Sunday, April 30, 2006

Houston, we have balls!

Well 3 little balls about the size of a ping pong ball that are the results of my messy experiments last night.

The ball on the right is Fishermans' wool that was dyed with Kool Aid back when I dyed the sock yarn that I'm using now. It's important today because it's the first time I used my brand new ball winder! Oh how cool it is! I could wind the world I think...well at least if I could get a bit of it in the slot in the middle.

In other dyeing news I now have a partially dry mass of wool. Since it's Jazz Fest in New Orleans this weekend, and I'm not there, I decided to dye this in purple, green and gold (well yellow) in honor of New Orleans and Mardi Gras. Ummm I think I have a lot to learn about this dyeing stuff. I used a whole bottle of green and purple Wilton's and probably 2/3 of a yellow bottle (part of it got used up last night) When I put it to steam it was purple, green and yellow with very little bleeding but afterwards, it looked like this. It's almost as if in some places the purple broke...and became red and blue. I'm anxious to see what
it looks like dry and wound up in a skein or a ball...and to see how
it swatches.

I'm tired tho. For some obscure reason I took the perfectly
manageable skein of Knitpicks and using upside down tv trays
made it into a skinny skein that was really really long. And
since I'm a bit taller than a tv tray I spent what seemed like
forever bent over as I wound it. I think a nice soak in the tub
is called for.

Dye or Die, that is the question

The great Saturday dyeing adventure was postponed by
1. A serious mess caused by a cat who wanted to help me repot a couple of plants. Amazing how far the dirt from a knocked over bag can go.
2. An unexpected trip to the bookstore compliments of my nephew who "needed to go get a book" and asked if I wanted to go along. I can never turn down an opportunity to go to a bookstore especially since the closest thing to a bookstore in this town is Walmart; and because my car can't go very far. I thought he was after a particular book, but actually he had no clue so there was much time looking, sampling and asking my opinion about various science fantasy of which I have scant knowledge. And of course, I had to do my bit of browsing too. I came out with one paperback, one knitting magazine because I liked the sweater on the cover and a copy of Spin Off. Nope, I don't least not yet :-)

But finally the time was right. I had decided to make little mini skeins to practice on and with the assistance of my swift, aka chair arms, and a little wrapping thingy aka an old throwaway clothes hanger, and with a cat's supervision I created a number of little guys. And no the yarn isn't yellow but hey, that's the way the picture turned out.

So, that done, I put a few of them to soak in the vinegar mixture and then the "fun" began. The plan was to create a yellow, orange, and pink combo. I ended up with orange and orange and darker orange. I used Kool Aid and Wilton icing color and had a grand time making a huge mess even if the yarn didn't quite work out. But then the adventure changed and I kept expecting the CSI team to arrive at the door!

So I got to spend significant time cleaning up the crime scene. I really thought I had cleaned up
every last drop but I'm still finding splatters in the weirdest places.

The dyeing area was at least clear of splatter but still quite the mess. The large jar of animal crackers survived and that was important! By this time, I was tired. Cleaning isn't nearly as fun as making the mess! So I took some leftover dye and some undissolved Kool Aid remants and just sort of dumped them on one of the skeins and then it was steaming time. And time for a mug of Chai and some blog reading. I was anxious to know how Ann's
day had gone and so with tea in hand, and the house smelling like a giant pack of Juicy Fruit, I settled in. I was enjoying her post so much and then realized that now my house smelled like rotten Juicy Fruit...or maybe that spill above really wasn't Kool Aid. WTF??? OMG the steaming pan went dry. What a God awful smell! So after rescuing them and popping them into the microwave, doors were opened -- fans turned up on high and when it was finally slightly more tolerable I decided that maybe Sunday would be a better day. And went to bed

And, yes, I have pictures of the "finished" yarn but ummm...I can't find the camera. I guess before I start another adventure I will have a bit of a search through this still slighly malodorous house on the prairie.

Saturday, April 29, 2006 I haven't figured all of this out yet. But still...I'm a friend, oh one very fine knitting faerie!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

we're on the Today show!

woohoo. the storm chasers excellent photograpy opened the Today show today! Is this like being sorta kinda famous for an instant?


