure.

So now it's a new path. I don't know where it's gonna take me. My mental backpack is filled with enthusiasm and curiosity and I'll have to send you postcards along the way! It's gonna be a real trip!

ETA: My friend Jackie just called from the office. In a sing-song voice she said "It's end of the month and you aren't here!" Now that's one thing I won't miss! :-)