Monday, June 01, 2009

Lucky Me!

The stars were certainly aligned correctly for my well-being on Saturday. Friday night when I came home from buying groceries, my oil light came on as I pulled into the driveway. Then immediately went off. How weird. I thought it was just a loose wire or something. But hot and tired, I unloaded stuff and called it an evening.

Saturday morning, it was all about getting to Petsmart in the next town. I pulled out of the drive and the light came on..went off..came on, etcetera. So I drove to the oil change place a couple of blocks from my house. Check the oil, please.

The guy pulled out the dipstick, called his friend over, did it again..

"Ma'am there isn't enough to even show up on the dipstick" What??? OMG! He went down in the pit to see if he could see where it had gone; then came back up and told me I needed an 'oil sending module'.

Oh great..just what I need. Vehicle repairs. He said it wouldn't take long to put one on, but I'd have to go get one. So they poured in some oil, and I headed downtown. Remember, I live in a small town, so this isn't far. I walked into the NAPA place with debit card in hand and purchase one. Cost? $5. I didn't know there were any car parts that cost that little.

Back to oil change place. They put it on and fill the oil up. Cost? $20!!! And off I went to load up on cat food.

As I was checking out, I saw the daughter of a former coworker. She's a manager at that store. And, before I left she had my email address. Apparently, they occasionally have specials for friends and family of their associates.

Afraid to push my good luck, I then headed home and cleaned house and was ever so grateful. A very nice day indeed.