So there I am after a busy Monday at work. It's hot and muggy and sunny and I've had my oatmeal supper. Zoey's been in and out and is busily trying to lick her feet off. (anyone have good ideas why a dog has this problem? my vet keeps trying things but other than being asleep nothing much works). And me, dressed in some raggy shorts and tank top, well, I'm settled in the corner of my loveseat, knitting happily away on the another attempt at a sock and watching CSI reruns on cable. (When it's tornado time, you are supposed to be dressed in long pants and shoes and socks so you can crawl over the debris. You should also make sure you have your teeth in since the tv people seem to search out folks without them)

KERTHUNK. BANG. POW POW POW KERTHUNK. WTF are those cats doing back there. Oh, although still sunny, it's hailing! A new opportunity for picture taking. I grab the camera and just as I open the door I realize that the sunny sky is now ORANGE. And big hail is falling, and cable tv starts howling and telling me to switch to a local channel. And I hear the weatherman say, "Head to a safe place NOW! It's at I40 mile marker --- and headed north east. Holy shit!!! That mile marker is just a bit southwest of me. First a bathroom stop...the fight/flight thing, ya know. The sky is getting more orange as I grab my bag and a radio and yell for the dog to come with me. She scurries down the steps; the cats have totally disappeared.

The storm chaser is yelling "It's on the ground, it's on the ground" And I have to pee again. Now having lived all my life with me, I know this is gonna happen so I have "constructed" a porta potty made out of a 5 gallon mud bucket. That tended to, I hear him say "Oh my God, lok at that...that grove of trees is gone!"

"Where??" I ask...what grove of trees?!?!?!

"Still on the ground, taking out that wheat field!"

"Poor farmer, I think!". The dog has gone to sleep in the middle of the floor (her feet are happy for that) and resists any pleading from me to join me under the stairs. But aha! Here comes Hershey, the Siamese.

Hershey says "Oh good, we can cuddle and nobody can find us!" then I hear him say "Ouch! You just poked me with one of those sharp sticks!", and I realize that I am still clutching the sock. Hahah! Gotta have priorities.

So I get all comfy under the steps (I have no idea if this is the safest place but it seems right) and think. "If it's gonna get me I hope it hurries, I have to pee again." "I'm sure glad my new yarn hasn't arrived yet" "I should tell someone I hide under the stairs so they can find me" "Hey maybe it will just take the raggedy back of the house and I can get it fixed" "Or maybe the front porch" "If it totals the house, I can pay it off and move to an apt" "I bet there will be enough money left over for a swift" "I really have to pee!"

Storm chaser man says "It's hit the airport. (municipal..private planes and acrobatic planes practice here too). Look at that debris in the air. It's a weak F2 at this point and headed for the town. Take cover NOW!"

OK, OK, I've taken cover and now I'm really getting a bit scared. Plus, I really really really have to pee again. I crawl out of my hidey hole, visit the potty and look out the window just as a big hail hits it and I watch the spider web spread out. And the sky is really really orange.

Hershey had now found the knitting and I have to save it. I just don't think I can start this over again. That done, I listen as the tornado heads due east and LIFTS BACK UP. The sirens are still wailing, the hail is still falling, but we've dodged it once least here in town. And I take my bag, and go upstairs and go outside and trade stories with the neighbors and then...well what else?
Dressed in some raggy shorts and tank top, well, I'm settled in the corner of my loveseat, knitting happily away on the another attempt at a sock and watching CSI reruns on cable.

Dear Knit Picks

It’s been a long time since I wrote a love letter to anyone so this may be a bit awkward, but write it I must.

Knitpicks dye-your-own sock yarn, I LOVE YOU! You tolerated my amateur attempts at Easter egg dyeing. I’m really sorry I referred to you as “pastel camouflage” because once dry you are sooo pretty in a watercolor way. You knit beautifully and feel good in my hands. And, you made life more beautiful as I knitted the heel flap; turned the heel; did the gussets and then…when I discovered that really strange wonky place in the middle of the right side gusset, well you didn’t laugh at the mistake. You didn’t demand that I tink back, and you held up through my tinking. Then, when in frustration I decided to frog back to the beginning, you were quiet and supportive and unraveled without difficulty. But what amazes me as I start a new sock you’re still there for me. No splitting, no knots, no fuzzes. You'll always be my love, will you marry me??

Monday, April 24, 2006

Moving Day

This was yesterday morning's post but it wouldn't load. I didn't want you to think I don't know what day it is.

