Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Dear Knit Picks

It’s been a long time since I wrote a love letter to anyone so this may be a bit awkward, but write it I must.

Knitpicks dye-your-own sock yarn, I LOVE YOU! You tolerated my amateur attempts at Easter egg dyeing. I’m really sorry I referred to you as “pastel camouflage” because once dry you are sooo pretty in a watercolor way. You knit beautifully and feel good in my hands. And, you made life more beautiful as I knitted the heel flap; turned the heel; did the gussets and then…when I discovered that really strange wonky place in the middle of the right side gusset, well you didn’t laugh at the mistake. You didn’t demand that I tink back, and you held up through my tinking. Then, when in frustration I decided to frog back to the beginning, you were quiet and supportive and unraveled without difficulty. But what amazes me as I start a new sock you’re still there for me. No splitting, no knots, no fuzzes. You'll always be my love, will you marry me??

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