Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Guess Who's Back

Yesterday morning as I arrived at work, a giant fish head and skeleton greeted me on the sidewalk. What the? The lake is rather to far away for a flying fish. Oh..and what's this? A rather battered carcass of another kind.

The answer? The foxes are back! This time Mama had 8 kits! Lots of feeding to do but I would have loved to see her catch that fish, and then carry it back over the golf course to her babes. I can't positively say it's the same mother as last year but it seems right. Odd that another one would come back to the underground pathways made back then.

I wasn't able to get all of them at once. They move really fast and while one group was still, the other were zipping off in different directions. Oh what I'd give for a DSLR with a really good telephoto lens!

Later in the afternoon, one of the girls I work with announced that she (the fox..not my coworker) was stalking some Canadian geese that were over on the golf course. Now I'm aware of the food chain but I'm not one for watching it so I declined to go watch. Not to worry, those geese made short shrift of her quickly and she beat a path back across the road.

The fish head was unrecognizable by the end of the work day. Hungry babies for sure. We did do a bit of a litter pick up. One of them had been chewing on a plastic thing. Not good, baby!

It's pouring rain today so I doubt that I'll see much of them. But somehow knowing they are out there makes the work day more fun. Mainly because I don't have to worry about protecting any chickens!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Totally Addicted

to baby goats! And now Ravelry too!

Somehow I discovered there was a group on Ravelry as equally entranced as I am, and hey guess what! They're nice people. I'm sorry that was tacky, but my first experiences there were unfortunately influenced by a lot of drama. And, I seem to have outgrown that part of my life as well as many of my clothes. :) So, for me Ravelry was a place to check out yarns and patterns and keep my mouth shut. So glad to find that it's more than that.

But back to the babies. You really should spend some time with the lamb cam. Or if you need more immediate babyness, check out the blog. Lots of adorable photos and right at the top now is a wonderful video of Arno, the first born. Now there are (I think) 23 babies. And the last one was born right in front of me as I ate my supper on Sunday!

Knitting? Not a lot. Still working on that chicken which is killing my hands. So not far along. Maybe I really should use the yarn recommended instead of some crinkly cotton I found in my stash??

The laundry sock has fallen behind because........tada my washer worked this week! So laundry was done at home while I cleaned house and such. It's now become the Ravelry sock so I can knit a few rows while I visit. It's ok..supposed to be in the 80s this week. I won't need a wool sock for awhile.

So, what have y'all been up to? Probably lots of constructive things unlike me who is enjoying being a voyeur. :)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

But for a real Easter treat, head over to Hudson Valley/Martha's Vineyard Fiber Farm and meet Arno. I was lucky enough to be watching the Lamb Cam when the birth was announced and then very soon got to see this sweetest one in real time via the cam. I must admit to spending much time this weekend just checking in.