Nope, I'm not moving house but I did change bedrooms this weekend. I have two small bedrooms in this house. The front bedroom is the "spring/summer" bedroom and the back is the "fall/winter" bedroom. The only reason for this...and the only reason that one of them isn't a craft room is because the front bedroom can be closed off and the heating vent shut in order to save on the gas bill in winter. It's not a big deal to move, but this time I took everything out of both wee closets (old house...they didn't have many clothes in those days) and dust and wash the walls and shelves and go through all the "stuff". Clothing was sorted and quite a lot of it either tossed or scheduled for giveaway. And fueled by all of this sorting, I moved onto the bookshelves in the living room. Hey, I can get all my knitting magazines off the floor and into holders. I may even be able to find what I'm looking for!

So last night was the first spent in the "spring/summer" room. Oh, and a bit of background...the bed in the winter room has a very old double mattress. It's kind of wonky but quite comfy if you sleep across it at an angle. The bed in the spring room is a twin on a bunky board...much firmer and probably better for my cranky back. However, in the middle of the night if you turn over...and your brain thinks you're lying catty-cornered on the double may just find your ass on the floor! Certainly a wake-up thing! I WILL get used to it, I will!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

It's in the bag

Well, almost. Sock knitting was shunted aside in order to finish a felted bag. It was taking up so much space in my knitting box and ok, I was anxious to see what it was going to look like. Yesterday morning it looked like this..

I had a softball game to go to last night but it was rather cold with a north wind; at least for someone who forgot their jacket. So I left after watching my girl bat and came home. Heh, I thought standing over a washing machine filled with hot water might help, so it was felting time and this morning it looks like this.

Well, the color is "almost" right. It's not quite this glaring. I had the worst time trying to take the picture. Still lacks the ties, but they aren't dry yet. In real life, the main parts look "tweedy". It's made with Knitpicks Wool of the Andes

The colors are cherry blossom and blueberry. I'm thinking I would like one in autumn colors. I'll have to order a color card because I know the colors on my monitor differ from my monitor at work and that one is different than on my coworkers. And it's not flat. The measurements are approximately 11" wide and 10" tall and the base is 8"x11". I think I will try to find some fabric and make a lining so that I can put pockets in it for my checkbook, phone etc and then the open space can hold a project.

I also have a pattern for a satchel/messenger type bag from That might be an option too for the fall colored yarn. Oh and then of course I could dye some yarn in autumn colors and have socks to match. Yeah uh huh. :-)

Sunday, April 16, 2006

heyyyyyyyyy I made a link

LOL I just discovered this morning that there is a link shortcut in the tool bar so I did what it told me, and waited, and waited and waited. Then discovered that for some reason, my modem had disconnected. amazing how much better this works when your connected, heh.

Well rats!

We had a good time in the City Friday. The doc was pleased and said I don't have to come back for a year...which will mean the end of good excuses to take off during the week. My cholesterol and lipids are in the normal range for the first time I can ever remember. We laughed a lot and ate at McDonald's twice and I got a pair of casual shoes for work at Academy for $12. Gotta love a sale.

However, my long anticipated trip to the yarn store was disappointing. The bag was no longer on the wall. The owner knew exactly which one I was talking about and just said it's gone. I asked if she could tell me what yarn was used, where the pattern came from, anything about it and the answers were all "no". :-((( I think I could probably find some good felting wool in an appropriate color...or even something totally different like red dirt color :-) But I have no idea what the carry-along stuff was (I'm just assuming it was a carry along). I'm not really into novelty yarns but I guess I'll have to pay more attention. As I remember, it looked like little snippets of 1/8 inch wide ribbon in multi color. And the base didn't show at all or else it was just covered up during the felting. They didn't stick out far, so it looked more like a tweedy or heathered effect. Oh well, it's always good to have something to look for. I guess maybe it was a class thing but I surely wish she could have given me a clue.

I did get some #13 dpns so that I can make some really fat Icord for the red/blue bag. I want to get that made so I'll know exactly how much yarn I have left for the bag itself. And I got the new Mason-Dixon knitting book which I think I love! I sort of wish I had gotten it from Amazon or Barnes/Noble cause it would have been $10 cheaper but I think I was sort of wrapped up in the "I'm in a yarn shop and I have to buy something and it's best to support your LYS"

Spent yesterday doing household stuff broken by a trip to the library where we talked about knitting! I had my sock in my bag so had to show that off too.

Today's going to be a mostly lazy day. Am going to have Easter dinner with my FOC which means I'll be way too full, and need a nap later. The only "must" thing I have to do is going to require help. My neighbor called me out to tell me that I have a dead possum stuck under my garage door. The doors are shed type so I can't just lift it up. I feel so badly for the possum that I cry everytime I think of trying to drag him out from under it so hopefully one of my FOC can help me lift the door just a bit. Poor dear must have felt like going shopping in there since it's mostly packed with junk going out for bulky trash in June.

Oh, my young niece of choice and I had a great time last night watching music videos on the computer. So, we're watching Pink's new Stupid Girls video and she looks at me and says "Susu, I think you're a switch" Hmm, I know what that means in "my" world but have no idea what it means in the 11 year old world and was scared to ask.

So on that note, I shall go paint my toenails while channeling Gina Gershon ...I'm just sayin'

Friday, April 14, 2006

DAY OFF, sort of!

We have been sooooo busy at work. Which in some ways is a very good thing. If there wasn't work that needed doing, I'd be living under a bridge or something equally depressing. But part of the reason is that we have had some key people out with serious illness. And now we add to the list. Another extremely key person is going to have surgery on Monday and probably be out a couple of weeks. The nursing coordinator told me yesterday that I cannot call in sick or be gone for the next two weeks, and then I can take all the sick leave I have (LOL she doesn't know that's a lot) and she'll sign it off. She was laughing when she said it but it really is important that I show up as I get to help her with a small part of the work that surgery person does. It should be interesting as I can barely (and sometimes can't) keep up with what I do now.

HOWEVER, today is a day off. Prescheduled thank goodness. A small part of it will be spent in a Dr's office in the City, but a good part of it will be spent shopping! I had planned on using a friend's car as there is no way I would trust mine to drive me farther than the local Walmart and sometimes that's iffy. But a couple of nights ago she called and said she thought she would just take the day off too. And, my niece-of-choice is out of school for Good Friday so she's going too! We have such a good time together. Too older broads and an 11 year old shopping fool. So far the plans include Old Navy, Petsmart (a grab cat food and go stop), Target AND the yarn store!

They've had a bag on display for a long with little colored ribbon flecks throughout that I just love. And now I feel I MUST make it. Oh please, oh please still be there. Please have the yarn available. Please have the instructions as a printout or something and not an entire book.

I've traded all my rolled coins in for paper money and I'm ready to go! Woohoo! Hell, it surely doesn't take much to excite me, I guess.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

It's a..sock cuff!

Well at least the start of a sock cuff. Life has interfered with knitting time but it's happening. Would help if I knit faster, but at least I knit. And I really love to knit with this Knitpick dye-it-yourself sock yarn. It just feels really good and I can't wait until I have a whole sock. I'm not sure if I can knit two whole socks with tallish cuffs with this skein, so I guess I will make ankle socks. Or, I guess I could knit the cuff longer and then once I get past the heel put all the live stitches on holders and start the next one. And if it's running short by the time they match I could do the rest of it in some coordinating yarn which hasn't been dyed yet. Oh yes, I bet it would match well! :-)

It's been really hot here for April. Last night when I went to bed it was 83 in here. Tonight I turned on the air conditioner. The dog was smothering...yeah that's it. There is a slight problem tho. Last fall I got a programmable thermostat and allegedly the a/c setting was 78 I think. Well apparently that's not true. I thought I was getting a bit chilly and realized it was going down to around 70. That will never do! Surely don't want to have to spend yarn money on the electric bill! If it's this hot in April, I dread to think what real summer will bring.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006


I was a little bit late leaving for work, knitting ya know . I kept thinking "just a few more stitches" but finally gathered up my bag and headed out. As I started down the steps a movement caught my eye, and then realized what it was... this beauty landing on my driveway. I grabbed my camera, put it in macro mode and said a silent prayer that this jewel wouldn't fly away before I got at least one pic. As soon as I got close, she/he folded up the wings. Ok...I'll take a side shot, but as I lowered my creaky body to the pavement it opened up, and stayed that way with some fluttering but basically sitting quite still. I snapped numerous pics ignoring warnings that they were blurred but managed to get some good ones.

One of the reasons I wanted a digital camera was because I am quite fascinated with bugs and bees and spiders and have wasted a lot of film in my little 35mm trying to get close up pics. And now I know it can be done with this one. Of course, they might not all be so cooperative

It just amazes me how much beauty there is around me and I am so thankful that today I got to see this baby up close and personal. And I'm really glad that the knitting kept me from leaving a few minutes earlier.

I was concerned that maybe something was wrong with it since there were no flower blossoms or anything to keep it's interest. However, as soon as I quit and got back up on my feet, the pretty one flew away.

What a way to start the day!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Here's a wee bit of the faded Easter egg dye yarn. Really not that bad although certainly what I was trying for. The best part is the yarn. OMG it's so nice to work with. Soft and it just sort of goes where it's supposed to. I know...that doesn't make a lot of sense but it's the only way I know how to describe the feeling. The swatch is done on #2 dpns with those rubber stoppers on the end so I could just knit a str8 swatch. Heh, I'm swatching. Now if I only knew what to do with what i know. I'm thinking this is going to involve math. :::running and hiding::: So if I measure around my ankle, and divide that by how many stitches are in an wait. I measure to determine how big around it needs to be, and then if it's ohhhh say 10 inches..(cause that's easy to multiply) and there are 7 stitches to the inch (cause that's how many there are) then I would need 70 stitches to go around. LOL I just love thinking out loud. I have a bazillion yarn labels in my bag but not one that went to this yarn. It's pretty skinny so maybe it's sock yarn. Hey, maybe if I go to Knitpicks I can find out how many stitches each of the dye-it-yourself yarn is supposed to make. errm...I don't know if the needle size matters. Oh well, we shall see.

Monday, April 10, 2006

I think he likes her

There is a connection to knitting, not just an extra cat shot. I had pulled up some info from Dave's blog (I really need to learn to make links!) and then had scrolled back up to the top before starting on this adventure in color. Later I noted that Hershey had curled himself up, half on the printer and have on the scanner and was quietly gazing at the screen. He would be upset with this shot since it makes his butt look huge and it's not. But I won't let him see it. :-)

Trying Dyeing

I thought I would try my hand at dyeing using Easter egg dye. Interesting colors once they were liquid. The purple was really maroon. So, I made some out of the red and blue. I think the green was called spring green. And the blue..well it was called blue. There is also a denim blue which has a teal cast. Anyway, with directions printed out and spread out on the cook top, I began using Knitpicks yarn. I was looking for vibrant colorsSo I really put on the dye. btw, I have no idea why all this is being underlined. However, after steaming it and it got dry, this is what it looked like..And this is even a little more vibrant than what it is in real life. More like very dusty southwest. It was a lot of fun and now, since I've finally got in rolled up in a ball I think I'll go swatch. And hopefully next time I won't have this underline crap!

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Another lesson learned

These lessons are getting somewhat tiring. So, Tap sock was going right along. There was about 4 inches of ribbing and I was still loving it. I took it to work so that maybe, if the phones didn't ring constantly, I could knit a bit more at lunchtime. (Lunch happens at my desk. Unless you go to the bathroom to eat, there's no place to get away from the phones.) Thursday I learn that everyone is going to be in a meeting at lunch time, except me (someone has to answer the phones and they also know that I get really fidgety in meetings). Oh this is gonna be good. Since I can now, at least on simple things, look and figure out where I'm at if I have to stop suddenly it's going to work. I won't have to go look for anyone to take a call..."I'm sorry she/he is in a meeting, may I take a message?...and after taking the note can get back to the knitting.

I'm just dyin' to put this sock on, see how it fits since I haven't knit with this yarn/this size needles before. So, I take off my shoe and sock and slip it on over my ankle. While I'm gazing at this wondrous thing, the phone rings. I deliver the above message and the caller says something like "Oh that's ok, I just faxed you some stuff and I need to make sure it got there ok" I look at the fax and the visible page is one of those "Three days, two nights in Cancun for $99" The fax is across the room, so yarn in hand and ribbing on foot and amble over to see what's what. I did hear a little sound as I came back but there are lots of little sounds in our bldg.

I assure the caller that the fax is here and legible and then realize...OMG there's a DPN lying on the floor. I look down to discover that there are now ladders where 22 stitches used to be! The words I muttered fiercely were not appropriate office language so I won't repeat them here.

I tried to reconstruct, but it never looked right so Tap is now but a memory hopefully to be redone today. It's all about the process, right?

Thursday, April 06, 2006

byebye for now Regia

well, the regia sock is frogged and back in the stash. I like using it a lot but I just "need" more color right now. So, here's the new project. Isn't this just the happiest yarn??? It's Knitpicks' Dancing sock yarn and this particular dance is Tap. It's shiny and laughs as I knit and purl it. And so do I. I've had it awhile; I ordered it a month or so ago when I first started seriously thinking of the yellow socks. So it's passed the fondle test. I love the way the color is sort of random as opposed to stripes. And it seems that every few stitches you're using a different color. Makes for a fun time. But geez, I am still quite slow. It's going to take awhile before this is a sock, I think. The process is fun tho.

oops, thunder...better get out of here.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006


My plan to come home and knit, knit, knit was somewhat derailed. One of the cats (I suspect Ms. Mary) with a tummy problem. In case I might not realize this she left giant messages on my bed. So since my dryer is a small portable one that runs on 110 it takes a really long time to dry anything a comforter. Much of the night was spent rearranging it in the dryer so that damp spots could get heat. Good news is she apparently feels much better this morning, and I got to go to bed with covers.

I did start the new socks ...barely. But there ya's more than I had this time yesterday morning! And I've found another pattern for the next pair (this one will still, I think, be the basic sock I learned on. The new pattern I found online but oddly enough the print out doesn't have a url so I'll have to google the knitter so I can give her credit. Oddly enough this is a pretty accurate representation of the color. It looked really bright on the camera monitor and bright it is not. The time/date stamp is way off tho and I need to take that off the camera settings. I was using it to document the fast growth of the message plant. Oh and it has two fully open leaves now with little leaf babies in the center of the stalk. Sorta looks like the beginnings of a sweet potato vine.

Monday, April 03, 2006

The second sock is DONE! Kitchener went a bit better but I'm thinking I need to make some swatches and practice, practice, practice. Last night I did some really mindless knitting on the red/blue (actually Knitpicks blueberry and cherry blossom) bag.

And thought about the stuff I put in the "go bag" The theory (however unlikely) that in the event of a tornado hitting my house, I would crawl out from under the stairs and over the rubble and rise like Phoenix clutching my Crystal Palace bamboo needles and my two Addi Turbos. Along with the Kureyon felted bag and a pair of yellow socks. Yeah, for sure! I can see the news interview now, "well, I have no where to stay but I have my knitting needles!"

DST has somewhat skewed my sleep pattern. I wasn't at all sleepy when I went to bed and after lying there for awhile listening to a book on tape that I could probably repeat from memory, I decided I needed to do something else. So I got up and casted on 64 stitches for another sock. When I was putting up the leftover yellow yarn, I decided to look through my paltry stash and found the Regia stretch that I bought for my sock making class in the City (was only able to go to one class, but at least I learned how dpns were supposed to work. We shall see how this goes. Once I get them started, I can work on them a bit at lunch time. I was taking the red/blue with me, but the clicking the Addis made either annoyed my coworker or made her sleepy.

Time for Monday already? Oh to try to present a work-oriented image while my mind wonders what the Regia will look like.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Well, that's what the plant looks like today..err yesterday. I had to take some stuff out to the office and snapped this as it showed off it's new self. The "pod" started splitting Friday, but to be perfectly honest it was rather Xrated in appearance. Oh, and when the hard shell fell off, we discovered that it appears the writing/pic was maybe branded? The side that had the letters on it was actually perforated and you could see light through them. Well, ok Jackie could see them...I had to get out the magnifying glass.

Storm last night was just wind and rain by the time it got here. That seems to be the way it happens; if I'm ready to run to the basement, I don't have to. Works for me. Here's what I was taking with me. Oh yeah and a flashlight too.

Blogger is being very slow today about loading pictures, so you'll just have to believe me when I tell you that all I lack on the second sock is the toe and hopefully that will happen today sometime. Well, good grief...blogger just at the picture of my go bag and the goodies that were in it. I give up. Perhaps this means I need to be doing something besides playing here.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

no pics..

my connection has been really slow all day and so no pics but the plant continues to grow. Hopefully in the morning I'll be able to post. There are severe thunderstorms with wall clouds sw of here and moving right down I40 towards my knitting stash. So I'll throw all my important stuff in the "go bag" just in case. Heh, I'll even take a picture of it's contents. So exciting! The only other thing of even slight importance here is that I got a haircut today so at least my head is happy and I had a 3 hour nap...feel sort of like Gilligan!

see ya tomorrow~!